decluttering: Staging Lightens Up this NJ Colonial So Buyers Can Breathe! - 08/01/11 02:58 AM
This house felt like there was no room to breathe with all the clutter! The (out-of-date) furniture needed clearing out and re-arranging. We added long drapes in the family room to give it more modern style. The "after" photos show a cleaned up, pared-down, and much more inviting, livable house! 




decluttering: Foyer Goes From Country to Classic - 07/23/11 04:13 AM
This foyer in a Colonial Home in Bergen County, NJ was stuck in the 90s with its bright yellow sponge-painted walls and brass ceiling light. Isn't is amazing what a coat of paint in a color that coordinates much better with the black diamond tiles, a new light fixture, and some de-cluttering can do? Now this entrance foyer is sophisticated and creates a calm feeling.


decluttering: Need to Recycle or Get Free Stuff? Try! - 07/06/11 03:47 PM
Do you need to de-clutter your house but hate to throw out things that others might be able to use? Are you looking to furnish a new house with cheap (read: free) stuff that others don't want anymore? 
A staging client turned me onto -- a recycling website with the goal of avoiding adding to landfills and finding free and useful stuff that can save you lots of $$. I'm helping my local RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) chapter furnish rooms in a new Covenant House for homeless youths being built in Montclair, NJ. I started hitting up friends … (20 comments)

decluttering: Staging Consults Help Bergen County Homeowners See Problem Areas - 04/23/11 10:33 AM
Most homeowners don't see their homes the way buyers do/will. For sellers who want to save money and remove buyer objections, downplay flaws, highlight the home's best features, and make their home sell faster, I offer an inexpensive verbal consult. Consults offer recommendations that cover everything from landscaping/curb appeal to making sure every room has the right look, color, and purpose, a focal point, an updated look, and maximizing the use of space to appeal to the most buyers. Here are a few before and after photos of houses I've recently consulted on where the buyers took my advice and improved … (4 comments)

decluttering: Staging Period Homes is a Balancing Act! - 03/22/11 04:15 PM
As stagers, we have to consider both the home's style and demographics to make a staging "work." Doesn't matter what style WE prefer, it's what fits the target demographic as well as the style of home, within reason. I won't put Victorian furniture in a Victorian home, because that's just too taste-specific and will not appeal to most buyers. I also wouldn't put contemporary furniture in a Victorian, Colonial, or Tudor-style home. I love contemporary furniture, but wouldn't put that in a Victorian, Colonial, or Tudor-style home -- I'd use it in a high-rise condo or a contemporary townhome or house instead. … (6 comments)

decluttering: Continued: More Before and After Staging Shots of Bedrooms, plus just for Halloween, check out "before" shot in the 3rd set - 10/31/10 10:37 AM
Here are a few more shots from different angles of 2 of the 3 bedrooms I posted earlier this afternoon, plus a new "before and after" set especially for Halloween (look at the "before" shot, and yes, I never noticed until today the extra "item" on the bed!!) just to show the "full picture" -- in lots of cases in occupied homes, just removing baby things, hampers, excess furniture (which we all have), and bringing in new updated bedding and accessories, such as flowers/plants/candles/art, makes a big difference. Don't forget to whittle those closets down as well so that buyers get … (2 comments)

decluttering: Before and After Staging: A Messy Living Room Gets Transformed - 08/29/10 08:24 AM


decluttering: Tips For Staging Your House Yourself - 08/23/10 08:41 AM

I firmly believe EVERY property benefits from staging, and for those who prefer to do-it-yourself and save money, or get a jump-start on the work that needs to be done BEFORE hiring a stager, here are some easy things you can do on your own (although bringing in a friend with good design sense and a fresh pair of eyes helps):
1) Get rid of all of the paperback books in your bookcases, and 50% of the hardcovers, and the clothes in your closet, so that it looks like your house has plenty of room for storage. Place books … (0 comments)