real estate agent: Ever get 'the bad' review? - 03/09/18 05:37 AM
Lots of discussion recently regarding soliciting and posting reviews from those we help.
Some talk about those clients who drive us nuts, but we hang on to the bitter end.
Even some talk about replacing agents with robots. After all, an agent is not needed to announce, 'and here's the kitchen."
Jeff Walker has a vivid message to share regarding how to turn a 1 star review into a 5 star success.
I know you'll be glad you clicked. It's a whole six minutes long.
I have not yet implemented the 1 Star strategy so have no examples for you.
Let's brainstorm.
What comes to your mind?
Who do you want … (5 comments)

real estate agent: How it all goes down - before a presentation YES! - 01/31/18 08:20 AM
The nitty gritty of getting started in your real estate business or "Why do I feel like I am 12 years old?"
If you’ve ever attempted a to sell something yourself (or listened closely to the struggles of your business  peers), then you’ll know that the horror show isn’t so far off from the typical business owner/ real estate agent experience.
Here’s how MOST real estate agent /business marketing goes down  (This blog is kind of long, but KEEP READING because I think I completely nailed it below!)
First, you reach out to your email list to get people to raise their hand.
Or…if you don’t … (1 comments)

real estate agent: Visionary or Implementor - all Genius - 01/06/18 07:30 AM
When you follow your natural genius, life becomes a joy. But if you focus on your weaknesses, everything becomes hard work.
I've been sitting on a jewel for several years, reluctant to expose this jewel to those who can not embrace the joy of living in their natural genius. Now is the time.
Many have responded to previous questions sharing they have traits of the visionary and the implementor. Others have shared having only two selections is too limiting and state there are as many as ten types.
And here is why. Within each of us exists elements of them all. However, in … (1 comments)

real estate agent: The visionary checklist - 01/04/18 10:28 AM
Recently in the Q&A section of Active Rain, a respondent announced them-self as a visionary.
I've never experienced one who proclaimed them-self a visionary. "Hmm," I thought, "Am I one?"
So, what are the ingredients, characteristics that is the VISIONARY?
Prior to that response, I felt I had a feel for those of vision. I most certainly KNEW when I was in the presence of a visionary.
VISIONARIES attract people to them. They know how to communicate simply those things that are significant. They always understood their purpose, their why.
But I needed to know more and finally came up with this list.
A visionary:
Dreams big Takes risk Is open minded An implementer Inspires Exceptional communicator … (3 comments)

real estate agent: Do you think the platform for bitcoin is a fad? - 01/04/18 06:23 AM
NASDAQ doesn't think so.
Bob Greifeld, CEO, Nasdaq. "Once you cut the apron strings of need for the physical, the opportunities we can envision blockchain providing stand to benefit not only our clients, but the broader global capital markets."
The small nation of Estonia HAS deployed block chain for residency and healthcare management.
The missing link,  the 'smart contract' completes the proof of concept for changing real estate in the foreseeable future. 
Where do you think real estate agents need to position themselves for this change?
To be frank, I'm at a loss in finding direction.
Is the best option to be a 'hoggler?'
Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker … (1 comments)

real estate agent: Buying leads? - 10/26/17 06:01 AM
I feel sad whenever I hear a story of a real estate agent hiring a marketing
consultant (usually for thousands ofdollars)... 
... only to have the investment wasted as they watch it all fall apart around them.
To me, it’s simply tragic … and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it happen.
This has profoundly motivated me to empower agents to do their own marketing …
Which is why I’m so passionate about Active Rain and the mentoring frequently witnessed here.
I get fired up about this because...…
nobody can communicate your message from the heart like you can… nobody can tune in and understand your … (4 comments)

real estate agent: A democratized economy - 07/30/17 05:29 AM
The emerging economy driven by those who grew up in the sharing economy age will be the driving force behind the change in the way business is done. Their influence will refine a medical term and will be the catalyst behind the democratization of commerce.  
This is kind-of a biggie.
In the fog of emerging from sleep, Christine Tippet was babbling on the radio with a guest who introduced the following word into my foggy brain. APOPHENIA.
Apophenia is about making connections where none previously existed,
Apophenia is usually referring to a cognitive disorder where there are synaptic connections made in unpredictable ways. However, I thought, this is the … (2 comments)

real estate agent: Do you SEE only what you want see? - 06/03/17 12:49 PM
Do you see only what you want to see?
A recent blog talked about EPIC RULE BREAKERS and received great comments from Active Rain members.
In the curating of that blog, some other things were left out.
Now it is time to bring them into the Sunshine of the rain.
That question posted on Active Rain received lots of comments. Many of the comments regarding why they did not wrap were about the cost of being seen by the public speeding, behaving badly even eating while driving. 
Hi, I am Annette Lawrence, a real estate agent who lives in Dunedin FL. I know a … (10 comments)

