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Okay Staging Professionals: Here was a project I finished yesterday, it was a "rush job" in the sense the owner put it up for sale on Wednesday and wants out ASAP.  The REALTOR who called me asked me to come out to shoot it.  I asked the REALTOR if the home was owner-occupied and he said it was, ...
Aloha all.  I went to the Greensboro Builders Association luncheon yesterday at the airport Marriott to attend my first meeting (I am a new member).  The keynote speaker is a well-reknown analyst of housing markets and covers about 15% of the country.  He had his annual projection for the Triad (...
Alright Gang, here is your chance to possibly set the market. How much would you invest in professional photography for the following package: 2 hours on-site 12 High-resolution color images, digitally enhanced for print media 12 Grayscale images for curbside flyer 12 800x600 images for Internet ...
Happy Inauguration Day everyone, I am enjoying a snowing morining here in Greensboro, NC contemplating how we move ahead with a new Administration and a new outlook. As has been stated ad nauseum (and with VERY good reason), the Internet is the starting point for over 80% of homebuyers.  This is ...
Home staging by Chrissie Sutherland of Ready, Set, Stage in Summerfield, NC.  Photo by me...=P GREAT work Chrissie!!!   
Aloha AR fans! Here is another example of a picture that just doesn't WOW.  Granted, it is decent, but it is obvious that the doorway in the back is "blowing out" this picture.  Compound this with the use of an inefficient flash (a point and shoot camera) and you have the makings for an image tha...
Take a look at a few of the "virtual tours" on your site.  Then look at a competitor of yours.  Chances are, they look pretty much the same.  Exterior shot, exterior shot, kitchen 1, kitchen 2, living room 1, living room 2, den 1, master bedroom 1, master bedroom 2, mather bath 1, guest room, gue...
Look at one of your "tours." Now look at this:
Let me ask you, here is the same kitchen, the first shot by the Realtor's assistant, the second by a professional (okay, it was me =P).  Which image do you believe creates motivation for a potential buyer to see the property?  By the way, the images are in the actual sizes as they appear on the R...
Aloha, and welcome to my blog. It is my hope to help educate Realtors, builders, home stagers and sellers on the importance great photographs make as a part of their online marketing efforts.  Let's face it, most of the aforementioned people have very limited photography skills.  There is more to...

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