business tips: How Are You Doing On Your Goals So Far? - 01/14/11 04:50 AM
How Are You Doing On Your Goals So Far?
Here Are Some Tools To Help You Out!OK.  It's 2 weeks into the new year.  Most people's resolutions (if they even bothered this year) are long-forgotten pipe-dreams already.  They're up to their neck in "life" and can't focus on improvement.  Sound familiar? Hit too close to home for you?  Here are some tools you might find useful to stay on track:
2011 Realtor Power Planner by Andy  This is a goal setting planner that I developed over 10 years ago and I've been using and sharing it ever since.  It takes a … (1 comments)

business tips: Is Your Marketing YUMMY enough to eat? - 10/14/10 03:43 AM
Is Your Marketing YUMMY enough to eat?
Fast food restaurants spend thousands of dollars just taking one picture of their new burger to make it look SOOOoooo yummy that you want to drop everything and get in the drive thru line and try one.  How much time are you spending to make YOUR marketing get prospects' attention?  Probably not enough!  One area you might need to focus on more is Copywriting.  Simply put, it is writing what you'll say in your ads, flyers, MLS listings, etc.  So today I present:
Top 5 Tips to Amp Up Your Real Estate (and any … (28 comments)

business tips: Do you have your DREAM business? - 08/27/10 03:03 AM
Do you have your DREAM business?  
I had the wonderful pleasure of hearing Wendy Kurtz speak at a meeting I was at this week.  Wendy consults with some of the top speakers and authors in the country on building their brand and selling more books.  Since I've been tossing around the idea of writing a book, I figured I'd hear what she had to say... and boy am I glad I did! (find out more at  
One of the things she shared right at the end was her "DREAM Principle" which is an easy to follow 5-step process … (1 comments)

business tips: "Positive Thinking" and "Law of Attraction" are Malarky! Here's why... - 06/30/10 02:31 AM
"Positive Thinking" and "Law of Attraction" are Malarky! Here's why...
I think some of the "Positive Thinking" and "law of attraction" ideas have been taken a little too far.  Don't get me wrong...  I completely understand AND  implement the concepts, but IT DOESN'T WORK if you're sitting on the sofa watching TV at the time!
"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"  Seneca
Some people have said that I'm "just lucky".  I don't agree with that statement.  My "luck" would not exist if I didn't spend so much time at networking groups, learning new skills, and implementing new ideas in … (8 comments)

business tips: How to take back control of your time... in meetings and other interactions! - 05/26/10 05:21 AM
How to take back control of your time... in meetings and other interactions!  
This morning I made a BIG change in our property management meetings here at the office.  On the big plasma TV we have in the conference room to show listings on... I set up a 15 minute countdown timer (just google it).  When everyone came in for the meeting I said "we're trying something new today, from now on our meetings will last 15 minutes" everyone laughed, but guess what... we were in and out quicker than we've EVER been (we took about 20 minutes, but that's … (6 comments)

business tips: How's YOUR follow up system? Mine Sucks compared to THIS guy! - 05/04/10 05:07 AM
How's YOUR follow up system?
We've all heard it for years, the key is in the follow up... most sales are made after the umpteenth follow up... follow up is critical... got the picture?
Well, I agree 110%.  But I practice only about 50%.  I know that is the weakest part of my business and I am working on improving that part. We get busy and all of a sudden that post-it note on our desk is 2 weeks old and we wonder whether it's too late to even bother calling...
Yesterday I saw first hand an EXCELLENT example of great follow … (2 comments)

business tips: What's a Good Closing Gift for a Real Estate Client? - 04/13/10 03:11 AM
What's a Good Closing Gift for a Real Estate Client?
Since I'm now a partner in our brokerage I've taken on a lot of new roles... manager, recruiter, garbage can empty-er, trainer, bottle-washer... I think you get the picture!  It's been an exciting year so far, and I think that the questions my newer agents are bringing to me might be some that you have too, so I'm going to take some of my writing ideas from them!
Today I want to talk about closing gifts.  Recently one of our agents asked me about what's a good closing gift to give … (20 comments)

business tips: What happens when you list a short sale too low? - 01/05/10 08:17 AM
What happens when you list a short sale too low?
Anyone that’s been in the field at all over the last year has seen it:  a home that is in a $120,000 neighborhood is all of a sudden listed as a short sale for $75,000.  I just saw that very situation first hand in a neighborhood that I own a rental property, in fact it’s the first home I ever bought and Tim & I lived there for 3 years before turning it into a rental, so over the years I’ve tracked the values in there VERY closely, it’s kind … (35 comments)

business tips: What can an FBI Profiler Teach You About Real Estate? - 12/22/09 06:58 AM
What can an FBI Profiler Teach You About Real Estate?
While Tim & I were in France we had a lot of time to relax and do NOTHING at all. This wasn't a glamorous sight-seeing trip, it was Thanksgiving with the side of the family that just happens to live very far away!
Anyway, just like everyone's Thanksgiving there's a certain point where the TV gets turned on, only there nothing's in English! So Tim's Mom had the DVD's of the CBS show "Criminal Minds" about a team of FBI agents that help catch criminals by profiling them. I had never … (0 comments)

business tips: It's the 4th quarter and you're down by 14... what do you do? - 10/01/09 02:40 AM
It's the 4th quarter and you're down by 14... what do you do?
Have you ever watched a football game and one team is losing for the entire game and then in the 4th quarter they come back and win? Isn't it exciting to watch? 
Well guess what... it's OUR 4th quarter. The 4th quarter of 2009!
If you've been struggling this year, here's your chance to come from behind and WIN! And if you've already been winning this year, here's your chance to run up the score and win BIG! What are YOU going to do in the 4th … (1 comments)

