albuquerque homes for sale: The Woman Who Wore Blinders - 02/15/11 07:05 AM
This morning I called on an expired listing.
The house was in a good location and had been updated but was grossly, GROSSLY overpriced.  
After introducing myself, the owner let out a long "sigh" which I recognized as the dreaded "realtor fatigue." 
Here's what I found out:
1) She wasn't going to list with a Realtor.
2) She bought in 2008 and then helocked herself out of existance.
3) She disputed the comps and said "they don't mean anything" because her house was better.
4)  When mentioned that the house wouldn't appraise at her price she said:  "not … (101 comments)

albuquerque homes for sale: To Tree Or Not To Tree? - 12/09/09 04:46 AM

To Tree Or Not To Tree?  That is the question when your house is on the market during the holidays.
Do you Macy it up with a towering, teetering tree bedecked and bedazzled with an overabundance of bows and baubles that creates a load only an engineer could appreciate? 
Or are you tasteful with a tidy wreath on the front door and a few sprigs of greens on the mantle? 
What's the message are you sending out? 

Scenario #1:  Please, please, pleeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeee buy our home!  Can't you just envision yourself here on Christmas morning, opening gifts by a crackling fire (recently sweeped as indicated … (12 comments)

albuquerque homes for sale: What Makes A Professional? - 12/06/09 10:24 AM

With all the recent chatter about our profession and snotty realtor bashing, ever wonder where you fit in?  Are you a great agent or a hack?  Here's what's recently happened to me:
Late this summer I worked with a first time homebuyer, a lovely young woman who was a delight to work with.  We looked at properties while she worked with her lender to get her ducks in a row.
I found a house I thought would be perfect for her but it was a little over her budget and unfortunately, it fell short of the only real criteria she had to have and that was a dishwasher.  

albuquerque homes for sale: Good News From Albuquerque! - 04/21/09 03:30 AM
Tulips are not the only things blooming in Albuquerque . 
The Albuquerque Housing Market never experienced the severe home price depreciation that some areas of the country did.  And although we do have some foreclosures and short sales, these properties do not dominate our market.  We have homes that are priced to sell and lenders have money. It is still a "buyer's market" with an absorption rate of about 9 months but days on market are getting shorter.  Smart home buyers have positioned themselves and are poised for purchase. 
Here's a snapshot for March from the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors:

albuquerque homes for sale: When Not Buying = Buyer's Remorse - 02/15/09 08:37 AM
At Lowe's, they had fence panels for sale at 50% off.
I need to build a fence.
I really, really thought about those fence panels - a lot.
I thought I'd just wait a little longer though, maybe when the weather got just a little bit warmer.
So, it's turned warmer. 
Yesterday, I went to Lowe's to finally buy the fence panels that I wanted.
They were gone.
They were such a bargin, the Lowe's guy told me, people just snapped them up.
Now I'm kicking myself.  Hard and frequently.
Will today's home buyers who are sitting on the fence kick … (16 comments)

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