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Don't Sit on the Fence Too Long, you just may get hurt!    Fences were not made for sitting.  They were made for privacy, keeping the dog & the kids in the yard, etc.  Some fences were even made to protect the sand dunes and beach vegetation during storms and high winds.  They were not made for ...
Easy, Do it Yourself, Halloween Costumes I absolutely Love Halloween!  Jack-o-lanterns, caramel apples, candy, ghosts & ghoblins...... But the most fun thing about Halloween is dressing up!   Most of the costumes I am going to share with you, can be created with items you already have around the ...
Fall Season of Miracles: The Miracle That Keeps on Giving!  The POSITIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary Soul group gives you the opportunity to share the miracles in your life during this fall season with a creative writing challenge . Join in on the challenge with the  FALL SEASON OF MIRACLES CONTEST | ...
Trunk-or-Treat on the Crystal Coast Head on over to the Salter Path United Methodist Church for Trunk-or-Treat on Halloween Night.  Not only are they offering treats, they will have Hot Dogs, games, bouncy house and fun for the whole family.  If you are looking for a trick-or-treating alternative...
  Looks can be Deceiving! I think we all agree that looks can sometimes be deceiving.  Take this old blue jeep for instance.  Many people would drive right on by without even considering stopping off for some fresh local Seafood.  But, while the vehicle itself may look pretty rough, the products ...
Money Doesn't Grow on Trees & Candy Doesn't Fall From the Sky! Okay, Money doesn't grow on trees..... I can't argue that one.  Of course, The owners of the local Apple Orchard or the Orange Grove may feel differently, but without a lot of time, care & energy.... NOTHING.   Candy doesn't normally ...
The Carteret County Association of REALTORS is Cook'n 4 College.  The Scholarship committee is raising money for the $2500 Debbie Coleman Memorial Scholarship, and they need your help.   The event takes place on Friday, November 4th, 2011 from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm.  Tickets are only $6 per person ...
You may be asking yourself, "Self, what the Heck is so special about October 21st"?  Well, it may seem like any other day, but in reality.... October 21st is a very, very special day. Throughout History, many wonderful things have happened On October 21st.  Let's take a looksie at this day and ju...
Dick's Sporting Goods.... Coming Soon to Carteret County!   That's Right, Dick's Sporting Goods will be opening soon in Morehead City!  I wish I could give you a date, but soon, very soon, we will be able to shop for all our camping gear, soccer gear, baseball, football, water sports, running app...
Activerain Hasn't Made Me a Millionaire... No, I can't say that I have tons and tons of business because of Activerain, but I am well on my way.  I just had my first AR Referral Closing (from an agent that is not even a member, but found me here), I have had a couple of buyers and I currently hav...

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