commercial loans: Are Hard money Lenders really hard on borrowers or are they less Difficult to deal with? - 10/09/08 02:01 AM
And they are also declining them!  So what's the point?  Getting a loan approval depends on meeting the lenders revised guidelines.  Private Money Lenders ARE Hard Money Lenders.  Today they even try to call themselves "situational" lenders.  It seems back in the day, the high interest rates normally associated with "private" money lenders led to the private money community being defined as why didn't we call good credit lower interest rate lenders "soft money lenders?  Perhaps this is a classic example of a business sector's failure to define itself before others did.  Hard money can actually do what other banks REFUSE … (0 comments)

commercial loans: Commercial Lenders are still in the business of commercial loans - 10/01/08 05:07 AM
It is inaccurate when media says there is no money...most hard money comes from private money, not Wall Street.
One of my lenders received a $50,000,000 credit line from a publicly traded bankt hat has beena round since the 1800s. 
I have a lender that is working on my customer's request for $15 million to build homes, mixed use and commercial.  This lendr is calling me to schedule the conference call.  Media says businesses aren't receiving calls back...that is true but for commercial real estate..that is not the case.
Wall Street did not go crazy with regards to commercial.  Sure some … (4 comments)

commercial loans: New York Hotel and Motel Commercial Loans Marketing Campaign has been launched by American Cash Solutions Inc - 08/27/08 12:38 PM
I called around to some and its lady said she owns some franchise hotels and from that also created her own independent hotels.  There are so many throughout the country and they are a vital part of the Tourist industry.  I am targeting New York but hotel and motel owners across the country are welcome to call me and explain their situation!
Independent Hotel and Motel Owners have cash flow needs just like any other business and sees the Holidays as generators of cash.
Hotels and Motels need to keep their rooms furnished.  If a curtain is set on fire … (4 comments)

commercial loans: What is DSC??? - 03/26/08 05:48 AM
DSC?  What's that?  More to Come on this in a few hours today!!!<--------yep that is what I posted yesterday and here I am ready to make good on this blog.  DSC is Debt Service Coverage used more commonly for construction loans.  The generally accepted DSC is 1.25     The .25 is the important part of this number.  .25 is actually the percentage of net income that must COVER the future payment of the loan that you want on the building.  If DSC is 1.25 then net income must be 25% greater than the future payments of the building.
Now, many of you are … (4 comments)

commercial loans: Commercial Building Loans where your credit is 599 to 500 AND below - 03/23/08 01:24 PM
Yes, it is possible to get a commercial buildig loan when your credit score is 599 to 500(subject to quick underwriting of said bank and no promise to make any loan is implied in any way in this blog or in any of our blogs).  If your credit score is 599 to 500 there is a 99% chance you have collections/judgements/issues on your credit report.
I use to get my truly free credit report once a year.  I have visited other websites that turn out to be not so free and when my time is wasted with that type of nonsense … (1 comments)

commercial loans: Commercial Tenant Roll other than MultiFamily - 03/21/08 11:51 AM
The purpose of this Cash Flow Projection is to be used in conjunction with an application for a business loan through American Cash Solutions Inc. .  It is intended for use by my business customers and their C.P.A.s and for those who want to buy a commercial property in the future. 
Property Adress, # of Units,Occupancy Level %
Unit #
Sqaure footage
Status (Occupied or Vacant?)
Tenant Name
Monthly Rent$
Lease Type:Triple Net/Modified Gross/Gross
Move in Date
Lease Inception
Lease Expiration
Feel free to apply online for your Commercial Building Loan at our website
The website is under construction but is accepting online applications.  You do not need to put in your social security … (0 comments)

commercial loans: MultiFamily Tenant Roll & Certification - 03/21/08 11:40 AM
The purpose of this Cash Flow Projection is to be used in conjunction with an application for a business loan through American Cash Solutions Inc. .  It is intended for use by my business customers and their C.P.A.s and is not intended for any other purpose. 
If you own a MultiFamily Property and are applying for a commercial loan through American Cash Solutions Inc. I will need to know the following information:
Property Adress
# of Units
Rent Roll for Month of:_______
Current Occupancy %
Each Unit #
Section 8(Yes or NO)?
Unit Status (Occupied or Vacant?)
Tenant Name
Monthly Rent(this will be added up for a Total)
Rent Control/HUD Subsidiary(Yes or No?)
Move In … (2 comments)

