worcester county: Where did the whales go? - 11/10/11 10:59 AM
Where did the whales go today?  Fred and Ethel are a pair of whales that one lucky member of BNI group get to carry with them for a week in between our meetings.  BNI is largest business networking organization in the world and I would be happy to chat with you about if you are interested in finding our more.  BUT…back to the whales…the whales are awarded to the BNI member with the best 50 second commercial and I won them this week!
I thought it would be fun to see where the whales go for a week…
Here we are … (2 comments)

worcester county: Tree Falls Over Property Line: Who Pays? Who Picks Up the Pieces? - 11/09/11 09:21 PM
If a neighbor’s tree falls over your property line, file an insurance claim for repairs and cleanup. No house damage? Check if chopping and hauling debris is covered.
When a tree falls
Your neighbor is responsible when a tree falls over your shared property line only if you can prove he was aware that his tree was a hazard and refused to remedy the problem. Regardless, your insurance company restores your property first, and later decides whether or not to pursue reimbursement from the neighbor or his insurer if the neighbor was negligent in maintaining the tree.

worcester county: Energy Monitors: Seeing is Believing — and Saving - 10/28/11 12:50 AM
Posted on October 28, 2011 by Amy Mullen RE/MAX Energy monitors make managing your power consumption enjoyable and easy to do.  And we’re using energy today!  BRR!
The Prius Effect in your living room Researchers have shown that the well-known hybrid car saves energy for two reasons: It efficiently uses both gasoline and electric power, and it also provides a display screen that lets drivers track their real-time MPG efficiency.
Various environmental reports have suggested that home-based energy monitors have the same effect–keeping an eye on the display screens encourages savings of up to 10% of a home’s heating and cooling … (3 comments)

worcester county: New listing! Open sunday at 1pm and sellers want a FAST CLOSE! - 10/18/11 04:02 PM

worcester county: Sneak Peak in N. Grafton! - 10/16/11 10:30 AM
Can’t wait to bring this online tomorrow evening!

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worcester county: Don't forget! Special open house this week! - 10/16/11 01:44 AM
Posted on October 16, 2011 by Amy Mullen RE/MAX Come enjoy an evening of spirits and tales with the Ware Historical Society and RE/MAX Professional  Associates as we combine an open house with Researchers Dale Platenik and Audra Zobriski Pierce.
Audra will be discussing the Victorian Spiritualist Movement and Victorian Spirit Photography.  Dale will be discussing the reading of the tarot cards
Resources will be available for researching an antique home such as 12 Cottage Street which was built in 1855 and its history…is a mystery.  Home will be available for viewing during the evening with a full tour at 6:45 … (0 comments)

worcester county: Small Business Sunday Video Blog...going straight to your belly! - 10/16/11 12:08 AM

▶ Leslie Houssan is a Pampered Chef extraordinaire in Worcester County.  She is up to date on the latest and greatest for all things in your kitchen!  Give Leslie a call and she’ll fill you in.  You can reach her at 774-276-0205, ljhpchef@yahoo.com or www.pamperedchef.biz/4lesliehoussan.
Here is a sample of what she can share with you:
“Greasy, expensive takeout food will be a thing of the past when you invest in these kitchen workhorses! Prepare easy, delicious recipes at only $2 a serving* your family will love.”
For a full video link:  http://amymullenremax.wordpress.com/2011/10/16/small-business-sunday-video-blog-going-to-straight-to-your-belly/
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worcester county: 9 Unexpected Energy (and Money) Savers - 10/07/11 12:13 AM
Here are a few surprising and simple ways to cut your energy bill this season since the temps have dropped so low the last few nights…we are getting our first taste of the winter season.  I found this list and thought it was a nice quick way to save some energy without having to reconstruct the house.  I am a fan of the last one!
Put lamps in the corners: Did you know you can switch to a lower wattage bulb in a lamp or lower its dimmer switch and not lose a noticeable amount of light? It’s all about placement. … (6 comments)

worcester county: Small Business Sunday…Home Care Veterinary Service - 10/02/11 03:02 AM
This is such a great concept and Dr. Cindy McGinn D.V.M. does it with care and professionalism.  Dr. McGinn is a traveling vet in the greater Worcester area to fill the need of pet owners who are unable to bring their animals into a traditional vet office.  Dr. McGinn will come to your home to treat your animals – even on a Saturday!  She serves the greater Worcester area and I hope you pass this link along to someone who needs her services.
She can be reached at 508-450-8727 or drcindylou8@aol.com.  Video below – let’s hear it for Cindy!  (for … (0 comments)

