fastclosingnow: Fed Meeting Minutes Release Hope Of A Stronger Economy With New Measures - 11/01/13 08:19 AM
The Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee released its customary after-meeting statement on Wednesday. In the context of meeting its dual mandate of stabilizing pricing and achieving maximum employment.
The FOMC statement indicated that although the economy has improved in areas including household spending and labor market conditions, the national unemployment rate remains high and the housing market recovery has slowed.
Fed Says Fiscal Policy Restraining Economic Growth:
The FOMC statement said that current fiscal policy and "retrenchment" is restraining economic growth as evidenced by failure to achieve benchmarks set by FOMC as indicators of a healthy economy. Benchmarks include a national unemployment … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: Beware Of Zombie Titles - 11/01/13 08:03 AM
With the economic downturn, anyone dealing in real estate quickly became familiar with previously little-known terms such as foreclosure and short sale. Now that the housing market is picking back up and people are moving on, a new term is coming to light — zombie titles.
The Zombie Title:
This is when a home has been vacated because the owners defaulted on their loan and their bank started the foreclosure process. However, for some reason or another the bank never completed the foreclosure and sold the home.
So, when the city starts fining someone for the overgrown grass and dilapidated structure, … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: 3 Easy Tips To Protect Your Deck This Winter - 10/25/13 06:44 AM
Barbecue season is all but over, and you won't be spending as much time out on the deck. Don't let it get you down, though. Spring will be here before you know it. There are a lot of things that can wear down and damage your deck, so protect your deck and make sure it stays in tip top shape over the winter.
Cover The Furniture:
You want your deck to look as good in the spring as it does now. The first step is to cover all the furniture (don't forget the grill!). Cover everything with commercial furniture covers or … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: Why Should One Consider Refinancing Their Mortgage Now? - 10/25/13 06:25 AM
Refinancing a mortgage is a golden opportunity to lock in today's low interest rate for the next 15 or 30 years. While interest rates now are still low, there's a good chance they will be heading up in the coming months.
The Fed won't maintain the current bond purchasing level forever, and just as rates spiked in September when the Fed hinted the bond purchasing would change, rates will spike even more when purchasing levels actually do change.
As interest rates remain very low for 30-year and 15-year mortgages, homeowners can benefit greatly from a refinance. Several types of people in … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: City Lights Or Starlit Nights, What Home Location Is Best? - 10/23/13 08:15 AM
If you are looking to buy a home, you might be wondering whether you should be looking for properties that are right in the center of the city or property in a rural area a short drive away.
The rural or urban decision will ultimately be up to you, as there are advantages and disadvantages to either option. The main difference will lie in your priorities – what type of lifestyle is most important to you?
Living In The City:
One of the main perks of buying a property that is located in the heart of the city is that you … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: The Government Shutdown And Its Effect On Existing Home Sales - 10/23/13 07:54 AM
Existing home sales for September fell by 1.90 percent from August's revised reading of 5.39 million sales to 5.29 million sales. Economists had expected 5.30 million sales for September, so a slow-down in existing home sales had been anticipated.
The National Association of REALTORS cited higher home prices and mortgage rates as factors contributing to fewer sales of previously owned homes.
Home Prices Easily Outpaced Income Growth:
According to Lawrence Yun, NAR's chief economist, home prices "easily outpaced income growth." Consequently, affordability has fallen to a five-year low. Mr. Yun also indicated that a government shutdown was expected to affect home sales in … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: How To Manage Those Fallen Leaves - 10/18/13 08:56 AM
The kids are back in school, the weather is getting cooler and your yard is covered in a layer of fallen leaves. Yep, it's that time of the year again, but don't think of fall leaves as a chore. They can be a useful resource for fertilizing your lawn or even decorating your home for autumn.
Finish The Raking:
It's tempting to just let the leaves lie in the yard. It's good fertilizer anyway, right? Wrong. You should rake everything up as soon as the trees begin to look bare, or else risk the blanket of leaves smothering your lawn over … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: Housing Market Index Shows Builders Continue To Have A Positive Outlook - 10/18/13 08:46 AM
The National Association of Homebuilders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index dropped two points to 55 from September's revised reading of 57. Builder concerns over labor costs and availability and economic uncertainty related to the federal government shutdown were noted as factors contributing to the lower reading for October. 
Key Points Noted In October's HMI included:
Builder confidence remains above 50, which indicates that more builders have a positive outlook on housing market conditions than those with negative sentiment. The October HMI cites pent-up buyer demand in markets throughout the US as a positive influence on October's reading. A spike in mortgage rates … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: Get The Lowdown On Private Mortgage Insurance - 10/17/13 08:11 AM
You may have heard the term Private Mortgage Insurance when looking to finance real estate. What is PMI, and how do you know when you need to purchase it?
The answer can be hard to find among all the real estate jargon you're hearing lately. Below is the short version of what you need to know.
What Is Private Mortgage Insurance?
PMI is an extra insurance required by some lenders to offset their risk of you defaulting on your home loan. When you put down less than 20 percent of the real estate's value, your lender may tell you that you … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: Nail The Final Walkthrough Before Closing - 10/17/13 08:01 AM
By the time you get to the final walkthrough on your property, the home buying process is almost complete. However, it is still important to pay close attention to this final step, as it will be crucial in the success of your home purchase.
The final walkthrough is your last opportunity to ensure that everything in the home is in working order and that there are no potential problems waiting for you when you take over ownership of the property.
While conducting a final walkthrough of the property, give yourself enough time to look carefully at everything and not be rushed. … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: 4 Tips On Giving Your Mudroom A Makeover - 10/11/13 06:22 AM
From crunched-up leaves stuck to bottoms of shoes to bulky coats shed as soon as kids walk through the door, mudrooms are ideal for keeping outdoor dirt, wet clothing and outerwear from being strewn throughout your home.
Mudrooms not only keep the rest of your house clean, but they also designate a spot for those last-minute grabs, such as coats, umbrellas and purses, when you're running out the door.
These rooms are great catchalls. However, an organized mudroom can make your life and those hectic mornings much less stressful. Below are smart tips for getting your mudroom ready this fall.
1. … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: 5 Strategies To Secure Your Home Against A Break In - 10/11/13 06:08 AM
Having your home broken into is completely violating. Burglars don't just steal your stuff; they steal your peace of mind. While this is the sort of thing you think will never happen to you, it's worth the time and effort to make sure you're not a target.
Below are five strategies to help secure your home against a break-in.
1. Use Landscaping As A Barrier:
Purposefully place plants in spots that create a natural barrier to your home. Plant thorny rose bushes in front of bedroom windows and remove overgrown shrubs that provide coverage for creepers.
Also, trim back any tree … (4 comments)

