bible study: John 3:3, (Part 2) “You MUST be born again…” A Bible Study Devotion. - 04/02/10 02:24 AM

John 3:3, “You MUST be born again…” (Part 2) A Bible Study Devotion. Read John 3:3. In reply Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.” If you did not read part one of this blog, go to the link at the bottom and read that one first.  I had a lot of comments from people wanting to know what happened to those boys.  I will get to that, but first we need to answer this question.  "What does it mean to be born again?"  This is … (2 comments)

bible study: Luke 6:37-42, “I hate those judgmental Christians!” A Bible Study Devotion. - 03/29/10 03:16 AM
Luke 6:37-42, “I hate those judgmental Christians!” A Bible Study Devotion. 
Read Luke 6:37-42
Are you a person who does not believe in Jesus?  Do you just want those Christians to leave you alone?  Do you say, “Great; it’s fine for you, but I’m not interested?”  Are they just a bunch of hypocrites?  “Why do they have to be so judgmental?”  If this is you, read this post…
Are you a Christian who does not want to be judgmental?  Do you not tell people about Jesus because you don’t want to appear “better” than others?  Do you read these … (2 comments)

bible study: Luke 5:30-6:11, “Are you a Pharisee too?” A Bible Study Devotion. - 03/19/10 02:13 AM

Luke 5:30-6:11, “Are you a Pharisee too?” A Bible Study Devotion. 
Read Luke 5:30-6:11
In these verses we will see four different interactions with the Pharisees.  In each case the Pharisees are trying to “catch” Jesus in the act of breaking some of their rules.  I have a mental image of Jesus out walking around going about his normal business.  About 30 feet away is a small group of people all whispering and pointing.  They are watching Jesus’ every move waiting to pounce on him for anything that he might do wrong; wrong in their eyes anyway.  Does … (0 comments)

bible study: Luke 5:12-16, A Bible Study Devotion. “Come first, Clean up second…” - 03/12/10 08:26 AM

Luke 5:12-16, A Bible Study Devotion.  “Come first, Clean up second…”
Read Luke 5:12-16
Anyone who has tried to share their faith has undoubtedly come across this excuse, “I need to get my act together, then I can start to look into God or Jesus or whatever.”  You may know some people who believe that God would not accept them after what they have done.  What do you say then?  What else?  Refer them to scripture.  Look at these verses.
At this time in Jewish culture, a man who had leprosy was like a walking dead man.  There was no … (2 comments)

bible study: Luke 5:1-11, Bible Study Devotion. “What will you do when Jesus gets into your boat?” - 03/10/10 12:46 AM

Luke 5:1-11, Bible Study Devotion. “What will you do when Jesus gets into your boat?”
Read Luke 5:1-11
Let’s look at Simon to start.  Notice the difference in his attitude to Jesus as the story progresses.  Is there anything that can be learned? 
Simon is going through life like normal.  He is involved in his trade, but around him there are things of God going on.  It does not say if he was listening or if he was not.  Let’s be Simon for this study.  You are busy, but over your shoulder is a large crowd.  I’m sure … (1 comments)

bible study: God’s Helicopter View times two - 02/25/10 01:08 AM
God’s Helicopter View times two
Read Luke 2:21-39
The two questions that I have in my study did not speak to me, but I just kept seeing this unfold in my mind while I read these verses:  God’s helicopter view…times two…
In case you are new to the term “helicopter view,” I’ll try and briefly explain it.  We as humans were placed in “time,” which was created by God.  It’s easy to conceptualize God creating mountains and animals, but it is easy to forget or not even consider that God created everything.  Concepts more difficult to quantify like the ebbs … (1 comments)

bible study: Tremendous Humility Before John could be John - 02/23/10 01:29 AM
Tremendous Humility Before John could be John
Read Luke 1:57-66 Here we find Zechariah and Elizabeth, the parents of John the Baptist, giving birth to John.  Many people, neighbors and relatives heard about the birth and shared in her joy.  This seems normal except for one thing.  Elizabeth was not able to have children her whole life and now she was very old.  Because of this, you can imagine that this birth was "relatively" famous in the area.  The Bible says that the people "shared in her joy."  This is important as we will see ahead.  Now they are on … (2 comments)

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