new real estate agent: Call yourself SUNBEAM because you found your TRUTH! - 02/08/19 07:39 AM
As a real estate agent, you ARE a small business owner. And like any business owner, a little thought is needed regarding understanding or defining what business you are in. This is helpful when compared to the alternative a practicing "accidental real estate."
Let me take an approach different than the typical niche analysis of type, market, style and need.
Instead lets be a bit more cosmic. What type of real estate business do you want to create?
Lets explore 3 aspects of a business that should go a long way in helping a prospective owner  gain real focus.
1. Niche or Premium?
A niche business is message driven, passion driven, emotions driven.First time buyer, … (1 comments)

new real estate agent: Calling Expireds - 03/15/18 06:51 AM
I've been testing several Social Media Management Dashboards the past couple of weeks. 
Sendible alerted me to this video as suggested content.
It a real world look at cold calling and the real world experience of consumers who attempted to sell but their listing expired.
I thought it insightful. Most amazing is the owners repeated comment "I didn't know."
What do you think?
Calling Expired (13 minutes)
Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker Associate
Palm Harbor, FL
727. 420. 4041

new real estate agent: "How do I get a website?"a new agent recently asked. - 02/03/18 07:04 AM
That is actually a very good question from an agent. The agent may be unaware there is much more to it than that.
This decision brings us to the the fundamental of all questions is: "Which comes first: the picture or the paint?"
It seems like a no-brainer. You need paint to make a picture, so you'd think the paint comes first.
But when you want to paint a picture, do you immediately grab your favorite paint color and then try to think of something that you could paint using that specific color? Or do you decide what should be in your picture first, … (2 comments)

new real estate agent: The visionary checklist - 01/04/18 10:28 AM
Recently in the Q&A section of Active Rain, a respondent announced them-self as a visionary.
I've never experienced one who proclaimed them-self a visionary. "Hmm," I thought, "Am I one?"
So, what are the ingredients, characteristics that is the VISIONARY?
Prior to that response, I felt I had a feel for those of vision. I most certainly KNEW when I was in the presence of a visionary.
VISIONARIES attract people to them. They know how to communicate simply those things that are significant. They always understood their purpose, their why.
But I needed to know more and finally came up with this list.
A visionary:
Dreams big Takes risk Is open minded An implementer Inspires Exceptional communicator … (3 comments)

new real estate agent: Keep going ..... anyway. - 12/20/17 02:00 PM
2018! Time to reset or start the year. Inspired at the start of the year with the vision of unprecedented success. We are inspired to occupy the throne of the one who endures to the end, to have that which life promises.
But the "having" follows the "doing." And most stop well short of having anything. Why?
They did not know what to expect on the way.
Whether starting a new business, a relationship, marriage, raising a family: knowing what to expect along the way becomes essential to endure to the end, and ultimatley to the 'having."
I am a runner. What I have come … (11 comments)

new real estate agent: Are you at the top of the food chain? - 11/16/17 12:50 PM
“Real estate agents are business owners. Getting started is really hard. In that great struggle the new agent invariably asks”
“What do I do now?”
“Am I even focusing on the right thing, right now?”
“What should I be doing next?”
If this sounds like’re certainly not alone.
I’ve asked myself these questions hundreds of times through the past 20 years of running my real estate business and launching other products.
And so have most of the business owners I know.
Let me know, Have you asked yourself these questions?
And not having the answers to these questions leads to frustration, confusion, and overwhelm. 
The answer to these questions depends.....
...depends … (2 comments)

new real estate agent: Empty calories keep real estate agents on the sidelines. - 11/14/17 01:41 PM
Empty calories.
Salt/sugar/fat. You know what I’m talking about: the calories that give you a good rush for 30 seconds but ultimately do much more harm than good.
They are destructive.
Eating too many of them will lead to physical and mental stagnation (and even worse).
And there’s a word that gets thrown around in the sports and business worlds that is the equivalent of an empty calorie:
People standing on the sidelines of life use the word ‘potential’ to make themselves feel good in the moment. "I could have been a well known novelist if I had applied myself." No, … (3 comments)

new real estate agent: Buying leads? - 10/26/17 06:01 AM
I feel sad whenever I hear a story of a real estate agent hiring a marketing
consultant (usually for thousands ofdollars)... 
... only to have the investment wasted as they watch it all fall apart around them.
To me, it’s simply tragic … and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it happen.
This has profoundly motivated me to empower agents to do their own marketing …
Which is why I’m so passionate about Active Rain and the mentoring frequently witnessed here.
I get fired up about this because...…
nobody can communicate your message from the heart like you can… nobody can tune in and understand your … (4 comments)

new real estate agent: You are AWESOME! - 10/16/17 06:08 AM
I have never been one of those people who tells others that there’s an easy button or a magic shortcut or give them false hope…
Instead I am more likely to compel new agents to first face their fears and overcome them ASAP.
And because of that, I tend to resonate with leadership-minded people who feel the same. 
So Active Rain reader, as you read this, think about your past achievements, big and small.
And more importantly, OWN THEM.
We have a tendency to be looking forward, at that “Gap of Uncertainty” ahead of us...
We’re busy measuring the distance between where we are and … (2 comments)

new real estate agent: Listening to the numbers - 10/09/17 08:06 AM
We are all business people, business owners. The language of business is numbers. We need to pay attention to them, to listen to the numbers. We actually need to communicate to those who hire us, they need to pay attention to the numbers also.
Let me give you an example of some numbers that I heard one time
and see if you can come up with an answer that makes sense by
listening to them...listening to the numbers.
This had to do with a home mortgage loan that was being offered. We can all relate to this.
I'm not going to focus … (0 comments)

