Whether considering real estate career as an option, or being a new agent, invest in activity that will pay dividends for the entirety of life. This is serious stuff.This potential agent is at the crossroads that will prove self-defining.The choice they face is to be a finite player or infinite p...
We read it so often, "You need to have passion in what you do."Let me assure you, PASSION is not for sale at Sam's Club in any quantity.So, how do you get passion?Is passion the same as fulfillment?Is passion the outcome or embryo?Many have never experienced passion for work they do.How would you...
"Hi, I am Annette Lawrence, a winter agent who lives in Dunedin, FL. There is a verse from the Bible (I have no clue of book, chapter or verse, or even if it is real) that conveys a message like, "My people perish for lack of vision." It is easy to see the many life applications where vision is e...
Have you been tempted to break the rules?Historically, it is these rule breakers who compel the greatest change.Of these epic rule breakers, who are you top three?Add one that you believe deserves to be added to the list.1. Salvador Dali2. Elon Musk (Telsa)3. Steve Jobs4. Donald Trump5. Bill Bell...
No one likes to be thought of as a conformist who’s afraid to take a chance and break the rules every once in a while. It is my belief that the mark of real courage is "resistince to conforming." It takes courage to be different. Breaking rules for the sake of doing so, without at least a good u...
Can I talk to you about something near and dear to my heart... The work at home Mom.Have you ever unintentionally let lose with a explicatives or accusation or defense statement.These are the thing that gets me in the most trouble? I call themKnee Jerk Responses Or KJR You know, like when you stu...
Every once in a while, I read a story that totally blows me away.I was on a delta flight and in between my books, I started reading their inflight magazine.It was surprisingly good had some legit reporting occasionally.Then I came upon a profile of David Chang39 years old this guy has a restauran...
That was the headline on the Tampabay Times Local section this morning May 3, 2017.'....less than half of the pre-recession peak...""Only 10% have rebounded..."Although other locations were commented on, the source...the only source identified was TRULIA and one paragraph from REALTYTRAC.No a sin...
Hello Rainers, shiners, newbies, students and all those captured by the word FIGURE-OUTABLE. I am Annette Lawrence, a newly christened 'RAINMAKER' here on Active Rain.         You are very likely counted amount most people who divide tasks and challenges into two groups: the things you know how ...

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