Seeing RED because the repair estimate come in. $638. No, that's ok.The closing moved from office one to office two, three miles away. I did not get the memo. Stuff happens.Owner one advised owner two "Talk to my attorney."Unable to open the front door for the final walk through.Got the keys, "Wh...
Work has been scheduled on this East Lake Woodlands house. This house is soon to be tricked out, new flooring, fresh paint and ready for the right buyer. Some have found that by the time the see the house they want....they are too late.  Others have said, "Stop the work! I'll do it myself and sav...
What is resonance? For the purpose of this blog, resonance is that feeling you get when a product or marketing campaign just makes sense.It's that "I know that I know, even if I can't explain it to you" feeling.It’s something you’ve been waiting for even if you didn’t know you wanted it. It’s a f...
The question, "How many real estate agents are there in the US" appeared recently in the Active Rain Q & A group.How many real estate agents are there? After a number of queries, the results were reported to be as confidence building as the poster child of bad data - the Zestimate. It turns out, ...
Horror VacuiThere’s a poisonous trait plaguing the marketing community, and the designers we, as real estate agents, engage to deliver marketing experiences to customers. It’s called Horror Vacui, and when it comes to conversion, it’s genuinely terrifying. Horror Vacui is Latin for a fear of empt...

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