new real estate agent: A new real estate agent: No Business! What to do? - 05/24/17 10:06 AM
Whether considering real estate career as an option, or being a new agent, invest in activity that will pay dividends for the entirety of life.
This is serious stuff.
This potential agent is at the crossroads that will prove self-defining.
The choice they face is to be a finite player or infinite player in this business. 
Hi, I am Annette Lawrence, a real estate agent living in Dunedin, FL. As an active participant on the real estate agent website, Active Rain, I witness brand new and rookie agents asking the same question. Generally, this is after they have selected a brokerage and office and realize, "THEY ARE ON THEIR … (7 comments)

new real estate agent: To become great. - 05/09/17 11:50 AM
Every once in a while, I read a story that totally blows me away.
I was on a delta flight and in between my books, I started reading their inflight magazine.
It was surprisingly good had some legit reporting occasionally.
Then I came upon a profile of David Chang
39 years old this guy has a restaurant empire in New York.
13 restaurants, catering company, new food delivery business.
Let me not forget to say Chang has all sorts of awards and TV appearances.
The story of how he got started blew me away.
I could see every real estate agent in Chang, and the lesson being taught.
You see, David … (14 comments)

new real estate agent: I know, don't know, FIGURE-OUT-ABLE - 05/01/17 07:58 AM

new real estate agent: You've got this! - 05/17/16 10:57 PM
Now is a good time for a "gratitude moment." Thank you for reading by blogs, my answers, my emails, watching my videos... being part of my tribe.
Over 20 years as a real estate agent and 3 years blogging, I've been on this journey and a LOT has changed over the years - both in my life and in our uber-connected world. But I'll never stop feeling grateful that I've got people all over the world who actually follow my crazy adventures as an online writer and real life real estate agent. 
One of my favorite … (4 comments)

new real estate agent: Surrogate Endpoints - going down the rabbit hole - 05/08/16 11:01 PM
It is a measure or effect that may correlate with an endpoint (outcome) but does not necessarily have a guaranteed relationship (or any relationship at all).
The practice of real estate, especially the practice of most who carry the designation REALTOR, is saturated with SURROGATE ENDPOINTS. 
It is the practice of claiming an action produced a result, but the result actually has no connection to the action. In real estate some SURROGATE ENDPOINTS are declared loudly while others have become so much a part of the landscape as to be mostly unrecognized. Two of the LOUDEST are in the examples below.
Example 1
A … (2 comments)

new real estate agent: Newbie agents and real estate school students (2) - 04/20/16 01:49 AM
New agents and real estate school students have read part 1 which is linked below.
In  PREVIOUS blog you identified your value.
You made a BIG list showing:
Results others have experienced because they accepted your invitation to help Transformation the individual experienced as a consequence of the result. Cost they would have paid if they had not accepted your help Source of pain the ideal client hungers to solve At that time you were introduced to:
Low profitability is the outcome of market pricing
High profitability is the outcome of guiding clients to avoid hidden personal cost.
You filled pages with words related to results, transformation, cost and needed solutions.
All of these … (2 comments)

new real estate agent: Value of Newbie agents & Real Estate School Students - 04/19/16 11:38 PM
Sixty hours in real estate school as a student, passed the state exam, now you are a newbie agent, the owner of your very own small business, a real estate business, and now the first day jitters are gone. You have met a gazillion people, of which you may remember half, all wished you great success, and now it's up to you. 
"Uh...Now what?"
You have nothing to offer.
You have no historic record of success in real estate.
Actually, you ask, "What do I really have to offer?" 
The response is invariably...."Uh, now what?"
The agents you interact with on Active Rain have 'been there, done that.' … (3 comments)

new real estate agent: New Agent real estate school student - How to project sales - 03/17/16 07:31 AM
Hello new agent. It is so refreshing to see you are being a responsible small business owner and working on that business plan and now you need to forecast sales. This blog is an augmentation to the book "Get On The Right Track - Breaking the Failure System"  You can preveiw 10 pages of "Get on the Right Track by clicking the preview link below the image on the linked website or Here. (somethings has gone wonky on AR. forgive me any format issues) 
The Best Way to Forecast Sales & Revenue
New business owners including new real estate agents starting their real estate business frequently … (1 comments)

new real estate agent: Tools New Real Estate Agents need - 02/17/16 06:37 AM
A recent question on Active Rain asked agents to list the tools a new agent would need.,
“What tools will a newbie need?”
Following are the top responses in order of most suggested to least suggested.
Imagine agent Ann, fresh out of the Utah School of Real Estate, asking you for help.
"What do I need? What tools and resources do you suggest I obtain to be well positioned to start my business with all the resources I must rely on as a newbie?"
Here are the recent responses.
      Cash reserves. Six to eight months to cover living expense, start-up expenses and memberships.       Broker/Mentor. Specifically a … (6 comments)

new real estate agent: I Don't Wanna Do That (IDWDT) - 02/12/16 09:45 AM
I don't wanna do that (IDWDT) is THE big red STOP sign.
"GET ON THE RIGHT TRACK - Breaking The Failure SYSTEM"is the title of a new book providing insight and instruction to those considering a career in real estate. The decades-long failure rate of new agents borderlines being a criminal enterprise. The subtitle "Breaking the Failure System' makes clear the outcome intended. (Author: Annette Lawrence) (on
Following is one page from "GET ON THE RIGHT TRACK - Breaking the Failure System" that encourages brokers/trainer/mentors (and new agents themselves) to test the fabric of new agents to see if they … (39 comments)

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