real estate agent: To become great. - 05/09/17 11:50 AM
Every once in a while, I read a story that totally blows me away.
I was on a delta flight and in between my books, I started reading their inflight magazine.
It was surprisingly good had some legit reporting occasionally.
Then I came upon a profile of David Chang
39 years old this guy has a restaurant empire in New York.
13 restaurants, catering company, new food delivery business.
Let me not forget to say Chang has all sorts of awards and TV appearances.
The story of how he got started blew me away.
I could see every real estate agent in Chang, and the lesson being taught.
You see, David … (14 comments)

real estate agent: 4 step formula that simply guarantees success - 05/24/16 11:38 PM
4 Step Formula That Simply GUARANTESS Success whether a real estate agent in Palm Harbor FL, or a student in Flattop Mountain , Utah.
On May 25th, Wesley Firkin introduced himself to the Active Rain community with his first Active Rain blog.  (
What he shared reminded me how personal our struggles may seem to be. Then at some point in our lives we realize we are  not in the struggle alone. However, it is the responsibility of each of us to make ourselves available for the help that surrounds us.
As real estate professionals, we live an isolated and lonely … (3 comments)

real estate agent: About that business plan.... - 04/14/16 04:51 AM
Entrepreneurs are those with a business dream who are willing to engage in 'proof of concept' trails before selling the proven idea as a start up business. A start-up business is one based on proven concepts and may have evidence of revenue generation. Although real estate agents embrace an entrepreneurs spirit, their business requires no proof of concept, and is based on long established principles. 
A person unfamiliar with long established principles may be well served to start their professional real estate  journey from the same place as the entrepreneur. You will see why shortly.
A study published in Small Business Economics (  found that entrepreneurs (pre-real estate school) that take the time … (1 comments)

real estate agent: ACTIVE RAIN : Changing Your Audience - Q1 - 03/24/16 07:10 AM
What a cool place Active Rain is.
A place to express thoughts.
A place to help other bloggers by responding to their followers.
A place to answer questions from observers, students, other agents and professionals.
A place to ask a question and anticipate a few responses that will set the feet in the right direction.
Collectively, these create visibility, credibility and those lead to profitability. 
Opps!  For most on Active Rain the profitability part from Active Rain activity is not true. The reason being we are actually talking to the wrong audience to create profit. 
So what should a participant do?
Keep repeating and expect different results? Of course … (1 comments)

real estate agent: Writing a book review - 02/15/16 06:23 AM
Last night "Get On The Right Track - Breaking the Failure Process" was published.
Would you consider wring a review? 
Making a review or even an offer relevant to a prospect requires effort to position yourself and the reader so proper alignment can be made. The reader or audience has already declared their position by being part of the audience. The writer/commenter or presenter is well advised to identify/establish their position.
Reviews of benefit to other readers are valued highly if they include the following:
What books does  the reviewer usually read or like to read?
One who primarily reads murder mysteries may find this book different and provide … (2 comments)

real estate agent: It just ain't happening - did I make a mistake? - 11/24/15 12:01 AM
"It just ain't happening for me," the agent plainted. "Did I make a mistake?"
Too often a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a real estate professional just isn't feeling the love, not getting the fulfillment, finding all struggle and no reward, and they doubt their decision.
At such times, it is important to reassess exactly why the decision to be a real estate agent was made in the first place
The early dream embraced was to make a profound, positive influence in the world.
But reality has tarnished that dream.
It is time to contemplate again, 
"What is the meaning of me?"
"Where does my meaning and the opportunity … (27 comments)

real estate agent: The real estate agents 5 Levels of Skill - 10/21/15 12:23 AM
There are 5 levels a skill within the real estate agent experience. Whether discussing writing, performing arts, visual arts or business, there are understood to be levels of ability and achievement. Juxtaposing the traditional definitions with the real estate agent experience the following should reflect your personal growth and experience. Let me know in your comments. 
1. Novice, beginner, no experience, lacks confidence. learning fundamental skill, building block skills. This would be noted as expressive creativity or the art of children.
In real estate this is the one thinking of giving real estate a try, They may even have plunked down their dollars and are … (7 comments)

real estate agent: Open house was the only option (Dreams come true) - 03/28/15 12:51 AM
$433! That is the amount I saw on the check as I walked away from the closing.
Eight open houses, 9 weeks, countless phone calls and not a single REALTOR call.
$433! Is that the reward for delivering a dream?
That day, Mr and Mrs Home Seller wore the frightened look of those about to realize their dream is about to come true. They just sold an impossible house, shared with four giant dogs, and about to buy their dream...
She dreams of a place where she can be with her beloved Indy, a chestnut she rides every weekend in the Starkey Wilderness … (11 comments)

real estate agent: Stand aside and make way...Let a warrior through. - 02/24/15 11:51 PM
A blog by Debbie Laity (BLOG) shares a story about the Dalton Gang and the lone Dalton survivor, who, a
after taking 23 bullets, is alleged to go into real estate around 1870, whatever that looked like then. The title of the blog is "How real estate profession got a bad reputation." 90 percent of the time, bad reputation posts and similar articles are offered by real estate agents, NOT THE CITIZEN. Of course the exception is the environment created by Zillow. Still, the pattern suggests a real psychological issue is prevalent within the rank and file of the profession.
This blog will not go … (4 comments)

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