chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 7/14/16 - 07/15/16 10:39 AM
Hi there! This week came and went in a blur... 
Let's quickly cut to the chase and see what's happened with new listings 
coming to market...
There were 14 new listings this week in Chatsworth. They range in price 
from $369,950 -$2,599,000; size 1001sf - 5776sf; age from 1955 - 1997.
Check out our featured listing below ...
9711 Andora AV, Chatsworth, CA 91311
MLS#SR16152376 - $679,000 - $719,000
Range Priced. Seller will entertain & respond to all offers between $679,000 
& $719,000. Straight out of a magazine! Truly amazing one of a kind property 
tucked among the hillside of Chatsworth & surrounded by million dollar estates. 
Enter the long … (0 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 7/6/16 - 07/06/16 12:28 PM
Wahoo! July is here in force. 
Kids are out of school, teens are zipping around testing their freedom, and 
neighborhoods are infused with life. This is a great time to really see the character of 
a neighborhood. 
Why don't you join us on a Tour of Homes this week? 
Not only can we give you the states and characteristics of the homes and 
neighborhoods, but you'll actually be able to experience the feel of the area. 
Just click here to schedule your tour. 
And, if you find a home or two you'd like to see (below), we'll make sure to get those 
on the tour as well.
There were 7 new listings this … (0 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 6/30/16 - 07/01/16 03:29 AM
As we wrap up June and move into the holiday weekend, you'll notice new listings 
have slowed somewhat. This is typical of this time of year. 
Homeowners often take the summer months to enjoy their summer and ready their 
homes for the fall market. 
With fewer homes available for sale, and a constant demand, if you see a home you 
like, let us know and let's get in to see it. We'd hate for you to miss out on the home 
of your dreams. 
Let's take a quick look at what's come on the market this past week.
There were 10 new listings this week in Chatsworth. They range … (1 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 6/23/16 - 06/23/16 08:19 AM
  Ah! Summer Solstice! What a wonderful day... and night! We have 17 hours of 
sunlight predicted for today and a full moon tonight. Whether you're willing to dance like druids or simply enjoy the fullness of the day, don't wait for the kids to come home "when the street lights come on" or they'll be out past bed time! 
Since we have a few extra hours of daylight this week, and continuing on through 
the summer, we love to take advantage of them, and get you out on our tour of 
homes. It's a great way to get a feel for the neighborhoods, and get in … (0 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 6/9/16 - 06/09/16 05:14 AM

We lost an American icon this week. He literally & figuratively "fought the good fight". 
Mohammed Ali had a presence and leaves a legacy with his children and 
grandchildren, and in the American lexicon. We all know the "Float like a butterfly, 
sting like a bee" came from him, but did you know these other inspirational phrases 
can be attributed to him as well? 
"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." 
"The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of 
his life." 
As I surfed the 'net in search of … (1 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 6/2/16 - 06/02/16 11:38 AM
I trust you enjoyed your long weekend, and hope that you spent just a moment to 
remember those who gave their lives in battle. Memorial Day weekend is the 
traditional kick off" to summer... I remember as a kid, it was our "open the pool" 
weekend. Is a pool part of your dream scenario? 
Let's check out what came to market this week...
There were 11 new listings this week in Chatsworth. They range in price from 
$274,950 -$2,899,000; size 1325sf - 7467sf; age from 1947 - 2004.
Here are our featured listings this week...

