florida: Safety Harbor Florida - 4/2 pool in the place you want to live - 01/24/19 05:34 AM
This ranch style home is tricked out nicely. New, new and more new. Take a look. The video is only 90 seconds long.
Give me a call when you want to take a look.
My video guy (post production) is looking for more work. If you could use help in that area give me a call.
Doing some experimenting with voice over. What do you think of this video for the same house?
Here is video2.
Which would you go with, video 1 or video2?
Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker Associate
Dunedin, Florida
727. 420. 4041

florida: Visionary or Implementor - all Genius - 01/06/18 07:30 AM
When you follow your natural genius, life becomes a joy. But if you focus on your weaknesses, everything becomes hard work.
I've been sitting on a jewel for several years, reluctant to expose this jewel to those who can not embrace the joy of living in their natural genius. Now is the time.
Many have responded to previous questions sharing they have traits of the visionary and the implementor. Others have shared having only two selections is too limiting and state there are as many as ten types.
And here is why. Within each of us exists elements of them all. However, in … (1 comments)

florida: What does State Of Emergency mean? (Irma and me) - 09/15/17 03:01 PM
Irma came.
She huffed and puffed and could not blow my house down.
We emerged unscathed.
Just a few hours ago power has been restored. I can quit living like a refugee. Minimal material damage due to wind, but significant expense due to loss of power. Need to throw it all out and find new, just like so many thousands of others. My standing in line days are not yet over, but now I can do so in an air-conditioned space. For those like myself who have suffered significant financial loose, there is good news at the end of the blog.
Following is some insight I … (2 comments)

florida: Friday 13th - making it special - 05/13/16 10:46 PM
The question was asked yesterday, Friday 13th, "What are you doing today to make it awesome?"  My intent was to create a tour of a back yard which was comprised of very unique real estate. Instead of being a waste land I wanted to context it as a dreamland, a place where ones expectation and imagination can find expression.
So, my adventure was to go into the swamp and show what was there.
Let me share a little of what I found.
First you need to get into the water so off we go. If you've ever watched those survival reality shows on TV, you … (4 comments)

florida: The Socially Conscience Business - 03/02/16 12:59 AM
Annette Lawrence, 727.420.4041
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, Fl
March 2, 2016
Title: The Socially Conscience Business
The fact that you understood the headline and are reading this blog tells me you're a visionary and a change-maker. That's right! You are.
Just like me, you've been called to make a difference. 
To be a part of the solution. 
To be the lead where no leaders exist.
To beckon a new way, a greater purpose.
It's a calling you can't ignore.
You also know it's possible to make a great living in a way that is fully aligned with your deepest values.
But if you're like me, like most people, you also know being … (0 comments)

florida: Eniswood, Palm Harbor, FL - a CIS SCORE - 01/06/15 03:58 AM
Homes for sale in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Dunedin, Safety Harbor FL
Market In A Minute - Eniswood
CIS Score 1632 Powder Ridge Drive
BY: Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate, Remax Realtec Group, Palm Harbor, FL
Allens Ridge is a Palm Harbor Florida community of approximately 257 single family homes constructed between 1988 and 1993. A modest $250 annual HOA apply. Many homeowners in Allens Ridge celebrate the eligibility of their children to attend Palm Harbor University High School, an IB certified school adhering to a medical centered curriculum.
Note: This Clearwater homeowner wants to see you in THIS home.

