When you think of affordable housing and first time home buyers, Greenbriar is always in the mix of single family homes in a great location that appeals to so many.The red dots show Greenbriar conveniently located for easy access to Tampa and a quick ride to Honeymoon Island State Park and miles ...
I used to be camera shy, and I got over it by accident.Are you one of those people who freezes when a camera, any camera, is pointed at you? Does your face get all stiff and awkward? Do you start sweating buckets?If you are camera shy, take heart. There are ways to overcome it.The kids I worked w...
"Zillow tells and publishes to the world what your home is worth.They do not ask for your input nor do they care for your permission. The outcome has been the value they impose has been driving sold prices closer and closer to their guestimate. In many, many cases that means a much lower sold pri...
Ranchwood Estates, Dunedin, FL, opportunity knocking.Rare four bedrooms with two baths and NO POOL. Single owner. This house is in authentic condition, just the way you like it.1900 square of OPPORTUNITY! The owner plans to spend the $$$ to put on a new face.  Open to  options.Located in Dunedin ...
Do you see only what you want to see?A recent blog talked about EPIC RULE BREAKERS and received great comments from Active Rain members.In the curating of that blog, some other things were left out.Now it is time to bring them into the Sunshine of the rain.DO YOU WRAP YOUR RIDE?That question post...
Three Million views can't be wrong! This is smile worthy.Take a look at what is titled, 'The funniest leadership speech ever."Whether motivated by 'tater-tots' or a good Cabernet we all have our passion. Some wear the results of their passion, a passion that may have been developed during those f...
Entre-Besity is a term  connecting the realities of real obesity and the entrepreneurial experience. Hi, I am Annette Lawrence a real estate agent living in Dunedin, FL. During my journeys around the sun, I have created businesses like Buyer Elite Plan & CIS Score. My business models featured in ...
Hey Newbie, There is great news you need to hear. It is said that new agents face a daunting task. And that is true. Real Estate is not a easy business, not for the faint of heart.Recently I learned something interesting about dominos. (hmm, must have been a slow day in the higher thought dominio...

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