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She's Just Lucky...That's Why She Has So Many Closings...  Do you believe that's actually what someone said about me?!?!? I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that, I started laughing uncontrollably! I see 3 different types of agents in the field right now...  First: those that sit around and ...
Bankruptcy Filings are up 35% this year and many of them have houses they HAVE to sell by court order.  Come to the Investors Resource Center meeting this Thursday, June 18th. Winter Park Civic Center - 1050 Morse Blvd, Winter Park Mini-Seminar starts at 5:30 pm, Main Meeting starts at 6pm!Mini S...
I've been coming across several resources that I'm going to be using in my business, so I thought I'd share some of them with you! Today's 2 are: FIRST: A link to a self-analysis of whether you have "Chinese Drywall" in your home. It asks several yes or no questions and also has good pictures of ...
I know, I know, that sounds like a headline from the crazy boom days, but it's real and has been for a long time.  It's been called Rural Housing and USDA financing (when I see USDA I think of a big t-bone steak!). But don't be fooled by it's "rural" name... there are many beautiful subdivisions ...
What's Loan Product Got To Do With ShortSales and Loan Mods?Quite a bit, actually.  Loan product can refer to several things, FHA, VA, Fannie, Subprime, Adjustable Rate, Negative Am, credit line, etc.Each loan product has specific guidelines as to what can be done for shortsales and loan modifica...

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