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The Container Garden I am by no means, a gardener.  I love plants and flowers, but I have been cursed with a black thumb.  Typically, I can look at a flower or plant and it will DIE!  By telling you this, I must knock on wood, because I love my little container garden.  Every spring, Tanner and I...
The Silent Sound! Last night, we had a dozen children (under the age of 11 years) at Saint Francis by the Sea.  We were to plan our summer activities, enjoy some pizza & ice cream, walk the labyrinth, and then we all decided to walk the trail to the situm at Bogue Sound.   As we approached the si...
Vote for Sea Dreams on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina! Just in case you didn't know, There was a photo contest going on in the rain these past couple of weeks.  I submitted a photo, and have made it to the top nine!  I've never considered myself a photographer, but love taking pictures of th...
Pine Knoll Shores - Tree City, USA Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of attending the Tree City USA Presentation in Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina.  Not only was it a special moment for the town, it was an absolutely gorgeous day!  Brian Swanson of the Forestry Division, presented the Town...
Farewell to a Good, Little Fish! My parents have spent the last several days in Paris.  A place they love and visit almost every year.  I was left with just a few measly responsibilities in their absence.  You know, run the office, take care of all their clients, present any offers that come in o...
Where the Dirt Road Leads, Is Up to You! I am a country girl, born and raised in Northern Alabama.  Now, I live in a beautiful, small waterfront community of Eastern North Carolina.  I have always found something very special about dirt roads, and have yet to find one that didn't lead to somethin...
Do Your Best! My seven year old signed up to be a cub scout a few months ago.  We were all a little concerned that it would interfere with Soccer, Tennis and all of Tanner's other activities.  My husband and I knew nothing about the Scouts, and we had no idea just what to expect.   Now, we are to...
The Faces of Carteret County - Meet Everett Thomas  In 2008, Carteret County was lucky to gain a new resident.  Everett Thomas, along with his wife Phyllis, have become a very important part of our community.  Everett is a part time priest at St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal church in Bogue Banks...
The Faces of Carteret County - Meet Meredith Westbrook  Meredith Westbrook is the PTO President of Morehead City Primary School.  She accepted this role because of her love for our community and our children.  Being the PTO President may not sound like a tough job...... IT IS!  When you attend th...
Brandywine Bay, March 2012 - Market Report When Comparing closed listings from March 2011 vs. March 2012, number of Sales are up 200%.  The number of Pending Sales however, has decreased 20% year over year comparison.  There are still a great number of listings currently available in Brandywine B...

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