worcester county: New Kitchen Cabinet Hardware—Low-Cost Ways to Jazz Up Your Style - 01/07/11 10:20 PM
Replace old kitchen cabinet hardware and gain an instant style update that's simple to do and easy on the budget.  It's a quick way to really make an impact on the room and express yourself.  I am all about expressing my individual style and if you take a few moments in this aisle at your local Lowes, you will be amazed at all the choices you have.
Measuring for kitchen cabinet hardware
Replacing kitchen cabinet hardware is a job you can do yourself. But note there's a wide range of sizes when it comes to the spans between screws on kitchen … (1 comments)

worcester county: A Financial Plan for Your Home - 01/06/11 10:17 PM
I am not big on New Year's Resolutions but I am big on having a plan.  This is a good time of year to make a plan because the calendar is fresh and clean (and half priced if you still like to use wall calendars).  Your home is probably your biggest investment. To manage it, create a financial plan that takes into account repairs, upgrades, mortgages, insurance, and taxes.
Use our home financial plan budget worksheet, and start by writing a list of expenses, such as:
Mortgage Taxes Home insurance, including liability Repairs and maintenance, such as new furnace, roof, painting … (1 comments)

worcester county: Making Home Affordable: The Modification Option - 01/04/11 10:23 PM
The Making Home Affordable program offers at-risk homeowners a chance to modify mortgages to avoid foreclosure on their homes.  This is just one of the possible solutions that are available to home owners who are in distress or are facing that possibility.
Qualifying for a loan modification
Making Home Affordable's modification option is known as the Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP. It's designed for homeowners who are likely to lose their homes because they can't keep up with mortgage payments. Even if you aren't behind on payments yet, you can qualify for help if you can demonstrate that you will … (3 comments)

worcester county: Tax Tips for Homeowners Looking Ahead to 2010 Returns - 01/02/11 10:55 PM
In addition to the standard tax deductions for home owners, here are some additional ones that you might want to check your records to see if you qualify.
The tax areas that are most beneficial for home owners are; mortgage interest, points paid to refinance your mortgage, PMI, capital gains up to $250k for qualifying home owners, home improvements that have increased the value of your home at your future sale (and reduce the amount of capital gains), real estate and property taxes, home offices, *some* relocation moving expenses, home improvements for medical reasons and vacation homes.
Check out these additional … (4 comments)

worcester county: The Value of Home Maintenance - 01/01/11 11:56 PM
Regular home maintenance is key to preserving the value of your house and property.  Looking forward to the spring market in 2011 - this play an important role if you thinking about listing your home.  In general, it's important to maintaining your investment and your quality of life.
"It's the little things that tend to trip up people," says Frank Lesh, former president of the American Society of Home Inspectors and owner of Home Sweet Home Inspection Co. in Chicago. "Some cracked caulk around the windows, or maybe a furnace filter that hasn't been changed in awhile. It may not seem … (3 comments)

worcester county: Homeowners Insurance: Time for an Annual Check-Up - 12/29/10 10:15 PM
Okay...so this isn't a very exciting topic but it's necessary!  An annual check-up on your homeowners insurance can result in a healthier policy and a healthier pocketbook.
What type of coverage do I have?
The most effective type of coverage is known as "replacement cost," which covers, up to your policy limits, what it would take today to rebuild your house and restore your belongings, says Jerry Oshinsky, a partner at Jenner & Block in Los Angeles who has represented homeowners in litigation against insurers.
"Extended" replacement cost coverage provides protection to your policy limit, say $500,000, and then perhaps another 20% … (7 comments)

worcester county: 12 Top Remodeling Trends for 2011 - 12/27/10 11:16 PM
New year, new list of remodeling projects to start around the house. At least that's what remodelers and contractors are hoping.
So, what remodeling projects are on top of everyone's list?
The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) conducted an exclusive poll of their top builders and developers for us and found that while most people are not starting major renovation projects due to the economy, now is the time to take care of the smaller jobs around your home.
Call it the over-arching remodeling trend for 2011: Tackling small projects while you wait to do the really big remodeling … (5 comments)

worcester county: Snow is pretty. - 12/23/10 12:17 AM
No blog post today...just this picture of a home in Utah because I think it's a great picture


worcester county: The house is open on Wednesday evening…and I will be there smiling! - 12/21/10 02:21 PM
RE/MAX Professional Associates in Spencer is having an open house on Wednesday evening from 4pm to 6pm and we would like to see your faces!  Please stop in and enjoy some great food and meet the group at our office on 294 Main Street.
We are also accepting canned food donations for the food pantry during the open house.  Which brings me to my next moment...
I am a very fortunate person to have so many great people in my life.  Such as my childhood best friend who now lives in Virginia and is still one of my very dearest and … (0 comments)

worcester county: Would someone please turn the lights on? - 12/20/10 10:19 PM
I love Christmas lights!  Especially when people get very creative or go way over the top!  I have noticed that this year there seems to less lights - economy?  Time?  I am not sure but I went in search of "more lights" and using my good friend Google - I found them!
Here are some links to local light displays (besides Bright Nights at Forest Park):
Quincy:  http://www.christmaslightexplosion.com/
Oxford:  http://christmasonpinestreet.com
Tewksbury:  http://www.christmaslightpeople.com/
Stoneham:  http://www.holidaylandscapes.com/
Rockland:  http://www.HoliDaves.com
Bridgewater:  http://www.bridgewaterfestivaloflights.com/
Carver (over 7 million lights per the website):  http://www.edaville.com/
Millis:  http://www.milliswonderland.com/
And some with pictures from other states (it's nice to see what … (2 comments)

