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Who's ready for help vs. donuts? Ok, all you hard working Realtors out there, how sick are you of us loan officers coming into your office with our donuts and asking for your business?  You know how the spill goes, I will answer my phone, I have great rates, we have local underwriting and process...
I am going to jump on my soap box here so fasten your seat belts.    I am sick of hearing people complain about their lives, jobs, children and spouses!  We live in a country where most of us get paid a fair wage for a fair job.  We have the freedom to speak what is on our minds and pray to the g...
With all the news about the Real Estate Market how can you know if you should rent or take the leap and purchase a home? Especially with so many people who want to give their opinions on this subject. Who do you trust to tell you the truth about such a huge financial decision? Well, I suggest we ...

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