Can you believe it? The curtain is closing on the first decade of the new millennium! Do you remember when we were entering the new millennium? Some people were concerned what was going to happen in the financial world, how was it going to handle the '00' of 2000, what effects to the airline indu...
The hours of 2009 are ticking away.  What else can happen before we usher in 2010? There is going to be a full moon on New Year's Eve.  Here is what it looks like tonight.       This full moon is not just any old full moon, this full moon is a Blue Moon.  What is a blue moon, is it really blue? I...
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE and we truly hope it is for each and everyone of you.  But as we scurried around yesterday, doing our last minute shopping and planning for today's event, we noticed a few tired, sad, worried looking people. It gave us pause when we realized not everyone is as fortunate t...
From our house to your house, from our family to your family, we wish you the merriest of Christmases, the happiest of days and the blessed of times. From our hearts to your heart Merry, Merry Christmas; may you be wrapped in the peace that surrounds you and may love fill your hearts.      
WELL IT'S 'PANIC TIME'!Time for those of us that are procrastinators to get out there and finish off the Christmas shopping! Stumped for last minute gifts or stocking stuffer ideas? Well here are a few that may help you:How about some dark chocolate, green tea samplers, veggie steamer, sun protec...
It's that time of the year again when we all get together wwith family, friends and colleagues to celebrate the festivities.  While we all enjoy the merriment please be careful......Jim Frimmer posted this excellent reminder, have a look and stay safe!
Hi Everyone!  We rolling down the last few days before the huge celebrations begin and Michael Thornton thoughtfully posted how to get better Holiday Pictures.  Here it is in case you missed it earlier! Take lots of shots this season and make them special!  Here"s the link for you: http://active...
  Just like Willie Nelson, we can't wait to get on the road again.  Conditions on the I-77 south from Bluefield were good then bad, on and off all day.  Every time a new guest came into the hotel the story changed.Hitting the sack early tonight with big hopes of getting on the road again, early ...
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...On Friday morning at 4:00 am we jumped into the car and programmed the GPS to Maderia Beach, Florida.  Snow, go ahead and snow, we will be on the beach. Well just about half way light snow started to fall.  With just about less than 1/4  tank of gas it was ...
FEELING PRESSURED AND UNDER THE GUN?We know Christmas and New Years are just around the corner. Your tree is not up or its up and not decorated, there are friends you need to invite over or get together with and time is dwindling.  Try this quick solution and see if it works for you.  Hold a tree...

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