delineation: Services you subscribe to TODAY - Survey results - 01/21/16 11:05 PM
More participants are needed to achieve statistical relevance!
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As of Jan 22, 2016, 10 AM EST, the preliminary observation follow.
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Todate the abbreviated results are:
#1. IF you buy leads for buyers?
31% use less the 2 resources
19% use less than 5 resources
48% are DIY
#2. If you buy leads for SELLERS?
41% use less than 2 resources
8% use less than 5 resources
48% are DIY
#3. If you buy DELINEATION products
19% use less than 2 resources
9% use less than 5 resources
70% subscribe to NO delineation services.
#4. If you create your own DELINEATION products
19% have created less than 2 products
22% have created … (1 comments)

delineation: What do you do as a real estate professional? - 01/19/16 07:11 AM
What do you do?
In the business of real estate, as a professional, we are all engaged in the daily activity of prospecting. Many use the personal touch and meet with as many people as possible. Many more use methods that are not so personal.
Some buy leads.
Some generate their own leads.
The following survey delves into this slightly more. 
Please add your experience.
The total results will be shown to you when you complete the survey.