virginia: Purchasing Virginia Short Sale Properties - 02/25/15 12:11 AM

Short sales are a different type of purchase than the normal home sale process. Before considering or purchasing a short sale, it is important that you know them and how they work. THE FOLLOWING details some general guidance on purchasing Virginia short sale properties.
How Short Sales Vary from Normal Sales Short sales describe properties where the amount of funds from the sale will not exceed the balance on the loan, and the home owner has no personal funds to cover the difference. Costs related to the sale can include the mortgages on the property, broker commissions, closing costs, and … (0 comments)

virginia: Virginia Spring Market Information - 02/25/15 12:06 AM

Spring is usually a busy time for home selling and buying. There is a larger number of properties for sale and buyers actively looking. If you are considering buying or selling this Spring, this article offers Virginia Spring market information.
The Impact of Seasons Spring tends to be a less busy season from a personal perspective. During the Autumn months, back-to-school is busy for people with kids. After that approaches the holiday months with holiday shopping and parties. The new year brings TAX season. Only after that do things clear up for many. There are more daylight hours, the weather … (0 comments)

virginia: Virginia Home Seller Pre-closing To-do List - 02/24/15 11:56 PM

As you get ready for a big move, you may miss some important items. The Virginia home seller pre-closing to-do list below may ensure a smooth closing.
Cancel Utility Service Contact each utility company to notify them of your termination. Many need advanced notice. For services such as heat, the utility company must come out to read the meter before preparing the final bill. You will need to send back equipment for some others. You might not know those details until you contact them, so do not procrastinate until closing day to do so.
Forward Your Mail You can notify … (0 comments)

virginia: Advice For Building New Construction Homes In Virginia - 02/24/15 11:44 PM
Building a new home can be very exciting. There are a multitude of features to consider, which is often somewhat overwhelming. The advice for building new construction homes in Virginia below can help minimize the stress.
Advice For Building New Construction Homes In Virginia 1. Prioritize Features Your budget will require you to weigh various options. It is normal to want all the things that you have dreamt of, but it is also important to remember that all things come with a price. Prioritize your list into must-have and nice-to-have items. Once you understand the expense of the must-have list, you … (1 comments)

virginia: Typical Mistakes Made By Sellers Of Virginia Real Estate - 02/24/15 11:40 PM

Seller behavior can contribute to the performance of a listing. Some typical mistakes made by sellers of Virginia real estate are more damaging than others. Sellers can avoid the mistakes shown below.
Typical Mistakes Made By Sellers Of Virginia Real Estate Neglecting to Clean Keeping a property consistently presentable may be difficult especially while still using the space. Sellers must spend time cleaning immediately before property viewings and open houses. Buyers tend to focus on the unclean condition rather than the offerings of a home, so not paying attention to cleaning will make your property less appealing. Furthermore, buyers assume … (1 comments)

virginia: Advantages Of Buying a homes in Virginia in 2015 - 02/24/15 11:35 PM

Home prices constantly fluctuate, so it can be difficult determining the right time to buy. Although no one can tell precisely what the future holds, you may rely on some factors to make an educated decision. Below are some advantages of buying Virginia homes in 2015.
Advantages Of Buying Virginia Homes In 2015 Favorable MORTGAGE Rates HOME LOAN INTEREST RATES are still at an all time low. Most buyers are finding fixed rates below 4 percent. Loan rates can have a big affect on home ownership expenses, so it definitely should be considered. By getting a lower interest rate, home … (0 comments)

virginia: Advantages Of Mortgage Pre-approvals Before Viewing Homes in VA - 02/01/15 08:13 AM

When thinking about buying real estate, it is natural to be very excited and want to see properties as soon as possible. In that excitement, you may delay the important step of obtaining a home LOAN pre-approval. A pre-approval is a introductory review of your finances and credit history to identify your eligibility for a mortgage. It is not a promise of a mortgage, but a guess in lieu of a full mortgage application. Receiving a pre-approval is a good idea for several reasons. This article details advantages of mortgage pre-approvals before viewing Virginia real estate.
Understand Your Price Range … (0 comments)

virginia: Benefits Of 1031 Exchanges In Virginia - 01/14/15 02:30 AM
A 1031 exchange is a method for deferring taxes when selling one property and purchasing another. It applies to real estate used for business or investment purposes. When executed properly, it may result in dramatic savings. This blog details the benefits of 1031 exchanges in Virginia.
Types of Properties that Qualify You must own a qualified property in order to consider a 1031 tax deferred exchange. Qualified properties are those used in a business or for investment purposes. They may be rental, land, residential, industrial, and commercial real estate. You must also purchase new like-kind real estate that also meets the … (0 comments)

virginia: For Sale By Owner Dangers In Virginia - 01/14/15 02:24 AM
When it comes time to sell real estate, sellers sometimes consider not using a real estate agent. Similar to home repairs, taxes, and other tasks, it can be possible to do it yourself but often it may end up costing more due to mistakes made in the process. Technique, resources, and experience are important, especially with selling such a high-priced item. Below are for sale by owner dangers in Virginia that homeowners should consider.
Proper Pricing Establishing the right price will mean the difference between your real estate selling quickly or not selling at all. Many sellers make the mistake of … (1 comments)

virginia: Searching Virginia Real Estate For Sale Online - 12/30/14 11:27 PM

Searching Virginia real estate for sale online can often be a cumbersome activity. There are many real estate websites to select from. The following information on searching Virginia real estate for sale online may help you better understand these options.
Real Estate Sites Are Not Identical Virginia real estate listings are typically added to a database, called the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), by individual real estate professionals. The listings are then shared to third parties through syndication. These other companies reformat the data and display them in different ways on their sites.
Even though all of the sites pull data … (0 comments)

virginia: Many Common Tax Deductions For Buying Real Estate In Virginia - 12/30/14 11:16 PM

There can be many common tax deductions for buying real estate. Deductions lower your taxable income and therefore result in lower taxes owed. It is important to learn the tax advantages prior to buying a home or if weighing renting vs. owning. This article includes information on common tax deductions for buying real estate in Virginia.
Tax Deduction Criteria Not everyone is eligible for common tax deductions for buying real estate in Virginia. When completing taxes, you may opt for the standard deduction or itemized deductions, based on which is higher. If you purchase a low priced property, the deductible … (0 comments)

virginia: Why You Need A Comparative Market Analysis For Virginia Real Estate - 12/03/14 03:12 AM

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is a calculation put together by an experienced listing broker to estimate the listing price of a property. It is different from an appraisal, which pinpoints the precise market price at a given time. It is vital that sellers understand how a CMA is prepared. This blog covers why you need a comparative market analysis for Virginia real estate.
How a Comparative Market Analysis is Prepared? The current value of a home is determined by buyers. Since the real estate economy fluctuates continuously, a reliable way to identify market value is to look at … (0 comments)

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