9537 Jumilla AV, Chatsworth, CA 91311
MLS # SR16117786 - $675,000
Showing by … (0 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 5/26/16 - 05/26/16 03:35 AM
As May comes to a close, we also see schools wrapping up for the summer. 
As you look for a home, you may be considering how you enjoy your summers... do you 
enjoy mowing the lawn having backyard barbecues, playing in the pool, does your 
neighborhood need to have a playground or pool available? 
Perhaps you'd rather be as far away from those things as you can be. :) 
Whichever way you're leaning, many families love to move during the summer, and if their 
home has been on the market more than a month, you may have some room to negotiate. 
This is the time for us to get together, … (1 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 5/19/16 - 05/19/16 01:23 AM
Would you take investment advice from a billionaire? According to Forbes magazine,
John Paulson is, "A multibillionaire hedge fund operator and the investment genius."
He is suggesting that if you can, you should buy a home.
He broke down the math of home-ownership as an investment:
1. "Today financing costs are extraordinarily low." The latest numbers from Freddie Mac 
show us that you can still get a 30-year mortgage at historically low rates of under 4%.
2. "And if you put down, let's say, 10 percent and the house is up 5 percent," as many experts 
predict, "then you would be up 50 percent on your investment." How … (0 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 5/12/16 - 05/12/16 06:37 AM
Sir Winston Churchill once said, “... we shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings 
shape us.” 
Our homes are a respite from the rest of the harried world. They are a sanctuary. 
So whether your sanctuary is a colonial on a cul-de-sac, a minimalist condo or a 30,000 
square foot estate, it needs to be able to comfort you as an individual. 
Think about the space you want to live in. Dream into it. What have you loved and hated about 
the home you grew up in? What have you loved about any home you've made for yourself? 
If you invest the time to contemplate these things, and … (0 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 5/5/16 - 05/05/16 04:48 AM
Are you a local?  If so, just go ahead and skip down to the listings. If not, I'd like to 
suggest that you take a look at my Guide to Real Estate Prices... why? Well, it's full 
of great information about the area, as well as photos & descriptions of homes in the 
different areas of town, so that you can get a feel for what homes around here look 
like in your price range.  It's easy, simply CLICK HERE to download your copy.
Alrighty, now let's get to it.
There were 10 new listings this week in Chatsworth. They range in price from 
$279,900 -$899,950; size 926sf - 2849sf; age from 1957 - 1988.
Here's … (0 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 4/21/16 - 04/21/16 04:05 AM
Happy Spring!   It seems like you never know what April will bring! Texas is having floods, Seattle & Toronto a 
heat wave, California rains, and snow in the Rockies. Just wait five minutes... I'm sure it'll 
change. :) And in spite of the weather properties listing and selling within days...  If you're truly 
in the market to purchase a home within the next 60 days, now's the time to act. Have your plan 
in place, let someone (me!) know that you're serious about the hunt, have your mortgage 
"approval" in place, and get out an look at homes!  ALSO, if you're looking for something specific, … (1 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 4/14/16 - 04/14/16 01:59 AM
Good morning, Good Afternoon, & Good Evening!
Our market is just FUN!  It seems each week brings a new and intriguing situation...
last week people were asking about investment opportunities and this week, it seems
that Luxury is the topic of the day.  How do you define luxury? Is it the price, the 
space, or the feel of a place?
This is a really good time to assess if it's time for you to "move up".  Are you considering
this?  This kind of transaction takes a bit of coordination... to find a new place to live, then
have you home sell, and be able to do … (1 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 4/7/16 - 04/07/16 05:14 AM
Sales Contracts Hit Highest Level in Months
  So last week, I gave you the doom and gloom about buying in a HOT market. 
Now here's a slightly different perspective that shows that buyers are still 
The National Association of Realtors (NAR) just announced that the February
Pending Home Sales Index reached it’s highest reading since July 2015.
This index means that  more contracts have been signed by buyers that will 
soon translate to sales. February’s Index rose 3.5% month-over-month to 
What does this mean for the market?
Lawrence Yun, NAR’s Chief Economist explained:
"After some volatility this winter, the latest data is encouraging in that a 
decent number of buyers signed contracts last … (0 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 3/31/16 - 03/31/16 03:22 AM
Were you one of the many to see Batman v Superman this weekend?  
Can you believe it's showing at over 19,700 screens across 39 
territories across the globe? Do you know that it has had the largest 
opening in $ of any superhero movie to date?? Talk about the power of 
hype!   I bring this up, because it's kind of like this Spring market -- a LOT of 
hype, the feeling of scarcity and high demand... which is forcing prices 
to hold, and many buyers to compete for homes, some of which end 
up selling WAY above list price (which seems great for sellers), until 
the appraisal doesn't support the amount … (0 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 3/17/16 - 03/17/16 02:46 AM
I'd like to share a story with you.   This week, a friend, who is very computer-savvy, had a computer issue.  She put a video of "the red screen of death" on facebook. What I found interesting was all of the comments. Everyone has some working knowledge (as end-users) of computers, right? Especially if they're on facebook. The armchair experts weighed in, with everything from "it's a virus", "you upgraded to Windows 10 too soon", and the inevitable, "this never happens with a Mac".   Come to find out, it was a failed hard drive. Nobody suggested this option. The way … (0 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 3/3/16 - 03/03/16 03:45 AM
Time marches on!  Here we are, already three months into the new year and the market has been busier than ever. I know of several homes being prepped to sell, so we anticipate the weekly list to grow over the next month. This is really exciting as a buyers agent, so our buyers can see the great variety of homes available in our market.   Another great way to get a feel for the market is with our tour of homes -- we can run you around the neighborhoods giving our personal insights into the features, amenities, and feel of the various areas … (0 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 2/25/16 - 02/25/16 04:40 AM
I was chatting with my coach the other day, and she asked me, "What do you think YOUR clients appreciate MOST about you as a Realtor?"  Although initially I thought it was my years of experience and knowledge of the market, or maybe my ability to negotiate, the reality is... I think people appreciate my ability and willingness to listen.  (My team &) I truly want to understand exactly what it is you want, and WHY you want it.  Yes,we have experience and knowledge and all the credentials, but NONE of those matter until weknow what YOU want. So I ask you, what is … (0 comments)

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 2/18/16 - 02/18/16 03:49 AM

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 2/4/16 - 02/04/16 09:11 AM

chatsworth homes for sale: MarketWATCH Chatsworth: 01/15/16 - 01/15/16 11:36 AM
MarketWATCH Chatsworth
January 15, 2016
 Do you believe that you need a credit score of 800, 20% down, and your first-born to buy a home in Chatsworth?   Well, according to the National Association of Realtors, Ellie Mae & Freddie Mac, this is simply not true.   In 2015, the Average FICO scores of approved loans was 723. For conventional loans, it was 755, and FHA - 689.   On the Average, All buyers put down 10%, whereas first-time buyers put down 6% and repeat buyers 14%.  (The first-born thing was just a little joke to lighten the mood a little). In addition to this, rents are going … (0 comments)

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