business: Doing Business Durring the Holidays - 11/24/09 04:04 AM
With all the events and family and feasts and fun associated with the holidays, is it worth it to work and try to make sales in December?  Or is it better to regroup and plan for the 2010 year?
First, let me say that my largest closing month ever was a December!!!!! Year end considerations can sometimes motivate customers to act rather than just wait.  In that particular December, there were some tax law changes that effected real estate so I ended up closing almost $10 Million in one month.
Another consideration is our competition.  They often are't working.  So there … (0 comments)

business: Curve Balls - 11/02/09 10:52 AM
Every once in a while you have to hit a curve ball.  Last month my father-in-law, who is 81, had triple bypass surgery.  After the operation we moved him into a facility in Lynnwood, Washington call Manor Care.  The correct name should be "Manor Could Care Less", but that is a different story. 
Last week we finally decided Frank needed to move out of "Manor Could Care Less" so he moved in with us.  It has been awesome having him at our home.  He loves our 5 kids dearly and shares all kinds of fascinating family history and stories with us.  … (8 comments)

business: Credit Reporting University - 06/26/09 11:41 AM
CS (Credit Score) 101
This class is held by appointment at our offices in Lincoln Center, near Washington Square in Portland, OR. It consists of the following:
•1.      A one on one credit evaluation including a free credit report.
•2.      An hour of training on credit scoring and what makes up a credit score.  This includes a complimentary copy of our invaluable credit pamphlet, "Raise your credit score 100 points in 45 days".
•3.      Credit improvement analysis on our unique "Credit Xpert" score simulator.
•4.      Special evaluation on Credit Xpert's "What-if Simulator".
•5.      A 3-year enrollment in "Score … (0 comments)

business: Business in tough times - 10/24/08 10:31 AM
I am a firm believer that you can thrive in tough times with the right attitude and the right approach.  Abigail Dougherty, a business coach and author of "The Straight Edge News" writes the following: 
That conversation reminded me of two lessons many business owners and managers forget."What we do speaks louder than what we say". The corollary lesson is "There is always someone watching".  Here are some suggestions for guiding your business through this current economic unrest.  #1 - Foster Open Communications with Your Employees As the owner/manager it is far better to communicate clearly with your employees on the state … (0 comments)

business: Recession, Depression, or Opportunity? - 10/20/08 07:49 AM
This morning I was listening to CNBC and herd a pundit say that he expects the US economy to go into a recession for the 4th quarter...After I picked myself off the floor from laughing so hard, I started thinking about the ramifications of the denial of Wall Street to the facts of our times.  Clearly to average people, the American economy has been in recession for a long time and heading toward depression.  So how does this impact me and my business?
First, the amount of competition has decreased dramatically.  In the past I have often lost good clients because their … (1 comments)

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