lead generation: Calling Expireds - 03/15/18 06:51 AM
I've been testing several Social Media Management Dashboards the past couple of weeks. 
Sendible alerted me to this video as suggested content.
It a real world look at cold calling and the real world experience of consumers who attempted to sell but their listing expired.
I thought it insightful. Most amazing is the owners repeated comment "I didn't know."
What do you think?
Calling Expired (13 minutes)
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lead generation: Buying leads? - 10/26/17 06:01 AM
I feel sad whenever I hear a story of a real estate agent hiring a marketing
consultant (usually for thousands ofdollars)... 
... only to have the investment wasted as they watch it all fall apart around them.
To me, it’s simply tragic … and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it happen.
This has profoundly motivated me to empower agents to do their own marketing …
Which is why I’m so passionate about Active Rain and the mentoring frequently witnessed here.
I get fired up about this because...…
nobody can communicate your message from the heart like you can… nobody can tune in and understand your … (4 comments)

lead generation: Services you subscribe to TODAY - Survey results - 01/21/16 11:05 PM
More participants are needed to achieve statistical relevance!
Share the survey link below with your agent list.
As of Jan 22, 2016, 10 AM EST, the preliminary observation follow.
Go to the LEADS survey
Todate the abbreviated results are:
#1. IF you buy leads for buyers?
31% use less the 2 resources
19% use less than 5 resources
48% are DIY
#2. If you buy leads for SELLERS?
41% use less than 2 resources
8% use less than 5 resources
48% are DIY
#3. If you buy DELINEATION products
19% use less than 2 resources
9% use less than 5 resources
70% subscribe to NO delineation services.
#4. If you create your own DELINEATION products
19% have created less than 2 products
22% have created … (1 comments)

lead generation: What do you do as a real estate professional? - 01/19/16 07:11 AM
What do you do?
In the business of real estate, as a professional, we are all engaged in the daily activity of prospecting. Many use the personal touch and meet with as many people as possible. Many more use methods that are not so personal.
Some buy leads.
Some generate their own leads.
The following survey delves into this slightly more. 
Please add your experience.
The total results will be shown to you when you complete the survey.

lead generation: Rice for dinner? Another look at Internet traffic - 09/02/15 11:45 PM
Annette Lawrence, Another look at Internet traffic
Rice for dinner. If that is what you wanted, what would be the process of having rice for dinner?
Occasionally I crave an authentic Indian rice dish like the one shown here. Often I contemplate all that must occur that allows me to enjoy the fulfillment of a craving.
First a field is needed in which to grow rice.
Next, the time and resources to sprout the seeds.
Ability to transplant the sprouts into a field
Then, from what I have seen. lots of water to flood the field with.
Then, one must WAIT.
If the craving for rice for dinner is to be satisfied, can you simply … (2 comments)

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