annette lawrence: Call yourself SUNBEAM because you found your TRUTH! - 02/08/19 07:39 AM
As a real estate agent, you ARE a small business owner. And like any business owner, a little thought is needed regarding understanding or defining what business you are in. This is helpful when compared to the alternative a practicing "accidental real estate."
Let me take an approach different than the typical niche analysis of type, market, style and need.
Instead lets be a bit more cosmic. What type of real estate business do you want to create?
Lets explore 3 aspects of a business that should go a long way in helping a prospective owner  gain real focus.
1. Niche or Premium?
A niche business is message driven, passion driven, emotions driven.First time buyer, … (1 comments)

annette lawrence: Safety Harbor Florida - 4/2 pool in the place you want to live - 01/24/19 05:34 AM
This ranch style home is tricked out nicely. New, new and more new. Take a look. The video is only 90 seconds long.
Give me a call when you want to take a look.
My video guy (post production) is looking for more work. If you could use help in that area give me a call.
Doing some experimenting with voice over. What do you think of this video for the same house?
Here is video2.
Which would you go with, video 1 or video2?
Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker Associate
Dunedin, Florida
727. 420. 4041

annette lawrence: Dunedin Florida pool home - 01/18/19 09:24 AM
3/2/2 with 1771 Square feet. Brand new kitchen in a completely updated house.
If living the endless summer lifestyle appeals to you, then simply give me a call and lets discover what going to work  best for you.
Buying real estate in Florida is not like other states. There are things you NEED to know about living and buying where the sun sets over the Gulf of Mexico. Be sure to ask for my DUNEDIN FLORIDA BUYERS GUIDE.
Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Dunedin, Florida 34698
727. 420. 4041

annette lawrence: It goes 'mainstream' Feb 18. - 01/12/18 08:16 AM
On that date the federal government of the United States of America is scheduled to release the finding of their block chain endeavors. When that happens, block chain will be mainstreamed and the market will go hyper. 
It is essential to separate cryptocurrency (cc) from the underlying platform blockchain (bc).
It is projected that 2018 is to be the year of cc litigation because wrongfully imposed customer losses are where lawsuits are usually born. 
When a citizen has their bitcoin stolen, they stop caring so much about decentralization and autonomous and anonymous transactions.
That is why my focus must be on the underlying platform, blockchain (bc).
NASDAQ has already … (6 comments)

annette lawrence: Visionary or Implementor - all Genius - 01/06/18 07:30 AM
When you follow your natural genius, life becomes a joy. But if you focus on your weaknesses, everything becomes hard work.
I've been sitting on a jewel for several years, reluctant to expose this jewel to those who can not embrace the joy of living in their natural genius. Now is the time.
Many have responded to previous questions sharing they have traits of the visionary and the implementor. Others have shared having only two selections is too limiting and state there are as many as ten types.
And here is why. Within each of us exists elements of them all. However, in … (1 comments)

annette lawrence: Keep going ..... anyway. - 12/20/17 02:00 PM
2018! Time to reset or start the year. Inspired at the start of the year with the vision of unprecedented success. We are inspired to occupy the throne of the one who endures to the end, to have that which life promises.
But the "having" follows the "doing." And most stop well short of having anything. Why?
They did not know what to expect on the way.
Whether starting a new business, a relationship, marriage, raising a family: knowing what to expect along the way becomes essential to endure to the end, and ultimatley to the 'having."
I am a runner. What I have come … (11 comments)

annette lawrence: Get off the sidelines.....a message to the new agent. - 11/02/17 09:48 AM
I want to learn to play the piano.
I've said that for years and still can not play the piano. Because wishful thinking, thoughts, are not things.
To play the piano I need to get off the sidelines and touch those keys. A little training could prove beneficial also.
New agent, when it comes time to make your broker choice, remember, good intentions are not things. Get the 'real' data before making a choice.
Take a look.
Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
727. 420.4041

annette lawrence: Lake Valencia Palm Harbor FL -Real Estate Market Report - 09/06/17 05:44 AM

This Lake Valencia Real Estate Market Report is based on data from the  Mid Florida Regional MLS.
Lake Valencia is a community of 294 single family homes located in Palm Harbor FL. High and dry in a non-evacuation location yet with easy access to the inter-coastal and the Gulf of Mexico at Honeymoon Island State Park.
Lake Valencia
Sept 5, 2017
Data shows the verage Sold Price (d) has increased when compared to 2016 sales. Increasing Sold Price Square Foot (g) and increasing Average Days On Market (f) suggests the market is becoming more balanced as opposed to the seller's market experienced the past few years.
Below is the raw data … (1 comments)

annette lawrence: A democratized economy - 07/30/17 05:29 AM
The emerging economy driven by those who grew up in the sharing economy age will be the driving force behind the change in the way business is done. Their influence will refine a medical term and will be the catalyst behind the democratization of commerce.  
This is kind-of a biggie.
In the fog of emerging from sleep, Christine Tippet was babbling on the radio with a guest who introduced the following word into my foggy brain. APOPHENIA.
Apophenia is about making connections where none previously existed,
Apophenia is usually referring to a cognitive disorder where there are synaptic connections made in unpredictable ways. However, I thought, this is the … (2 comments)

annette lawrence: They care not - They ask not - 06/13/17 07:02 AM
"Zillow tells and publishes to the world what your home is worth.
They do not ask for your input nor do they care for your permission. The outcome has been the value they impose has been driving sold prices closer and closer to their guestimate. In many, many cases that means a much lower sold price. Not because the guestimate is accurate but because they have positioned themselves as the dominate VOICE of real estate.
This is not fair to the home owner."
Do you  think this is a timely message to a homeowner today?

