Guard Gated communites are the future as recent studies show. More people are opting for guard gated communites with an estimated 10% percent of new developments having 24 hour armed guards. The #1 ranked city by and Inman for 2018 shows an even higher number of new home buyers and d...
Since 1980, golf course community estates became very popular feature of suburban America. Today, these communities are one of the top wanted items in the real estate industry and are popping out throughout the United States. One city that is leading the USA for real estate according to Realtor.c...
If you’re looking to move to a new city, choosing the right neighborhood is going to be a difficult challenge to face. When it comes to finding the best neighborhood to live in, there is no set formula to help you make the decision. It mostly depends on your personal preference and requirements, ...
It is generally considered that houses and properties with multiple floors are luxurious and more valuable. However, single story homes are much more convenient and in some cases even provide more living space! If we look at it from the convenient living perspective, single story homes are defini...
There are many split opinions when it comes to owning guest houses or casitas. However, when we look at it from an objective point of view, owning a guest house brings along more benefits than disadvantages. If you’re not familiar with the concept of casitas or guest houses, those are small and c...
The Benefits of Living in a 55+ Active Adult CommunityThere are many active adult communities in the United States nowadays, especially in the area of Las Vegas, Nevada. These communities are called “retirement” communities but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be retired in order to live i...
The Benefits of Owning a Home With a Pool For some reason everyone dreams of owning a huge house with a pool in the backyard. We don’t if there are any psychological reasons for a pool being a crucial part of everyone’s dream home but we do know that owning one brings along more benefits than dis...

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