business tips: Social Media: Fans, Tweeps and tinyurl's - 07/22/09 02:52 AM
Social Media: Fans, Tweeps and tinyurl's
I've really become quite fascinated with "Social Networking" and I've been learning everything I possibly can. I think I'm going to schedule a webinar for you to show you some of the great (and free) ways to use these tools to grow your business, but today I just wanted to give you a quick crash-course/to-do list so you're ready before the webinar.
First: Go to and register, preferably with your name. That way your link will be Upload your picture, put the link back to your page, write a short 1 sentence … (5 comments)

business tips: FHA Purchase Updates and Tips to a Smooth Closing Process - 07/08/09 10:40 AM
It’s been about a year since I shared some of the FHA changes with you, and there have been more changes, so I figured I’d update you!
• 3.5% down payment. Can come from savings, gift from a relative, employer or union, or a grant from a non-profit. (used to be 3%, and I still hear a lot of agents talking about 3%... it changed January 1, 2009)
• There is talk of some new programs that will advance loan them the $8,000 tax rebate, however it is not clear whether it will be allowed to count towards the 3.5% down. … (2 comments)

business tips: What's Loan Product Got To Do With ShortSales and Loan Mods? - 06/02/09 08:08 AM
What's Loan Product Got To Do With ShortSales and Loan Mods?Quite a bit, actually.  Loan product can refer to several things, FHA, VA, Fannie, Subprime, Adjustable Rate, Negative Am, credit line, etc.Each loan product has specific guidelines as to what can be done for shortsales and loan modificatons.  Make this a standard question that you ask your clients when you first meet (and then confirm the info... I recently had a client tell me his loan was VA, but when I called the VA office, they said it was not).  Once you know some details, it will better guide you in … (5 comments)

business tips: WDYT about GenY @TEOTD? - 05/12/09 09:11 AM
Last week I was able to attend a VERY interesting presentation put on by Jeremy Conaway from Recon Intelligence at our board office. He shared some of the major factors and differences between the Baby Boomers, the Gen-X’ers (that’s me! Yayy!) and the Gen-Y’ers.
WOW!!! I had no idea! I often talk about how every successful business person needs to be on top of trends and market changes and go with the times, but this presentation made me stop and realize that in many ways, I’M behind the times!
It’s not about ME or what I want, it’s about the CUSTOMER … (3 comments)

business tips: Secret Internal Title Company Memo About Short Sales...Leaked to You! - 04/21/09 01:15 PM
One of my friends at a title company forwarded this to me this week.  It's an internal memo from their title underwriter about (more!) pitfalls of shortsales and what title companies are being warned about in short sales.  Just wanted you to know!  
RE: Short Sales Dear Associates:     Approvals and/or instructions given by a lender for a "short sale" may include unacceptable instructions that make the transaction uninsurable. The following are examples of unacceptable conditions: 
 °  "There are to be no transfers of property within 30 days of the closing of this transaction.  Escrow instructions must contain a clause … (7 comments)

business tips: Do You Have Your Twitter Name Yet? Go Grab It Now! - 03/16/09 02:16 AM
Have you heard of Twitter?  It's a "microblog" where you can post 140 word "Tweets" about what you're doing.
Whether you're ready to use it in your business or not, it can't hurt to go reserve your name.  Think about domain names (the .com) 10 years ago...nobody had their own name, but now, if you were too late and someone else with your name already snagged it, you're kicking yourself!
I'm not even going to pretend to be able to tell you what to do with it, because I haven't figured it out yet (other than it posts a tweet every … (5 comments)

business tips: What Advice Would You Give A College Senior? - 03/13/09 08:47 AM
What Advice Would You Give…
I’ve been asked to speak at a conference next week for about 100 college juniors and seniors that hold leadership roles in their sorority. They’ve asked me to speak about what they can do to succeed in today’s tough job market besides just getting their degree.
I’ve really been thinking about this a lot. What a big difference I might be able to make in these young ladies’ futures! It’s an awesome responsibility that I’ve agreed to bear.
I think I’ve come up with a few things to focus on…see if you agree with me and … (11 comments)

business tips: Did You MAKE Your House Un-Buyable? - 02/25/09 03:04 AM
5 Crazy Things That May Be Making Your House "Un-Buyable"
In my recent adventures working with several buyers looking for homes, I have seen a few things that have been a little offensive, disturbing (to both me and my buyers) and even a little scary!
Whether you are a listing agent or a seller, there are several little things you can do to make your house look better than the thousands of others that are undoubtedly for sale in your city.
#1 Excorcise the "Pet Cemetary" in the back yard. Yep, seriously. I showed a foreclosure the other day and in … (5 comments)

business tips: Cruddy, Useless, #*^($*@! Mortgage Pre-Qual Letters and How to Spot Them! - 01/06/09 08:41 AM
There has always been a lot of incompetence in the mortgage business, but when the money was flowing it really didn't matter because if you had a heartbeat you could get financed, so inexperienced mortgage brokers could still be successful. But now that money has tightened up, you can't risk your deals on a mortgage broker or an approval that is bogus.
This deal was kind of funny. When the buyer's agent submitted the offer, they included a very weak pre-qualification letter. When I called the loan officer who's name and number was at the bottom to ask for some clarification, … (7 comments)

business tips: Stuff That Every Agent Needs To Know About Mortgages...Or Else! - 12/09/08 01:04 PM
OK, I first got in the mortgage business in 1995, so I've been doing this for a while, but for the last few years I've focused more on the real estate side.  But my husband, Tim is very active in the industry, and since I share an office with he and Eric, I get to hear all of their ranting and raving about the silly things that Realtors do in connection with their deals. So, I figured I'd share some of their pet peeves AND some tips to be more effective in your success: (and whoever you're using for your loans, they'll thank … (4 comments)

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