annette lawrence: A new real estate agent: No Business! What to do? - 05/24/17 10:06 AM
Whether considering real estate career as an option, or being a new agent, invest in activity that will pay dividends for the entirety of life.
This is serious stuff.
This potential agent is at the crossroads that will prove self-defining.
The choice they face is to be a finite player or infinite player in this business. 
Hi, I am Annette Lawrence, a real estate agent living in Dunedin, FL. As an active participant on the real estate agent website, Active Rain, I witness brand new and rookie agents asking the same question. Generally, this is after they have selected a brokerage and office and realize, "THEY ARE ON THEIR … (7 comments)

annette lawrence: Good or GREAT? (repub) - 04/20/17 07:14 AM

Greatness takes WORK.
It means you must 'show up' EVERYDAY!
The world, the universe, your family, community need you to be GREAT! 
They already have enough ordinary.
Meeting expectations is not being great, it is being ordinary.
Exceeding expectation or failure to meet expectations creates the emotion that compels people to talk about their experience.
Deliver INCREDIBLE experiences to create the emotional connection they want to share with everyone they meet.
How do you do that, hard work, everyday? Creating INCREDIBLE experiences, everyday?
"I believe I'm here for a reason and my purpose is GREATER than my challenges."
When your purpose, powered by that which is greater than you, is embraced, you will … (2 comments)

annette lawrence: Don't take my word for it...TEST IT! (repost) - 03/27/17 11:44 AM

annette lawrence: You've got this! - 05/17/16 10:57 PM
Now is a good time for a "gratitude moment." Thank you for reading by blogs, my answers, my emails, watching my videos... being part of my tribe.
Over 20 years as a real estate agent and 3 years blogging, I've been on this journey and a LOT has changed over the years - both in my life and in our uber-connected world. But I'll never stop feeling grateful that I've got people all over the world who actually follow my crazy adventures as an online writer and real life real estate agent. 
One of my favorite … (4 comments)

annette lawrence: Surrogate Endpoints - going down the rabbit hole - 05/08/16 11:01 PM
It is a measure or effect that may correlate with an endpoint (outcome) but does not necessarily have a guaranteed relationship (or any relationship at all).
The practice of real estate, especially the practice of most who carry the designation REALTOR, is saturated with SURROGATE ENDPOINTS. 
It is the practice of claiming an action produced a result, but the result actually has no connection to the action. In real estate some SURROGATE ENDPOINTS are declared loudly while others have become so much a part of the landscape as to be mostly unrecognized. Two of the LOUDEST are in the examples below.
Example 1
A … (2 comments)

annette lawrence: Things upon which the mind and spirit feed - 04/27/16 07:51 AM
Those things we feed our mind, those things we feed are spirit have a consequence. Good food produces better outcomes.
Have you shared your goals, struggle, fear, and optimism
Are you ascribing to the fake it to make it mind set? This is a trap into which you will find yourself isolated and alone. A place where those around you will believe the fake you.
Another course with a better outcome is to be vulnerable, real and genuine.  We all have flaws, imperfections and if honest have been injured and walk with a limp. Are you afraid to reveal your limp?
If you remain true to … (2 comments)

annette lawrence: Newbie agents and real estate school students (2) - 04/20/16 01:49 AM
New agents and real estate school students have read part 1 which is linked below.
In  PREVIOUS blog you identified your value.
You made a BIG list showing:
Results others have experienced because they accepted your invitation to help Transformation the individual experienced as a consequence of the result. Cost they would have paid if they had not accepted your help Source of pain the ideal client hungers to solve At that time you were introduced to:
Low profitability is the outcome of market pricing
High profitability is the outcome of guiding clients to avoid hidden personal cost.
You filled pages with words related to results, transformation, cost and needed solutions.
All of these … (2 comments)

annette lawrence: Hearing yourself say thing you did not want to know - 04/11/16 11:25 PM
The power of words.
Word will do the work it is destined to do.
Choose your word wisely.
For me the deepest revelation of writing is over-hearing myself say things I did not want to know. To hear, while I am alone.
Writing is the process of emancipating oneself, giving oneself liberation to enter a larger presence of which one believes they do not deserve. One of the things most feared is the death of the outside concerns, the place where I have been building my personality, thinking I have been building who I am.  One aspect of this fear may be seen … (1 comments)

annette lawrence: This is your audience. What do you know about them? - 03/14/16 01:09 AM
Let me introduce to you the tech team responsible for creating one of the apps I have. They are in appearance exactly like the buyer and seller active in todays marketplace.
They hear a different drummer. Walk towards a different light. Are full-filled in ways different from the experience of most who are above 45 years of age. They are amazingly, delightfully, brilliantly different from me.
You have been invited to talk to them about opportunities in real estate, as a group. 
Do you know what you would say?
Would you know where to start to create the most effective invitation?
Do you think being in sync with the … (2 comments)

annette lawrence: The Socially Conscience Business - 03/02/16 12:59 AM
Annette Lawrence, 727.420.4041
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, Fl
March 2, 2016
Title: The Socially Conscience Business
The fact that you understood the headline and are reading this blog tells me you're a visionary and a change-maker. That's right! You are.
Just like me, you've been called to make a difference. 
To be a part of the solution. 
To be the lead where no leaders exist.
To beckon a new way, a greater purpose.
It's a calling you can't ignore.
You also know it's possible to make a great living in a way that is fully aligned with your deepest values.
But if you're like me, like most people, you also know being … (0 comments)