mortgagemapp: How Much Mortgage You Can Afford? - 10/20/14 08:14 AM
Whether you're buying a home for the first time or you've decided it's about time that you upgraded to a larger, more expansive house, if you're making a real estate purchase you'll need to be aware of how much you can reasonably afford to borrow in a mortgage. In today's post we'll take a look at a few ways that you can analyze your financial situation to help decide how much mortgage you can truly afford.
Prepare An Honest Monthly Budget:
The first step in understanding how much of a monthly payment you can afford is to create an honest monthly … (3 comments)

mortgagemapp: What to Do if You are Declined? - How to Get an Second Opinion. - 10/16/14 07:31 AM
If you have been declined for a mortgage, you may think that buying that new home is out of reach. However, there are ways to turn a rejection into an approval and to find a more accessible loan. Here are just a few steps you can take to learn about your loan options and get the mortgage that works for you.
Find Out Why The Mortgage Application Was Denied:
The first step to getting a second opinion is to find out why your mortgage application was denied. Banks commonly deny mortgages for reasons like a low credit score, a high debt-to-income … (0 comments)

mortgagemapp: Pay Back Your Mortgage Faster? Maybe Consider Bi-weekly Payments. - 10/16/14 06:59 AM
While there are differing schools of thought when it comes to whether or not a person should pay off a mortgage before the loan term ends, there may be some benefits to making payments on a bi-weekly basis as opposed to monthly basis. What are some of the reasons why it may be beneficial to make two payments a month instead of one? Here are three reasons why you should ditch the monthly fees and make payments once every two weeks.
1) You'll Make An Extra Payment Per Year:
If you're looking to pay off your mortgage ahead of schedule, making … (0 comments)