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This week we are going to discuss how your attitude determines your success, this takes shape in many different ways, but today we're going to cover one of the more critical ones: Self Talk:  If a five year old child heard every day "you're stupid, you're worthless, you're never going to amount t...
I know, I really shouldn't let it get to me, but this one just takes the cake! I'm running out of room for notes for all the times I've called them on this one... These are NOT all of the notes, but it will give you a rough idea... my favorites are the ones in the last 2 weeks. Now, before you re...
Last week I was able to attend a VERY interesting presentation put on by Jeremy Conaway from Recon Intelligence at our board office. He shared some of the major factors and differences between the Baby Boomers, the Gen-X’ers (that’s me! Yayy!) and the Gen-Y’ers. WOW!!! I had no idea! I often talk...
Professional wanted.  Must be good with numbers, excellent with people, and willing to work long hours on a straight commission basis.  As a bonus, you will be required to allow the State licensing bureau to pull your credit report, and if it's not clean for the last 3 years, your license will be...

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