loans for hotels: Real estate agents Don't Turn Down your Bad Credit Hotel/Motel Property Buyers! - 09/18/08 02:48 AM
First:It is common for sellers to accept good credit buyers with larger downpayments..maybe a 20% downpayment..but the extensive underwriting, the 30 to 60 day appraisal process and close scrutiny of the debt service coverage may lead to a declination.
If that happens, then the bad credit buyer may have been a better bet.  A Buyer using hard money has to put down 30 to 35% down payment.  Debt Service Ratio will be calculated and must make sense next to a look at the last two years tax returns of the buyer by the hard money lender.  Some hard money lenders will … (0 comments)

loans for hotels: New York Hotel and Motel Commercial Loans Marketing Campaign has been launched by American Cash Solutions Inc - 08/27/08 12:38 PM
I called around to some and its lady said she owns some franchise hotels and from that also created her own independent hotels.  There are so many throughout the country and they are a vital part of the Tourist industry.  I am targeting New York but hotel and motel owners across the country are welcome to call me and explain their situation!
Independent Hotel and Motel Owners have cash flow needs just like any other business and sees the Holidays as generators of cash.
Hotels and Motels need to keep their rooms furnished.  If a curtain is set on fire … (4 comments)

loans for hotels: American Cash Solutions Inc Is Targeting Hotels/ Motels AKA Hospitality and Restaurants - 08/11/08 07:37 AM
For the next 6 months my company will be placing a main emphasis on Independently owned Hotels/Motels.  In the commercial lingo they call it hospitality.
The two scenarios to emphasized will be Rehab/Renovation for Mom and Pop Hotels/Motels and Refinance-Cash Out.
One example of why a hotel /motel may want to refinance will be the existing loan terms.  Perhaps the rate is to high but was high because the lender took a higher risk in allowing the Hotel/Motel Owner to purchase the Hotel.
Everyone should feel free to visit my website at
On the mian page I will be adding … (4 comments)


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