fastclosingnow: Tips On Passing Your Home Inspection With Flying Colors - 10/11/13 05:43 AM
Home inspections are a tense time for everyone. Sellers are fervently hoping that nothing major is wrong with their home that could hold up the transaction.
Buyers are eager to hear that their new house is in prime condition. Whatever the wishes, one thing is for sure; any news from an inspector is usually bad news.
Home inspectors have a tough job. They have to be trained to spot hundreds of potential issues with a home and be knowledgeable of local codes, community restrictions and residential permit parameters.
Stay one step ahead of your home inspector by reading the list of … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: When Is It A Good Idea To Use A Home Equity Loan? - 10/11/13 05:31 AM
A home equity loan is a type of loan that allows you to use the equity of your home as collateral. It is an option that home owners have available to them and that some people use to pay for major expenses such as home renovations, college education or medical bills.
These types of loans became popular in 1996 because they provided a way for consumers to circumvent their tax charges for that year, which eliminated the deductions on the interest for most consumer purchases.
It is a good idea to leverage your shelter for cash? What is a legitimate reason … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: Do Fence Me In, Here Are A Few Good Yard Fencing Options - 10/07/13 08:32 AM
Whether you just got a puppy, have newly mobile children or built a pool, there are a multitude of reasons for wanting to keep people and animals in your yard, while preventing other from entering.
Picking the perfect fence can be difficult, so below we've outlined the main fencing materials to choose from and characteristics to consider about each.
Wood seems to be the most common material used in yards across the country — especially when wanting privacy. Depending on the type of wood you purchase, you'll probably want to stain the planks to protect them from rot and ultra-violet … (2 comments)

fastclosingnow: Do Those Additions Really Add Value To Your Home? - 10/07/13 08:17 AM
When you own a home, there are additions that you can make to the property that will improve the value of your home. For example, a newly renovated kitchen or bathroom is a popular choice that will really make the home more desirable to buyers.
Also, adding storage space or a well-thought-out family room or other practical space can be a very good investment that will bring up the home's value.
However, there are other projects that are not really worth your time or money and will allow very little opportunity to recover your costs when it is time to sell … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: How Does An Interest-Only Mortgage Work? - 10/07/13 08:08 AM
When you have been researching your different options for a mortgage on your home, you might have heard of an "Interest-Only Mortgage". What exactly does this type of mortgage mean and how does it work?
Usually when you take out a loan, you must pay back the capital debt (the amount you borrowed) and the interest on that debt. An interest-only mortgage offers a cheaper option for purchasing a property, because you will only be making payments on the interest and not the capital.
Compared to a repayment style mortgage where you are paying down the principle of the loan, an … (0 comments)

fastclosingnow: Don't Let Confusion With Mortgage Jargon Cost You - 10/01/13 06:59 AM
A recent study of US and UK home buyers, conducted by the London based Nationwide Building Society, found that more than 40% of people buying homes were confused by the jargon that lenders used to describe mortgages.
When it comes to taking out a mortgage on your home, could confusing mortgage jargon be costing you money and causing you to make ill-informed choices?
According to the study, only 31% of home buyers understood what the term "LTV" meant, an acronym that stands for "loan to value" and describes the ration between the amount of the mortgage and the value of the … (1 comments)

fastclosingnow: 5 Cool Ideas For Green Home Remodeling - 10/01/13 06:51 AM
Every home seems to have a never-ending remodeling list. As you consider tackling your next project, it usually pays off if you also think about helping the environment.
Green remodeling can last longer, utilize recycled materials and typically end up saving you money in the long run. Below are several environment-friendly ideas that will have your neighbors green with envy.
1. Rain Gardens:
Rain gardens are a shallow depressions in your yard planted with native shrubs and flowers. When there is a large rainfall, all the water rushes along roadways picking up dirt and pollutants along their way to drainage systems … (3 comments)

fastclosingnow: 4 Quick Tips On Becoming A Young Real Estate Investor - 09/26/13 11:51 AM
Investing in property at a young age seems like a bit of a daunting prospect sometimes. Most young people don't have a lot of disposable income, often have poor credit and perhaps even student loans.
When you are in your early 20s, you are not likely thinking about investing in property and are probably focusing on other things. However, investing in property at a young age can bring you a lot of advantages.
It requires a different approach and style and you might be the only one of your peers who is doing so, but you will definitely reap the benefits later … (1 comments)

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