fastclosingnow: FOMC Statement: Quantitative Easing Tapered by $10 Billion. - 07/28/14 06:55 AM
The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) determined that current economic conditions warranted another $10 billion reduction in the Fed's asset purchases.
Citing improvements in economic indicators including labor markets and national unemployment, committee members said that further tapering of its quantitative easing (QE) asset purchases was warranted. The Fed will now purchase a total of $35 billion monthly in treasury securities and mortgage-backed securities.
While continued reductions in the Fed's asset purchases could contribute to rising mortgage rates, the FOMC statement said that the Fed's "sizeable and still increasing" holdings of long-term securities is expected to hold down long term interest … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: Should You Finance The Sale Of Your Home By Yourself? - 07/28/14 06:51 AM
You've decided to put your home up for sale. Now, how are you going to make the most money selling it and get it sold the fastest? Perhaps you should consider providing owner financing, also known as seller financing. 
Why Isn't The Buyer Getting Bank Financing?
Usually a buyer gets bank financing when buying a home. If the buyer approaches you with a deal that involves you doing the financing, you'll want to ask why. 
It could be that they can't afford a big down payment, and can't be approved for a loan without it. Or, they may not be able … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: What To Do When Your Real Estate Loan Is Declined? - 07/28/14 06:40 AM
There are many reasons why a mortgage loan could be declined. It doesn't have to be the end of your real estate dreams. Here are a few things to consider if you've been turned down for a mortgage.
Loan-To-Value Ratio:
The loan-to-value ratio (LTV) is the percentage of the appraised value of the property that you are trying to finance. For example, if you are trying to finance a home that costs $100,000, and want to borrow $75,000, your LTV is seventy-five percent.
Lenders don't like a high LTV. The higher the ratio, the harder it is to qualify for a … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: DIY Or Hire It Done, Renovating Real Estate Investment Properties. - 07/11/14 03:29 AM
Sometimes, when buying - or even thinking about buying real estate for investment purposes, you're faced with the need to fix up the property. 
The question then arises: Should I fix it up myself or hire it done? Unfortunately, no one can give you the right answer. However, there are a few questions that you can ask yourself to help decide the issue:
1. Do I Have The Time?
Time is an issue that many people forget about, but it should be one of the deciding factors. Some renovations, such as handles, hinges or kitchen hardware can take very little time … (2 comments)

fastclosingnow: How To Build The Ultimate Tree House For Your Children In Just 7 Steps! - 07/11/14 03:15 AM
Building a tree house is a time honored tradition for many families. One of the benefits of having a yard is the ability to build a tree fort for your children.
If you're planning to build a fun fort for your kids, here are seven steps to help you create the ultimate tree house.
The Ultimate Plan For The Perfect Playhouse:
The best projects are often the most thought out. Sit down with your children and lay the plans for their tree house. Let them contribute their thoughts and ideas so they feel a part of the planning process.
Although you … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: 4 Tips To Lower Homeowners Insurance For Your Home - 06/23/14 03:38 AM
With the prices for everything skyrocketing these days, every penny counts. This includes your homeowner's insurance costs. If you're thinking of buying a home and need homeowner's insurance, here are a few tips on getting quality insurance for a fair price:
Tip #1: Shop Around:
Ask family and friends about their homeowner's insurance. Check the Yellow Pages, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the state insurance department. 
Other places to shop for insurance include consumer guides, insurance agents and online insurance quote services. Don't just look for lower prices, however. You need a fair price for the services you … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: Knowing Your Credit Score & How It Impacts Your Home Ownership Prospects - 06/23/14 03:03 AM