worcester county: 8 Solutions to Common Wet-Basement Problems - 09/29/11 11:45 AM
It’s raining so I couldn’t resist this blog.  Solving wet-basement problems is one of the most important things you can do to protect the value of your home and health of your family.  Additionally, a dry basement is a huge plus to home buyers if your house is on the market now or if you are considering selling.  A finished basement is an even bigger plus!
Some wet basements are easy to cure simply by clearing gutters and by diverting gutter water away from the foundation. But if the problem comes from other sources—water flowing toward the house on the surface, … (2 comments)

worcester county: Small Business Sunday...JEP Contracting - 09/25/11 02:08 PM
JEP Contracting won the spot for my first video blog of Small Business Sunday!  I strongly believe that we need to invest in our local small and medium-sized businesses in order to have a health economy in our back yards.  I met with the founder of JEP, Patrick Perkins,  a few weeks ago and found that they do something I had never heard of – they offer a FIVE year customer service warranty on their work!
More recently – I saw Erica Gifford at the Millbury Block Party.  Here she is talking about what JEP Contracting can do for YOU! Check … (1 comments)

worcester county: Ready…set…WINTERIZE! Conduct Your Own Energy Audit - 09/20/11 11:50 PM
Today feels warm and balmy but you know this time of year – it can turn on you in an instant! A do-it-yourself energy audit can teach you how to be more energy efficient and make you a more-educated consumer should you decide to hire an expert.
What you’ll save on fixes By following up on problems, you can lower energy bills by 5% to 30% annually, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. With annual energy bills averaging $2,200, according to Energy Star, investing in fixes or energy-efficient replacement products could save you … (4 comments)

worcester county: Saving Money with Salvaged Building Materials - 09/09/11 11:24 PM
Salvaged building materials allow you to improve your home inexpensively—but might require an extra investment of time and energy.  
If you’re looking to improve your home on the cheap, consider using salvaged building materials. Besides being less expensive than new materials, secondhand features can add character, quality, and value to your home. But note that the savings in dollars may require a greater investment in time and effort.
Remodeling with secondhand building materials has many fans. Some are owners of historic houses who improve their homes by adding period elements. Others follow green building practices and appreciate conserving resources … (5 comments)

worcester county: SOLD! - 09/09/11 12:20 AM


worcester county: New lake front rental! - 09/06/11 03:38 PM

worcester county: New listing! - 09/05/11 10:44 AM

worcester county: WOW! Just got an update from my most trusted mortgage broker - 08/10/11 05:33 AM
Yes it’s true…we have trusted partners in this industry that we can refer our clients to with confidence…one of them is Wes Oliver and his most recent status update is that due to some very recent changes he can do a 30 year fixed in the 3′s.
Interested?  Let me know and I will get you in touch with him!
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worcester county: New? Useful? How to spend your time on the web… - 08/02/11 11:21 AM
I was just going through my notes from CDPE class and thought I would share this.  The instructor was awesome and had a great trick for getting us all back into our seats on time – he offered up useful websites!  So here they are – maybe some are useful – maybe not – but if you need some surfing content when you have a few minutes to spare (or are waiting for your oil change) check them out.
unhearit.com :  site plays a song to get a song out of your head issue.com :  publish your ezine for free online-convert.com … (5 comments)

worcester county: Home Security - 5 quick steps - 06/16/11 11:52 PM
July is coming...the sun is out and many of us are taking vacations.  Make sure it's a great one and that your house is secure!  Conduct a do-it-yourself home security check by walking around your house to assess what needs to be done to reduce the risk of a break-in.
1. Keep your home well-maintained on the outside
Burglars want an easy target. Stand on the street outside your house and ask yourself: Does my property look neglected, hidden, or uninhabited? A front door or walkway that's obscured by shrubbery offers crooks the perfect cover they need while they break a … (2 comments)

worcester county: National Open House Weekend – Schedule Change - 05/31/11 04:10 PM
Whoops! One went under contract today so slight change to the schedule for my listings in the National Open House Weekend. Not buying right now? Forward the link to someone who is!


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