commercial loans: Calculating your Monthly Cash Flow Projections For Yourself And The Commercial Bank - 03/21/08 08:58 AM
The purpose of this Cash Flow Projection is to be used in conjunction with an application for a business loan through American Cash Solutions Inc. .  It is intended for use by my business customers and their C.P.A.s and is not intended for any other purpose. 
1)First Start With Cash On Hand (Beginning of Month)
Start of The Month plus(+) Cash Sales +Collections From accounts Receivables + Other Cash Bonuses=2)All/Total Cash Available(remember NO Cash has been Paid Out).
3)Cash Paid Out is accounted for as follows:
Purchase inventory+Gross Wages(before withdrawals)+Officer's Salaries+PayRoll Expenses(Taxes as well)+Outside Services+Supplies(Office/Ops)+Repairs and Maintenance+Advertising+Car/Delivery/Travel(depends on business sector)+Accounting/Legal+Rent+Telephone+Utilities+Insurance+Real Estate Taxes+Interest Expense+Owner's Withdrawal+Loan Principal Payments+Miscellaneous+Other Expense(reduplicate … (0 comments)

commercial loans: Bear Stearns/Fed Window/3am Call to White house - 03/17/08 04:57 AM
1)Perhaps the most gut wrenching coverage today I saw on the Credit Crisis is on cnbc where one of the reporters described a now x Bear Employee who had worked there for 17 years, was saving for college for his kids and now must start all over.
2)Last night my friend told me a friend of his who back around 2003 I had met along with his wife "works"(perhpas no longer) at Bear.  He was making about $100,000 a year.
3)The question is how many of the 14,000 Bear personnel wil be laid off.
4)I am convinced last week the markets were  close to … (2 comments)

commercial loans: What are some kinds of commercial construction projects that can be funded? - 03/09/08 03:22 PM
Perhaps you want to add a second floor to your building or convert an apartment complex to condos?  Maybe you bought land and want to build a strip mall on this land.  Whatever you need to do the commercial lending industry has set guidelines to protect the money they invest in these projects by trying to prevent fraud, delays, project mismanagement, and many other problems that baks have witnesses.  More to come on Commercial Construction Loans-a huge part of America's infrastructure! … (0 comments)

commercial loans: How will the current mortgage crisis affect the Commercial Lending Market? - 03/08/08 10:48 AM
The current credit crisis is in my opinion not even 30% over.  We have not even experienced a correction of interest rates being at all time historical lows.  The full default on loans to retail businesses, consumer auto loans and home equity lines of credit has not yet fully materialized.  Small businesses must never make the assumption that interest rates will stay the same or go down.  You must always include in the financial part of the business plan that interest rates might go up.  My personal opinion is that we will see double digit interest rates.  I don't know when.  … (0 comments)

commercial loans: Preparing Your Business Plan - 03/08/08 10:39 AM
First, I practice what I preach and have my own business plan.  Currently our business plan is only for Metro NY and Long Island.  NY and Long Island Customers can view (but will not receive a copy of) our business plan before buying our Business Planning Service.  There is nothing more important in the Business Planning Industry for Business Planners to practice what they teach! 
Let's talk reality...the majority of business owners don't have a formal business plan.  Our current education system fails business owners who went to high school and college.  For Example, doctors run a business but aren't told how to create a business … (0 comments)

commercial loans: Angel/Seed/First/ and...... - 03/08/08 10:33 AM
Angel, Seed, First, Second, Later Stage funding are terms small businesses may never have been taught in college or anywhere at all!  If your college degree was psychology and you now own a flower store chances are this is true! Nevertheless they are important words that will be discussed in detail.  More to come on this in March and April! … (0 comments)

commercial loans: Some Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For Commericial Loans - 03/01/08 12:13 PM
1)Failing to discuss the Personal Gaurantee clause.  MOST no lien business and commercial/building/asset backed loans will require a personal gaurantee.  If you are unwilling to give a personal gaurantee and don't tell your broker/banker this time may be wasted.  Yes your broker should tell you if the bank requires a PG.  There is nothing wrong with you not wanting to sign a PG.  Do you limit your chances of getting a loan?  Quite significantly.
2)Failing to know your personal credit report and your business credit report.
I use for my personal credit report, free once a year
For your business credit report visit … (0 comments)


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