worcester county: RE/MAX Wraps! From the RE/MAX Professional Associates blog - 12/18/10 11:35 PM
For everyone who doesn't know (all three of you)...there is a dedicated blog for RE/MAX Professional Associates "Today's Real Estate Information Network...for you!" .  RE/MAX Professional Associates has three central Massachusette locations in Spencer, Charlton and Sturbridge with agents in many other locations.  We work everywhere!
Recently, we gathered together to wrap and donate gifts, food, clothing and toys to two local families that Catholic Charities identified for us.  We also gathered up a healthy donation to the food pantry in our prime service area.
Here is the link to the blog post on the wrap and donate day - I just … (2 comments)

worcester county: 4 secrets to homebuyer budgeting - 12/17/10 11:01 PM
Renting and thinking about buying? Start with a solid budget plan that includes strong credit and savings.
Living from one paycheck to the next may be the norm for many people. But homebuyers need a better strategy.
"If buying a home is your goal, then it needs to be your priority," says Tim Kirchner, vice president of MetLife Bank in Irving, Texas. "Most people need to sacrifice a little and stick to a budget in order to save for a home."
A good budget plan begins one or two years before a buyer makes an offer. Here are four tips for … (2 comments)

worcester county: 7 fast fixes for scratched, burned and squeaky floors - 12/16/10 09:54 PM
In the home - as in life - it's often the little things that matter. And it's amazing how many small structural things can go wrong around your house.
Whether it's the front-door lock that won't let you into your own home or the cracked window that won't keep the cold out, small household problems can have a big effect. For most of these, there's no need to call for repairs; the solution lies in tapping your ingenuity and using a few common household materials in innovative ways.
Even when it seems that the roof is falling in or the floor … (3 comments)

worcester county: Biometric Locks: Even the Jetsons Would be In Awe - 12/15/10 10:27 PM
This is so cool!  I really like the thought of not having to worry about forgetting my keys!
Biometric locks employ high-tech fingerprint recognition technology to verify your identity before allowing a locked door to be opened.
Biometric locks characteristics
Goodbye, keys. You'll never leave your fingerprints in your other pants, so biometric locks offer convenience and fast entry for an authorized user. Biometric power. Many biometric security systems provide alternate key access in case the battery-operated system fails. The ouch factor. Some biometric scanners will no longer recognize your fingerprint if you get a cut or develop a scar. Price … (6 comments)

worcester county: 5 Holiday Hosting Disasters and How to Avoid Them - 12/13/10 09:34 PM
Take a look at the most common things that can go wrong when you have guests and learn how to prevent them.
That's just one of many hosting nightmares that can end your holiday party before it even begins. Thankfully, some of the most damaging mishaps easily can be avoided. We collected five of the most prevalent issues and give you preventative tips to keep your holiday party on track.
Problem: The oven doesn't heat
For any holiday occasion, the oven is the most important appliance in your house. If it fails to work, the centerpiece of your meal could go … (3 comments)

worcester county: Holiday Safety…get the chestnuts but avoid the fire - 12/10/10 10:01 PM
The lights, candles and open fires in the wood stove are all fun things to do around the holidays.  The holiday season is one of the most dangerous times of the year for household fires, so take note of these tips to reduce your risk.
To keep your household from becoming a holiday fire statistic, here are some safety tips to follow.
Cooking is the top cause of holiday fires, according to the USFA. The most common culprit is food that's left unattended. It's easy to get distracted; take a pot holder with you when you leave the kitchen as … (3 comments)

worcester county: Open house in my local office – please join us with your holiday donation! - 12/08/10 10:09 PM
Although I work from home most of the time (and when I say "home" I mean either my kitchen table, upstairs office, front seat of my Jeep, local wi-fi spot and smart phone) I really DO have an office.  That office has had some recent renovations and is looking FANTASTIC!
We are having a holiday open house to proudly display the changes and welcome our clients and community on December 22 that includes a canned food drive.
Please stop in and say HI!


worcester county: New listing! 4 bed, 2 bath in Milford – minutes from EMC and 495 in a great family area - 12/07/10 12:45 PM
Amazing space in this multi-level with over 2k sq ft of living space and a possible in-law in the finished basement. Family room and open concept living/dining/kitchen on the main level with a beautiful screened-in porch.
This is a great space for your family with easy access to 495 and EMC. The street only has four houses on it so there is almost no traffic.
The four bedrooms and possible in-law allow for a growing family and with the many recent improvements (roof, windows, insulated garage, exterior paint) you'll have nothing to do but ENJOY your weekends with them!
You should … (3 comments)

worcester county: High Tech Gift Ideas – Programmable Showers are a Low-Cost Luxury - 12/06/10 10:00 PM
Who doesn't like the perfect shower?  Especially on a cold morning like this!
Programmable showers feature easy-to-use digital controls that let each member of the family pre-set their ideal water temperature, pressure, and even the type of spray-from a steady stream to pulsating jets. The waterproof control panel mounts right on the shower wall where you can alter any setting at the touch of a button.
Luxurious, programmable showers suit nearly every budget, too, ranging from about $290 for a basic unit to $3,500 and up for one with lots of features and special finishes. Installation costs for a programmable shower … (2 comments)

worcester county: Kitchen Cabinets in Motion: Even the Jetsons Would be Impressed - 12/03/10 09:51 PM
Wow!  I want THESE cabinets in my kitchen!  Oh yeah...and the magic food preparation that the Jetson had!
Cabinets in motion obey hand signals to open doors, and touch-sensitive drawers glide out with the brush of a fingertip.
Custom cabinet company Anvil Cabinet and Mill offers a creative approach with Anvil Motion, a luxury custom line with ultra-modern automated features that you can dress in any style.
Sliding doors. Motion sensors detect the wave of your hand near the cabinet you want to access and the panels comprising the door slide upward to reveal the contents. Wave your hand again and … (3 comments)

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