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Please visit my website regarding this loan whose minimum starts at $1 million.  While there are many Mezzanine lenders we have identified one that does not use the DSCR as a qualifying factor.  This means that if oyu were declined by one mezzanine lender at American Cash Solutions Inc another fa...
I have put some work into my website and for consumers have added the following:****On the Your Fico Score page you can now pull your own credit report.  Read about why I put this on my website on my profile page here at Active Rain and on my company website on that page.****I have added a Page c...
Are you ignoring your C.P.A.s advice on budgeting?  Are you throwing everything-receipts, bills, invoices, statements in a box?  Here is a little tip for those of you who hate software, computers, ledger books and anything that seems institutional.  For expenses, buy a marble notebook or a large ...
This was a bit of a surprise but is a warning to small businesses that waiting around to get credit may be a bad mistake.  News reports last week said that Bank of America froze and did not renew a 1 Billion dollar credit line to a major retailer.For the consumer you will see more credit card lim...
First:  Iran's Prime Minister said last week that oil prices were to low and accused the US of being arogant and selfish.Second:Hurrican season is around the corner and could cause serious disruption in oil supply.Third:Global demand for oil and other natural resources by developing nations who a...
Well, on the weekends I make two eggs, sunnyside up , toast an english muffin and put lots of butter on the muffins to the point that gravity causes dripping and splashing of butter in ways that scientist have yet to understand.  I take the eggs, sunnyside up and mush them between the muffins.  Y...
Alaska has been shaking like a bowl of jelly, there was one in Nevada today as well--a small one of about 3, hopefully the "big one" is not going to strike adn then we look back and say yea the quake in Illlinois was a warning  sign.Here is the data from US Geological Survey..there was no copyrig...
When you sign a document that says the bank will service your loan, or will sell your loan, it has nothing to do with you!If you loan is sold it is for the following reason:*Bank has multimillion dollar line of credit*Line of credit is used to fund/finance residential or commercial mortgages*Bank...
My Uncle, same name as me was in the title business for over 30 years.  He is now retired.  He was also on the Board of Realtors here in Suffolk County.  From time to time I bump into people that knew my Uncle.  They all loved him and even one C.P.A. who worked with my Uncle was introduced to me ...
Well here we go.  After all the talk about free trade and globalization it dawned on me that I've been a victim of free trade.  Basically it goes like this.Manufacturers.If a manufacturer loses out to cheap labor in another country they can't compete(and that is an unfair description because the ...

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