trevella williams: “What do you mean you have to go to work? Don’t you work from home?” - 11/27/12 12:50 PM
“What do you mean you have to go to work? Don’t you work from home?”
 Do you have a home office? How many times have you heard those words?

I love my home office, I mean REALLY love it! I recently went to 100% of my work time being in my home office and I appreciate the comfort, freedom and cost effectiveness of working from home… the challenge is getting friends, clients and family to realize that I am actually working! I love the invitations to go shopping, paddling, a long lunch with the girls, etc… but if … (7 comments)

trevella williams: What does work ethic mean to you? - 03/02/12 11:55 AM
What does work ethic mean to you? To some of us it is simply a statement made by or an idea promoted by our parents or grandparent. To some it is a complaint held over their head by employers, parents or teachers. To me it means doing what needs done even when you don’t wanna…

Having 3 children, these words “Work Ethic” get used quite a bit. Sometimes as a Positive, sometimes not… but over the last few weeks it has come to mean even more to me. You see, last Friday my husband (who is also a REALTOR® and … (2 comments)

trevella williams: Hawaii Islands Celebrate Earth Hour! - 03/28/10 01:55 PM
This article from the San Fransisco Chronicle is very interesting, this issue was given very little attention by the local media and almost no air time... what a shame.
In this day and age we need to get the word out even more and support all attempts to help reduce our carbon is especially noteworthy that this is a corporation sponsoring this. How about some positive feedback from the community?
To give credit where credit is due, KITV and Star Bulletin did mention tonight's "Hour without Power"...but it was more of a byline really and almost no comment was … (1 comments)

trevella williams: Are You Ready to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? Let This Tropical Eco Cabin Help! - 03/09/10 02:59 PM

trevella williams: Cutest Tropical Cabin Ever! Comes with a Catfish Pond and 3 Acres of Hawaiian High Country! - 03/09/10 02:54 PM

trevella williams: "To improve or not to improve"? That is the question... - 01/02/10 11:50 AM
"To improve or not to improve"? That is the question...
The majority of my sales here on the Big Island of Hawaii, are land sales...I love selling land, the potential inherent in land is very attractive to me and I meet so many wonderful people. The sellers almost always have the same questions for me;
How much? How fast? What can I do to improve either one of the above? First question can be answered by a review of the market data, second question can also be answered by a review of the market data. But the third question usually involves a … (1 comments)

trevella williams: Don't Make an Ass out of U and Me! - 12/29/09 10:45 AM
I recently read Susan Sawyers blog on being a Honest REALTOR and it really struck a chord, my comment became so long in response that I had to turn it into a blog! Susan's blog also got me to thinking about REALTOR Stereotypes; Some are good and we need to encourage them, while others...well, not so much...
As far as being a Honest REALTOR; One comment to Susan's blog was by Randy Landis who heard another Realtor's spouse make the statement that "Realtors have earned their reputation around here" and it wasn't meant in a good way".  Sadly this is all to true. It is up … (5 comments)

trevella williams: The time of RESOLUTIONS is upon us! - 12/28/09 12:45 PM
Like most people I have been thinking of my resolutions for the upcoming year... and that entails some hard thinking about the previous years performance, blech... not my favorite thing to do. I am a "move forward" type of person but I tend to hare of in any forward direction even if it doesn't stand to benefit me in the long run. Thus the review of last year...
When my children were young and brought home less than stellar grades we would visit over the report card and the conversation usually went like this; ME: So, what are you going to … (8 comments)

trevella williams: Drift away to Paradise with this sweet lot on Seadrift Road! Big Island Hawaii! - 10/15/09 01:42 PM

trevella williams: Cutest Tropical Cabin Ever! Has It's Own Catfish Pond And 3 Acres of Hawaii! - 09/29/09 02:18 PM

trevella williams: Absolutely Adorable House on the Big Island of Hawaii, 3 acres of Hawaii High Country! - 09/29/09 02:14 PM

trevella williams: Incredible Value in East Hawaii! This Lush & Affordable Lot is Located Near Pahoa Village on the Big Island of Hawaii! Come See This Tropical Beauty! - 06/19/09 01:19 PM

trevella williams: This extra special Hawaii property has papayas, palms, ginger, impatiens, etc…already present & thriving on a lot that backs onto almost 600 acres! - 06/19/09 01:15 PM

trevella williams: Beautiful & Affordable Tropical land lot on the Big Island of Hawaii in Hawaiian Acres. Close to Paved Road 1 & Electric SSPP is paid in full! - 04/22/09 08:49 AM

trevella williams: Lovely Lot in Lush Leilani Estates! Wonderful Tropical Climate near Pahoa Village on the Big Island of Hawaii! - 04/22/09 08:46 AM

trevella williams: Great Value! 3 Acres in Wonderful Orchid Land Estates! - 04/22/09 08:42 AM

trevella williams: Beautiful & Tropical! This 3 acre lot in Orchid Land estates can be yours for only $54,900.00 - 04/22/09 08:40 AM

trevella williams: Incredible Value in Ainaloa! Towering Ohias and Lush Hapuu Ferns share this lot with Wild Bamboo Orchids. - 04/22/09 08:37 AM

trevella williams: This fantastic lot backs onto over 5,000 acres of State Land w/Towering Ohias, glowing blooms, and lush green surroundings... - 04/22/09 08:35 AM

trevella williams: 3 Side By Side Lots in Lush and Green Nanawale Estates! - 04/22/09 08:31 AM

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