sales: My Profit VS A Happy Customer - 11/16/09 11:56 PM
Yesterday I faced a common dilemma for business; was it better to give my services away and have my customer leave the transaction happy or make a profit and risk a potential failed sale?
Let me first explain the circumstances. I had received a loan application from a couple about 6 weeks ago for a USDA guaranteed loan. In case you don't know, these loans are zero down and the seller is allowed to pay closing costs. The USDA charges a 2% guarantee fee that can be financed. The seller (Metlife) had agreed to pay 5% of the buyers closing cost. … (5 comments)

sales: How to survive in 2008 - 01/03/08 09:55 AM
The following are ten keys that we in the indymac managment team are going to do to survive the market of 2008: 
Preserve CapitalMaintain maximum liquidityIf not profitable cut expenses down to where you break evenbe prepared to fire friendsCredit quality matters more than everStop paying outrageous pricesCommit to be3tter financial reporting: if you can't measure it, you can't manage itOnly hire people from companies that have been successfulHave a written plan.  Figue out what you need to be profitable, and stick to the planFocus only on the things you can control These are really basic princeples but in the growth of the … (3 comments)

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