David Whyte wrote,“Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet  confinement of your aloneness to learn. Anything or anyone  that does not bring you aliveis too small for you.”On this passage of life, how often have we asked ourselves, "Why am I doing this?"Doing work we don't like, with people we d...
Those things we feed our mind, those things we feed are spirit have a consequence. Good food produces better outcomes.Have you shared your goals, struggle, fear, and optimismAre you ascribing to the fake it to make it mind set? This is a trap into which you will find yourself isolated and alone. ...
New agents and real estate school students have read part 1 which is linked below.In  PREVIOUS blog you identified your value.You made a BIG list showing: Results others have experienced because they accepted your invitation to help Transformation the individual experienced as a consequence of th...
Sixty hours in real estate school as a student, passed the state exam, now you are a newbie agent, the owner of your very own small business, a real estate business, and now the first day jitters are gone. You have met a gazillion people, of which you may remember half, all wished you great succe...
Entrepreneurs are those with a business dream who are willing to engage in 'proof of concept' trails before selling the proven idea as a start up business. A start-up business is one based on proven concepts and may have evidence of revenue generation. Although real estate agents embrace an entre...
The power of words. Word will do the work it is destined to do. Choose your word wisely.For me the deepest revelation of writing is over-hearing myself say things I did not want to know. To hear, while I am alone.Writing is the process of emancipating oneself, giving oneself liberation to enter a...
No, this is not going to be a real estate agent walkes into a bar joke, but it could be the first words of a tired story.Today you are a real estate professional. Tomrrow or sooner you realize what you really are is a marketer. Every marketer faces the challenge of how to make emotional connectio...
 Brae Moor GroveMarket trend report for Brae Moor Grove in Dunedin Florida prepared by Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate, Remax Realtec Group, Palm Harbor, FL 4Apr16 BRAE Moor Grove is a well established community of SFH constructed in the 80's. More than half have in-ground pools, between 1800 ...

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