alliston: Basements - Protecting Against Water - 03/02/09 01:49 AM
Basements can let in water, especially during and after heavy rains. The average 1500 square foot home can deliver about 1500 L of water from a storm that drops one inch of rain. This then is dispersed using your downspouts. This indicates the necessity of ensuring water is directed away from your foundation. Sealing basements from excess moisture is a great way to add an extra layer of protection against the elements. Problems resulting from water leaks and moisture damage can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage. Here are some tips that will help you seal your basement … (2 comments)

alliston: Ice Dams - Causes and Cures - 10/22/08 10:28 PM
With the winter season almost upon us it is time to discuss the re-occurring ice dams that frustrate many home owners. So lets start with the educational segment first.
Ice Dams are created when you have fairly large snowfall and the snow melts and re-freezes before being channeled away from your roof. This is usually caused by a warmer roof surface than the exterior temperature. This simply means that the temperature of your shingles is slightly above freezing when the outside temperature is below freezing. The “warmer” your roofs temperature is translates to larger ice dams. Non-functioning eaves troughs can also … (1 comments)

alliston: Copper Plumbing and Your Residential or Commercial Building - 09/24/08 09:35 PM
Copper Plumbing and Your Home
Older homes which have not had their plumbing distribution upgraded can sometimes experience pin hole leaks in their pipes which is the first sign that their whole plumbing supply systems may require replacement.
Copper pipe can be eaten away by corrosion. The common causes of corrosion are; PH of water, O2 in water, presence of minerals, temperature of water and the velocity of the water.
Water PH – This is an issue where the PH is low. Low PH can lead to early corrosion of pipes which can be avoided with water … (7 comments)

alliston: Eaves Maintenance Essentials for Every Homeowner - 09/24/08 09:31 PM
Eaves Maintenance Essentials for Every Homeowner
Eaves trough a.k.a. Rain gutters, are an essential but often overlooked component of homes. Eaves trough prevent water damage to outdoor property, roofs, foundation, and landscaping, and also help protect against leaks, which is why regular gutter maintenance is absolutely essential. Although eaves replacement and repair is best left in the hands of a professional, most homeowners can take care of maintenance on their own with a little know-how.
Eaves Trough: Slope is Essential
When eaves trough are installed by a contractor, they are positioned in such a way that they are … (0 comments)

alliston: Floor Drain Primer Line - What is this?? - 09/24/08 09:29 PM
Floor Drain Primer Line - What is this??
Have you ever just been casually looking around in your basement, typically around your furnace area, and thought: what is this?
Well the “what is this?” is infact a priming line for your floor drain.
Let’s start at the beginning here. According to the Ontario Building Code and the National Plumbing Code, a floor drain must have something called a trap seal, what this means is that there must be water in the trap to prevent sewer gas from coming into the house.
What is a trap? It is a pipe that is … (1 comments)


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