business plan: Keep going ..... anyway. - 12/20/17 02:00 PM
2018! Time to reset or start the year. Inspired at the start of the year with the vision of unprecedented success. We are inspired to occupy the throne of the one who endures to the end, to have that which life promises.
But the "having" follows the "doing." And most stop well short of having anything. Why?
They did not know what to expect on the way.
Whether starting a new business, a relationship, marriage, raising a family: knowing what to expect along the way becomes essential to endure to the end, and ultimatley to the 'having."
I am a runner. What I have come … (11 comments)

business plan: Buying leads? - 10/26/17 06:01 AM
I feel sad whenever I hear a story of a real estate agent hiring a marketing
consultant (usually for thousands ofdollars)... 
... only to have the investment wasted as they watch it all fall apart around them.
To me, it’s simply tragic … and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it happen.
This has profoundly motivated me to empower agents to do their own marketing …
Which is why I’m so passionate about Active Rain and the mentoring frequently witnessed here.
I get fired up about this because...…
nobody can communicate your message from the heart like you can… nobody can tune in and understand your … (4 comments)

business plan: How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? - 01/18/16 01:08 AM
Abe Lincoln used to ask? "How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg?"
Hello, I am Annette Lawrence. More than half way through January of 2016.
2016. A new year with new promise and new challenges.
Some are beginning the year as brand spanking new real estate agents. 
Now is a good time for us all to take a sobering look at where we are.
Abe Lincoln used to ask? "How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg?"
Answer: Four
Calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.
And my question to you is?
How many businesses … (5 comments)

business plan: Honesty - the lucrative career in real estate - 01/17/16 10:30 PM
High expectations of a lucrative career in real estate excite Amanda.
She likes looking at homes, has a good eye for decor and a great feel of making the best use of existing bones to create exceptional living spaces. Amanda is a very bright woman. She knows doing her homework before spending her money is prudent for any business owner, especially someone wanting to start a business, a career as a real estate professional. Homework means creating a business plan for your soon to be crafted business. But she simply does not have the information needed to do a business plan for a real … (2 comments)

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