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The Pacific Northwest is oft thought of as an area speckled with small communities supported by the fishing, farming, and logging industries. While this is still true, to a much smaller degree, the upper northwest corner of the US is brimming with boutiques, fine dining, bedroom communities, wate...
I just watched watched Pinocchio with my children, while we were all sick with the flu. On a recent trip to Cancun, we took this photo. It got me wondering about conscience. Good ol' Jiminy Cricket was Pinocchio's Conscience. I printed off the picture, and posted it near my desk. No, not to cause...
Spring is among us now. And in keeping with the theme, the market is sprouting a little too. Here in Bellingham, WA, we have seen market improvement in the past two months. No doubt, lower interest rates, first-time home buyer tax credits, and lower home prices are to blame. While we were in a ma...
The phone rang this morning very early. I knew it could not be the pilot, so I thought "Self, who could be calling so early?" Not wanting to be the person who answers the phone like they just finished smoking a pack of cigarettes chased by a fifth of whiskey, I faked a "Good Morning! This is Amy....
Bellingham Realty Girl | Amy S Zender | Realtor® | Connect | 112 Ohio Street, Ste. 101, Bellingham, WA 98225 | Office: 360-920-4886 Amy Zender is dedicated to supporting the hottest Real Estate market in Bellingham, Washington! ...
I have clients who insist on pricing their home too high. They will not listen to reason. "But we bought it at this price, why isn't it worth twice that now? We wanted this property, so will someone else. The market isn't affecting these more expensive homes..." and on and on. You get the picture...
                                                                                           ____   Bellingham Realty Girl | Amy S Zender | Realtor® | Connect | 112 Ohio Street, Ste. 101, Bellingham, WA 98225 | Office: 360-920-4886...
I was inspired by Clare C's The Importance of Reading the Instructions. I learned my greatest lesson almost too late, because I never read the instructions. Here's the Punch Line - on the back cover read the words: read page 3, Amy... Upon my college graduation, my Uncle Bill gave me a book entit...
Tonight, March 28, at 8:30pm local time, I turned off my lights. And for one hour, I voted for Earth. It was Earth Hour. Wherever you live on Planet Earth, Earth Hour is a time of contemplation, a time for reflection, a time to vote for our planet. This was the first year a vote for the planet be...

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