home selling tips: The Voodoo That You Do (To Sell Your Home?!) - 08/31/12 01:50 AM
The Voodoo That You Do (To Sell Your Home?!) 
Well…not exactly Voodoo, but we’ve all heard of people going to the extremes to get their homes to sell.  We’ve all heard of putting a drop of vanilla on a pan and putting it in the oven to give the house a “homey” feel by filling it with the smell of “baking”  or painting the front door purple to stand out, and a vast array of other home-selling tips to ensure your home sells before the competition, but what I heard yesterday was definitely a first for me.  However, I was so … (68 comments)

home selling tips: Tips for First-Time Home Sellers - 11/02/11 03:49 AM
Tips for First-Time Home-Sellers
So, you’ve decided to sell your home and no idea where to start.  In this complex market, especially if it’s the FIRST home you’ve sold, the experience can seem a bit terrifying, to say the least.  Below are some tips to ensure a smooth process.
1.  Start searching online or asking for Realtor referrals from friends whom have had a good experience.  Interview 3-5 and determine who you would best be represented by.  A good Realtor in your corner is going to guide you through the process without overwhelming you with all of the data and transactional … (1 comments)

home selling tips: I Want to Sell my Home...NOW What?! - 10/01/11 03:38 AM
So... either the kids have left the house and gone to college, there is a new addition to the family and you're needing more space, the long drive to work has gotten FAR too OLD, or you just have an itch for something new, you find yourself knowing you have to sell your home...but NOW WHAT?  I'm going to outline a few steps that will make your listing and home-selling process a bit smoother.  Whether it's been 20 years since you've sold a home, or this is your first home to sell, let's shed some light on the process, shall we?

home selling tips: 5 Home Improvement Projects that will Get You Top Dollar! - 09/29/11 03:08 PM
It’s a highly competitive market for home sellers right now. More homes to compete with means that the impression your homes makes - from the curb, and on the inside - matter now more than ever. You can increase your chances of selling faster - and at today’s top dollar - by investing in a select few home improvement projects that have been shown to make a big impact on buyers.Bad news alert: it might cost you a little time, effort and cash.  The good news, though, is that the best projects for quickly increasing your home’s resale value tend to be cosmetic … (7 comments)

home selling tips: Tips to Get Your Home (or Listing!) Sold - 09/28/11 04:48 AM
Tips to Get your Home (or Listing!) Sold

A few days ago, I posted a blog entry on ways to spruce up your listing to gain more exposure from drive-by traffic to entice more potential buyers to look at you home.  Today, I noticed a great article from Trulia.com which also touched on the same topic.  However, this article went over the importance of what to do after your home has ALREADY been on the market a few months or is possibly being looked at as a "stale" listing. Cick here to read the article.  
In today's market, with … (1 comments)

home selling tips: Why Has My Home Not Sold?! - 09/14/11 07:11 AM
Why Has My Home Not Sold?!
There you are...90 days after putting your home on the market...a few potential "new" homes picked out...and not only not a single offer in sight, but slowings have come to a screeching HALT.  What has happened?  Why have other homes in the neighborhood moved faster than yours?  THREE THINGS influence the sale of a property:  1) Location 2) Aesthetic Quality and 3)Price.  Let's explore:
1) Location:  I absolutely love to work the sale-side of a transaction, and firmly believe that there is a buyer for every home.  (Someone else's trash your treasure? ;-)  The golf-course lots … (6 comments)

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