Understanding your credit score and how it impacts your home ownership prospects your credit score is an important part of your financial profile. It has a direct impact on your ability to take out loans.
The score itself is a numerical reflection of your credit history. It gives lenders a way to discern your reliability before approving a loan like a mortgage for instance.
Though this is the basic function of a credit score, it can also have a far-reaching influence over other aspects of home ownership.
Mortgage Loan Approval: Will Your Score Make the Cut?
First and foremost, the … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: Which Type Of Pool Is Right For You? We Look At The Best Designs For Your Backyard - 06/23/14 02:53 AM
The decision to install a pool is generally one that is applauded by at least certain members of the family. Whether you have children or not, however, having a pool at home is certainly something you can enjoy for yourself.
But what if you don't think your yard is particularly suited to a pool? Don't rule out the idea just yet; instead, consider some of these different pool designs to suit different sizes and styles of backyards.
Make The Most Of Your Small Backyard:
For a relatively small backyard, you should always choose the right pool design that will ensure you … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: How Pre-Qualifying Helps You Find the Right Home - 06/18/14 06:48 AM
Too often, home buyers are disappointed when they find their dream home only to discover they are not able to get a mortgage to purchase the property. There are methods that potential buyers can use to ensure this does not happen to them. One of these options is to ensure you obtain a pre-qualification from your lender.
It is important to understand the difference between a pre-approval and a pre-qualification. While both are helpful, they do not carry the same weight.
What Are The Differences Between These Options?
A pre-qualification allows a borrower to determine how much money they may be … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: Buying An Investment Property? 6 Tips To Ensure You Don't Get Fleeced - 06/18/14 05:44 AM
Purchasing an investment property is one of the most important decisions that you'll ever be a part of. As such, it's a necessity to make your decisions with only the most careful of consideration.
Here are the six tips that you need to heed in order to ensure that you don't get fleeced.
Find The Right Property At The Right Price:
Yes, this is a whole lot easier said than done. However, it's not impossible. All it takes is some patience and research.
You have to determine what everything in your area is selling for in order to be able to … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: Small Business Owner? Here's What You Need To Know About Mortgages - 06/18/14 05:23 AM
If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you probably know that there are a lot of advantages to this lifestyle - the freedom, the exciting challenges, the opportunities and the ability to make a living doing what you love.
However, you also know that being a small business owner can make some things more challenging - such as apply for a mortgage for your home.
Many small business owners find it tough to get approved for a mortgage, because their income can be erratic and the banks want to see proof of consistent earnings over a significant period … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: The Green Thumb: Four Easy Ways To Get More From Your Home Garden - 06/17/14 08:19 AM
Growing a home garden creates beauty, oxygen and even food for our families to enjoy. If you're looking to get more from your home garden, here are four easy ways to improve a green thumb.
A Good Foundation For Your Garden:
Good soil is the foundation of a healthy garden. By using quality soil, you can give your garden plants the best start possible. Adding a variety of organic matter to soil will give plants a happy home to grow in.
Add two to three inches of organic matter to your garden bed at the beginning of each season. Compost, dried … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: 5 Tips To Protect Yourself When Buying Newly Constructed Real Estate - 06/17/14 07:47 AM
Buying newly constructed real estate isn't much different from buying an "already used" home. What variances there are, however, can make all the difference between buying a diamond or a lemon. 
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying new construction:
Tip #1: Don't Use The Builder's Sales Agent - Hire Your Own:
If they're the builder's agent, they're being paid to represent the builder, no matter what they tell you.  Your own real estate agent, who is representing you, is required to tell you the negatives as well as the positives.  The builder's agent doesn't have to … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: FOMC Minutes: Committee Discusses "Normalizing" Policy - 06/17/14 07:30 AM
April's meeting of the Fed's Federal Open Market Committee was held along with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.
Meeting minutes released Wednesday indicated the committee's interest in "normalizing" its monetary policy. This included the FOMC's ongoing commitment to tapering its asset purchases under its quantitative easing program.
The committee agreed to taper the Fed's monthly asset purchases by $10 billion to $45 billion per month. Committee members discussed raising the target federal funds rate, which now stands at 0.00 to 0.25 percent, but the minutes clearly stated that this topic was undertaken as part of "prudent planning, … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: How Paint Color Choices Can Drastically Affect The 'Mood' Of Your Home - 05/29/14 04:08 AM
Whether you're sprucing up your house to sell or simply looking for a color to bring out the beauty of your home, it's imperative that you do your homework.
Before you head off to your local DIY store with a paint sample in one hand and a wallet in the other, you need to ensure that you're picking the colors that are right for your home and your personality.
It is true that you can never go wrong with a neutral, but you can also go so much more right with the correct color in the appropriate space, whether it's a … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: Three Mobile Apps That Make Home Automation Tasks Quick And Easy - 05/29/14 03:47 AM
These days, efficiency and productivity are the keys to life, which is why it's no surprise that home automation is a bigger topic than ever before.
As more and more people become tech savvy and get used to working with handheld devices, home automation becomes a natural fit for your smartphone or other handheld device.
After all, it's a true pleasure to be able to control nearly everything in your home from just one device! You have so many things to do each and every day that it would be too much of a hassle to do everything separately and to … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: Here's How You Can Leverage Your Home To Reduce Your Tax Burden For Next Year - 05/28/14 03:00 AM
Each year around April, we can find ourselves becoming a little more tense at the thought of what is about to occur: tax time.
Instead of falling into the trap of procrastinating your taxes, however, it's much more beneficial to face tax time head-on and do your research on your applicable deductions well in advance.
Your home is good for many things, but using your home to reduce your tax burden may be one benefit you haven't thought of. Here are some tax benefits that can be leveraged with your home, and some ways to lower your tax bill in 2014.

fastclosingnow: What To Do If You're Turned Down For A Mortgage Or Other Home Financing - 05/28/14 02:53 AM
Getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan is an integral part of having the ability to purchase a home in today's society.
With most home prices well above what the majority of us have in the bank, getting approved for a mortgage can be the deal maker or breaker when it comes to purchasing a piece of property. Therefore, getting rejected for a mortgage can feel like a huge loss.
The first thing to realize, however, is that there are action steps you can take to get to "yes." Here's what to do if you're turned down for a mortgage or other … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: Boost Your Home Selling Price With Just A Few Hours Work! - 05/16/14 05:00 AM
Homeowners who want to increase the appeal of their residence before putting it up for sale can, within a few hours and with a little elbow grease, perform some do-it-yourself (DIY) kitchen upgrades that are sure to pique the interest of would-be buyers.
Many people either have or are in the process of listing their home, so it makes sense to do as much as possible to attract the interest of prospective purchasers.
It need not cost a proverbial arm and a leg to boost the selling price of a home. Here are three DIY kitchen upgrades that will help homeowners … (2 comments)

fastclosingnow: Tips For Maximizing Your Home's Appraised Value - 05/16/14 04:55 AM
A home appraisal is an independent opinion of your home's value, performed by a licensed home appraiser. Appraisals are part of the traditional home purchase process, and lenders require them for most refinances, too.
Appraisers Are Trained Professionals:
First, they derive a base for your home's value based on the recent sales prices of homes that are comparable to yours in terms of bedrooms, bathrooms, style, and square footage.
Then, accounting for features and amenities that make your home different, the appraiser applies "adjustments" to that base value.
This methodology is called the "Sales Comparison" approach and the result is your … (0 comments)

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