nashville homes: Are Sellers Freezing VA Buyers Out? - 04/13/18 02:55 PM
My buyer lost a multiple offer bid today because he is eligible for a VA loan. The listing agent/owner told me when I asked why he didn’t win, “The AV loan (yes, that’s what he said) is going to be difficult so we chose a Conventional loan”. I asked if the offer, itself, was competitive. He responded that it was, otherwise, a great offer.
The offer was over list price but not high enough to where it wouldn’t appraise. We wrote for the transaction to close on a date the seller mentioned they'd like to close, the office that he wanted the … (3 comments)

nashville homes: It's Okay To Ask A Buyer To Get Pre-approved - 01/09/14 06:17 AM
I've been speaking with new agents lately and I realized that even the most basic information can help with working with buyers and time management.
I've met with buyers over the years who have proclaimed that they "know they're okay" when I asked if they've been pre-approved.  If you're an experienced agent, you may, instinctively, know if a buyer is "okay" or not but, if you're a newer agent, some buyers can be intimidating when they respond this way while you're not 100% sure how to react.  Don't be afraid you'll lose the client by giving advice. If the buyer is real … (4 comments)

nashville homes: Reclaim your Real Estate Power! - 01/01/14 07:56 AM
In the Beginning…The Multiple Listing Service was established for Brokers and Agents to communicate listings and publish a "unilateral offer of compensation" by a listing broker to other cooperating broker participants in their MLS.  Being a member of an Association of Realtors® was and still is a privilege.  Brokers and Agents were once the sole source of data and services to their customers and clients.  Prior to the early 1990s, Brokerages would receive paper listings on a daily or weekly basis and insert them into an “MLS book” which was available in the office for the agents to access.
In the … (5 comments)

nashville homes: Cheap is NOT better! - 07/14/13 03:03 PM
I just want to remind you that cheap is not better.  Not usually and probably never.  Professional, experienced, licensed and insured should be the first and foremost reasons to hire a contractor.  If you hire an unlicensed, uninsured person to work on your home and they damage something else and it happens that they don't pay for it, your homeowners insurance will NOT cover the repairs because it is assumed that the contractor's insurance will cover the damage.  If they're hurt while working on your property, they won't be covered under worker's comp and may be able to sue you!  If … (40 comments)

nashville homes: Very Nice People...Terrible Buyers - 05/01/13 08:18 AM
I've come across many types of buyers in my 15 years as an agent but these buyers are wearing me down; what's worse is that these are very lovely and loyal people.  
I sold this family a home two years ago.  They were relocating to Nashville and had to purchase a home by a specific time.  They spent an average of 40 minutes at each property.  After 30+ showings, they made their decision and bought a home at retail price.   Last summer they decided they needed a larger home on a larger lot.  They're pre-approved to buy without selling. They … (13 comments)

nashville homes: Letter to a short-seller: - 10/27/10 12:05 PM
Dear Home Seller,
I see that you're trying to "short-sale" your home.  Since your lender will be accepting less than you owe them, don't you think it's fair that you provide a clean, tidy product for prospective buyers to view?  After all, it's you who isn't paying what you owe on the home you purchased.  I understand that financial difficulty led to the mess you're in but cleaning and keeping your stuff neat for showings is the least you could do to ensure a smooth transaction and yield your lender the best, possible, know...since you get to walk away.  The … (3 comments)

nashville homes: Nashville...After the tax credit...After the floods. Now what for Real Estate? - 06/02/10 08:12 AM
by Alyse Sands
Now that the tax credit and the flood are behind us, Nashvillians must forge ahead!   If you think that this means another hit to the Nashville Real Estate market, you're mistaken!  NOW is the time we move upward!  Don't stop dreaming and working towards your goals because you "heard" that the market is bad.  Don't allow the opinions of others, including the media, to influence your plans.  When consumers hear negatively slanted news, they have a tendency to react accordingly.  Our beliefs and our actions set results in motion.  
As a community, we have to stay confident … (0 comments)

nashville homes: Buyers, don't be afraid to write contracts on short sales. - 04/26/10 07:47 AM
A contract is a contract, regardless of the contingency, right?  Why are buyers shying away from buying short sale properties now?  They or their agents are afraid they won't be under contract if they don't have a response from the lender by 4/30/10 so they can get their tax credits. 
We write contracts that are contingent upon financing and/or inspections every day so why is this an issue?  It's still a contract.  It is a contract that is contingent upon third party approval of the price. You can write it to close before June 30,2010 so you can get that $8000 … (3 comments)

nashville homes: Sellers Are Affected by the Buyer Tax Credit, Too! - 04/09/10 05:09 AM
Sellers, in most areas, it's a buyer's market.  No matter how great your home is, there are others on the market that buyers will see.  Although you may have a hot commodity, the existance of other competing homes will complicate your selling.  Here's how to sell in a buyer's market:
Look at the other competing properties and see how they compare to yours. Make sure your home is in the best showing condition, possible.  This means no clutter, floors clean and in good condition, paint in good condition, everything clean and in working condition. Price it lower than the like-homes that … (2 comments)

nashville homes: You May Be Able to Buy a Home Now, Even if You Didn't Think You Could. - 04/09/10 03:43 AM
by Alyse Sands, Broker, GRI, ePRO, REALTOR(R)
Although the economy has made selling and buying homes more of a challenge, buyers still have ways to purchase a home without having much cash in the bank.  If you're aware of your options, perhaps the following information can help you to figure out if now is a good time for you to buy.  With the current tax credit of $8000 for first time buyers and $6500 for buyers who have recently owned a home, currently low prices and low rates, now IS a great time to invest in your future.  If you aren't … (1 comments)

nashville homes: Zillow Zestimates - 06/20/09 11:25 AM
This is a tool for the public to use to justify or check on home values for those who are using it for curiosity's sake. It's fine but it is not viable information to use for market value for selling or buying and this is why:
When I, as a licensed Real Estate Professional, prepare a market analysis, I utilize information on recently sold properties that are similar in size, construction, age and area, starting with the same subdivision...APPLES TO APPLES.  I use the MLS information before using the tax records because many times the tax records are not recorded properly … (0 comments)

nashville homes: Seems like Real Estate is picking up in Middle Tennessee - 05/09/09 07:41 AM
I just closed a transaction for a buyer.  While we were under contract, the seller received two other offers, both for full price while my buyer was under contract for a good amount less.  Their fingers were crossed that my buyer's loan would fall through...but it didn't.
Last week, in my office sales meeting, we were discussing our businesses and three agents said that they were involved in multiple offer situations in the past week or two, either on the seller or the buyer's side.  That's good news for the Tennessee market and it also means that other areas are experiencing … (1 comments)

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