worcester county: Holiday Lighting Safety Checklist - 12/02/10 09:34 PM
Before you plug in and light up for the holidays, run your decorations through this quick safety check.  So I guess I shouldn't staple THROUGH the light cord?  I also don't see where duct tape isn't recommended...hmmmm.  Who wants to help me with the lights?
Inspect light strings. Discard any that are damaged. Frayed or cracked electrical cords or broken sockets are leading fire hazards.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions for connecting multiple strings. The general limit is three strings.  Light strings with stacked plugs can usually accommodate greater lengths than end-to-end connections.
Replace burned-out bulbs promptly. Empty sockets can cause the … (6 comments)

worcester county: Fun…in the cold? - 11/28/10 11:15 PM
Yes!  It is cold and winter is coming (or is here...depending on if you go by the calendar or the thermometer) BUT it can still be fun (I promise).  These few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be very stressful with holiday parties and shopping.  It feels like there is so much to do and who ever thought it would take THAT long to decorate a tree?
It's important to remember to take some time out and do something FUN!  It lowers your stress - builds relationships (that's what the holidays are about - right?) and creates smiles and memories.
If … (2 comments)

worcester county: Fire in the wood stove…hot cocoa…must be an open house! - 11/27/10 10:17 PM
Yes!  The last one of the year at 298 New Boston Road in Sturbridge.  Today at noon until 1pm.  I had so many showing requests with the new price that I am throwing open the doors and lighting a fire!
Here is your chance to see this unique log cabin on nearly five acres that borders Wells State Park.  This is a one-of-kind house that needs a new owner to love and care it for as my seller's have.  Within just a few quick miles and you are at the turnpike making this is a great pick for the buyer that … (6 comments)

worcester county: How the Foreclosure Crisis Costs You Money - 11/26/10 10:38 PM
Foreclosure may seem like someone else's problem, but when it happens in your neighborhood, it's going to cost you money, too.
Each foreclosure within 660 feet (1/8th mile) of your house can drop your home's value by a factor of almost 0.75%, according to the Center for Responsible Lending, a consumer watchdog group.
The closer a foreclosure is to your house, the bigger the impact. A university of Connecticut study suggests one foreclosure within 300 feet of your home will lower your property value by 1%.
If you live in a neighborhood with few vacant homes and a foreclosure occurs within … (2 comments)

worcester county: Real Estate has a Black Friday too - 11/25/10 11:11 PM
It's Black Friday...and when it comes to real estate, everything seems to be on sale this holiday season. Getting a good discount on your largest purchase is the financial equivalent of fire sale pricing on a million everyday purchases.  If you're the type who salivates over a 30 percent department store sale or the $4 in bonus bucks you get at the drugstore, these 5 Ways Real Estate is on Sale This Black Friday might literally put you over the moon!
1)  Homes. Word on the street is that home prices have now rolled back to 2003 levels.  That's right - … (4 comments)

worcester county: 5 Steps to Owning a Home Again After Foreclosure - 11/21/10 10:03 PM
It's nice to know that there are options for home ownership after a foreclosure but it's even better to know that there are options prior to foreclosure.  If you are facing foreclosure, contact a member of our Stop Foreclosure Team at RE/MAX Professional Associates.  You might be able to avoid it all together.  If you have already been through it, this article can give you some steps to becoming a home owner again.  I can recommend a mortgage broker in your area and put you back on the path to becoming a home owner again.
Foreclosure is just a one-time event-with … (6 comments)

worcester county: Helping out a For Sale By Owner in my neighborhood this weekend…stop in to this incredible open house - 11/19/10 10:25 PM
Come see this amazing house in a very desirable location on the Marlborough/Sudbury line. It's at the end of the cul-de-sac which means you can enjoy the benefit of the neighborhood while still having your privacy. The lot is nearly twice the size of the rest with trees and no traffic (imagine!).
The house has great flow with high ceilings, 10 rooms and 4 bedrooms.  The basement is nearly finished with full sized windows for daylight and plumbed for a second kitchen (use your creativity and imagination - this space can be anything from an in-law to the best game room/man … (2 comments)

worcester county: When is Foreclosure Removed from Your Credit Report? - 11/18/10 09:46 PM
Use this handy guide to figure out how quickly you can buy a home after a major financial setback when applying for a loan through FHA, Fannie Mae, or Freddie Mac.
Government entities set guidelines for credit events
The chart below outlines the criteria that government entities FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac follow for major credit-busting events, including foreclosure. Although FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac aren't direct lenders, they wield a lot of behind-the-scenes influence by working with banks to guarantee loans and help lenders free up capital to provide more mortgages.
One of these entities may have made … (2 comments)

worcester county: True meanings of real-estate buzzwords - 11/15/10 09:51 PM
I really enjoyed this post that was on MSN Real Estate. It captures what so many home buyers and apartment hunters face every day while they are looking at their next new possible home. Sometimes they can be funny – but not when you’ve spent the time to make the appointment and view the home. Want to have some fun with it though? Go here and do some random searches to see how many of these buzzwords you can find. Check out the pictures and see if they relate to the article.
Nothing is ever what it seems, especially real … (1 comments)

worcester county: Between-the-Studs Shelving and Storage: Find Your Niche in Life - 11/07/10 11:17 PM
Houselogic is a free website where you can find some amazing information as a homeowner.  They have many articles sorted by topic ranging from DIY projects to rallying community support to put in a neighborhood playground.  You can log in and track your projects, find the best prices at your local DIY stores and earn facebook badges.  
I really liked this article because I have limited storage space in my own house and often think about "built-ins" as a solution.  Now...I need a stud finder...
Recessed, between-the-studs shelving and storage niches help you de-clutter and stay organized without sacrificing valuable square … (6 comments)

worcester county: Home resales jump 10% in September - 10/26/10 12:14 AM
Because I am the eternal optimist...I have to share this blog from msnrealestate.  Wall Street Journal online also has a similar post.  I am hoping that the second headline about the rising foreclosures only prompts more buyers into the market to take advantage of what is an amazing time to purchase a home.  If you already have a home...buy a second one.  Got two?  Buy a third.  It will be worth it!  I can go over that in detail with you.
Home resales jump 10% in September
But this month's foreclosure delays could erase all signs that a recovery had begun.
Posted by Mai … (0 comments)

worcester county: Help HouseLogic Keep U.S. Military Service Members from Losing Their Homes - 10/25/10 12:48 AM
HouseLogic (www.houselogic.com) is a great free resource site that is everything about owning a home...I mean everything!   You can research home improvement projects, track your progress, find local sales on materials and earn Facebook badges.  They also promote community awareness and involvement.     
But..enough about the website for now...this is for the U.S. Military Service Members and their families...Operation Home Relief, is a new Facebook Causes campaign.   HouseLogic will donate $1 to USA Cares every time someone "likes" the Operation Home Relief page   , up to $20,000.   Currently, they are up to $17,949.    
Let's finish this off!  Like the … (0 comments)

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