Market In A Minute data, as shown in the chart below, suggests Eniswood is experiencing … (8 comments)

florida: Castle Woods - a Clearwater BEST KEPT SECRET! - 12/28/14 01:05 AM
Castle Woods - a Clearwater BEST KEPT SECRET   Posted under: Market Conditions in Florida, Home Buying in Florida, Home Selling in Florida  Home for sale, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Florida. Market In A Minute, CIS Score, Castle Woods, First Look By: Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate, Remax Realtec Group, Palm Harbor, FL 4/Dec/2014
Ugly duckling 1980's classic has been transformed into 2014 model home. A stunning and comprehensive kitchen redesign (meaning all new cabinetry, elevated ceiling, work island,and more) combined with other visionary elements, create the uniqueness of this 3/2/2 pool home.
Just off the master suite is office or craft space overlooking the lanai and pool. Vaulted … (0 comments)

florida: Crest Lake, Clearwater Florida - Market In A Minute - 12/25/14 09:41 PM
Annette Lawrence's Blog     By Annette Lawrence | Agent in Palm Harbor, FL
    Market IN a Minute - Crest Lake, Clearwater, FL Crest Lake, Clearwater FL, real estate for sale, market conditions, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Florida

Creast Lake Area is comprised of approximately 304 single family homes. Much of the history of Clearwater Floridawas created by those who called Crest Lake home.
A lot of real estate informaton is shown in the chart below. It is quite literally a classroom of the interplay of various values and corresponding trends.
Good new for Crest Lake home owners is in the observation of value line (a) and Avr Sold Price … (3 comments)

florida: What's in a 'Back Story?" a Clearwater home with History. - 12/25/14 09:28 PM
63,339 views Annette Lawrence's Blog     By Annette Lawrence | Agent in Palm Harbor, FL
    A house with a HISTORY- FOR SALE in Clearwater, FL Home for sale, First Look, real estate in Clearwater Florida, own a little of Clearwater history.
By: Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate, Remax, Palm Harbor, FL 

Sometimes a house is just a house.
Occasionally a house is a time capsule of history. So is the case with this Clearwater Florida 'Cape Cod' style home near Crest Lake.
We all know about the house that Babe Ruth built. This is not that house. But this house does bring together "The'Babe,' a Swedish Princess, the FBI and … (2 comments)

florida: Eastlake Woodlands - Greenhaven - Exec pool home - 12/23/14 10:10 PM
Eastlake Woodlands - Greenhaven - Exec pool home for sale
80 Greenhaven Trail  (click for virtual tour)
4 Bedroom, 4 bath, 2830 SF, executive pool home situated on an incredible conservation lot. 
This home located in the Greenhaven community of East Lake Woodlands, offers the updates you expect in a quality home in addition to the luxury and privacy you deserve.
Quintessential East Lake Woodlands executive home. Commanding curb appeal, located on Greenhavens' best street. True four bedroom home with four full baths. Formal living room, formal dining space, family room and updated kitchen all with views of fabulous heated pool and spacious lanai. Best of all is … (1 comments)

florida: The Results are in! Amberlea CIS Score - Dunedin, FL - 12/23/14 09:29 PM
Real estate market conditions in Dunedin FL, Amberlea
By: Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate, Remax, Palm Harbor, FL 727.420.4041
The home subject of the CIS Score has recently sold.
Now a real evaluation can be completed comparing the 'projected' outcome with the actual results.
Here is a recap of the previous blog
Amberlea is a community of approximately 231 single family homes constructed primarily between 1972 and 1975. These 3 and 4 bedroom, appr 1,500 SF homes have been a favored first home or move up buyer location.

The data from which the chart originates reveals additional insight. Of great importance is the annual sales data on line C. Examining … (0 comments)

florida: CIS Score Results 1951 Canadiana Ct, Dunedin, FL - 12/22/14 10:54 PM
The home at 1951 Canadiana Ct, Dunedin, FL recently sold. The listed price was $279,500 when I visited.A CIS Score was completed to guide the buyer I was representing. A peek view is shown below.The CIS Score was:  959-599-000The CIS Score projected the value at that time to be $268,327The ZILLOW value was $198,000The tax JMV was 194,000The bank value was $265,000The home sold for $244,000% ERROR for each method, for this sale are as follows
Zillow 19% JMV  20% Bank 9% CIS Score 10% A unique aspect of this sale that possibly influenced value was the start of a town house development just beyond the back fence line. Three … (0 comments)