business taxes: Renting Real Estate to Yourself Through Your Business - 01/10/22 09:19 AM
This week’s title is a bit misleading just like those ads trying to convince you to sign up for a class to show you how to do it.  Someone thought to monetize a way for you to save on taxes by comparing your tax situation to the likes of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.  The stink is in the details.  Let me save you some money on the front end and give you some free tax knowledge.    
There is a rule that allows you to rent your home for up to 14 days.  The income does not have to be reported … (0 comments)

business taxes: Should My Business Be An S-Corp? - 01/05/22 08:43 AM
I love social media.  There are so many quasi-tax “gurus” out there that spur phone calls to my office.  The latest question spurred by the “gurus” is should my business select S-Corp tax status.  While the S-Corp election has its benefits, whether your business should select this status has a lot to do with how you operate the business daily.  Let’s look at some key questions to ask yourself before you make the commitment to go S-Corp.
Are your business and personal bank accounts separate?  If your business is any entity other than sole proprietor, it should have a separate bank … (0 comments)

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