real estate market: Today there are 729 homes for sale in Seminole County that are Bank Owned or Short Sale - 05/06/10 04:47 AM
I like to report what's going on in the Seminole County foreclosure market (which includes short sales and bank owned).  Whether you're considering selling your home or you're looking to buy a home (first homes AND investment properties) The knowledge our office has of the Seminole County market can help you meet YOUR goals!!!
In the first quarter of 2010, there have been 1,210 sales, of those, 282 were short sales (23%), 445 were bank owned (37%), and 483 were "regular" sales (39%).  Also, median home prices are broken down the same way: Median Home price in Orlando Area was $110,000, … (0 comments)

real estate market: What's Homeownership REALLY Worth in Central Florida - 05/06/10 03:42 AM
What's Homeownership REALLY Worth in Central Florida
Homeowners have seen a decline in their homes value in the last few years. That's a fact.  If you bought your home in 2004-2008, it's probably worth less than you paid. However how is homeownership in the LONG RUN?
The National Association of Realtors has just released statistics that go back and show you how your net worth has been impacted by home prices if you had bought your house 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ago.  It's kind of interesting!  Here's the links:
Orlando Area Report
Link to see other area reports
If … (0 comments)

real estate market: Are you ready to hire a real estate assistant? - 04/20/10 08:41 AM
Ok, it's official: real estate has been tough over the last few years.  But now many of us that are left are finding a whole new challenge... NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!!!  I talk to agents all the time that are swamped and are considering if it's time to hire an assistant, so I thought I'd discuss that a little bit today.  Here's some food for thought (cookies!):  
In many communities over half of the agents have left the business, but the closing volume continues to climb.  However the prices … (39 comments)

real estate market: What happens when you list a short sale too low? - 01/05/10 08:17 AM
What happens when you list a short sale too low?
Anyone that’s been in the field at all over the last year has seen it:  a home that is in a $120,000 neighborhood is all of a sudden listed as a short sale for $75,000.  I just saw that very situation first hand in a neighborhood that I own a rental property, in fact it’s the first home I ever bought and Tim & I lived there for 3 years before turning it into a rental, so over the years I’ve tracked the values in there VERY closely, it’s kind … (31 comments)

real estate market: FORBES list of most declining value cities... Good News or Bad News? - 12/22/09 07:10 AM
FORBES list of most declining value cities... Good News or Bad News?
Recently Forbes Magazine/ released their lists of which cities had been hardest hit by home price declines, measured from peak to now (See the full report by CLICKING HERE)
They have it broken into Regions like Midwest, South, Etc. but judging from the 9 cities listed in the South category, Florida was the only state included in the category!
Of course on the surface this list shows everything that is wrong with our market right now... the top city, Merced California, had a 62.11% decrease from THEIR peak in … (2 comments)

real estate market: New Home Sales up 11%! Highest Increase in 8 years! Woo-Hoo! - 07/27/09 03:25 AM
New Home Sales up 11%!  Highest Increase in 8 years! Woo-Hoo!
Top story on today is the monumental increase in new home sales, up 11%!
I know most of us don't deal with new homes, but it shows some hope that we've hit bottom at least.
One thing with new homes, though.  They've been selling basically at cost just to keep the crews working and the doors open, so that artificially low price has maybe artificially driven the sales.  I spoke with an agent over in Daytona Beach on Friday that said a new construction home her client has been … (3 comments)

real estate market: Would YOU Answer This Job Posting Ad? - 05/05/09 12:49 PM
Professional wanted.  Must be good with numbers, excellent with people, and willing to work long hours on a straight commission basis.
 As a bonus, you will be required to allow the State licensing bureau to pull your credit report, and if it's not clean for the last 3 years, your license will be denied and/or revoked.  Said credit report will also be made a part of the public records of the State in order to give every identity thief in the world easy access to it.
Also, you will be working in an industry that now has a lower public opinion … (5 comments)

real estate market: What's the *#&@%$ Problem with BPO's? - 04/14/09 03:07 AM
What's the *#&@%$ Problem with BPO's?
Seriously? Sometimes I wonder if the people doing BPO's even know how to work the MLS!!! (well, a lot of them don't, but we'll talk about that in a second!)
Let's start by going over why the BPO is so critical in your short sale deal, and I don't care whether you represent the Buyer or the Seller, this is good info to know. The 2 agents in these deals really should work together to get these short sale deals closed because we all know it is the best option for our market, our … (16 comments)

real estate market: Good News for FHA, BAD News for Condos...Market Updates! - 03/04/09 02:03 AM
More Market Updates...some good, some not so good!
I'm sure by now you've realized that the market changes on a daily basis. Since my husband is in the mortgage industry, I get to hear about many of these things before the "general" real estate public, so I want to share with you when I hear things that might change the way you do's a two that have happened over the last few weeks.
1. FHA has announced revised loan limits for the remainder of 2009 (this is probably GOOD news for most of you!). These loan limits apply to people … (5 comments)

real estate market: Real Estate Market Lessons from my Redfishing Trip - 02/09/09 07:30 AM
This past Sunday, my husband Tim had a guided Redfishing charter all set up to go with his buddy, David, over in Mosquito Lagoon in Volusia County.
On Friday, David started hinting that he may back out. Saturday at about 8pm he backed out, with some lame excuses like:
- I talked to some other people and they said the fishing hasn’t been good
- It’s too cold
- The water’s too shallow
- We won’t catch anything
- Yada, Yada, Yada….
Tim called a few friends, but they all already had plans. We didn’t want to back out of a … (2 comments)

real estate market: Stop Whining! My View of the Marketplace. - 01/28/09 01:04 AM
Today I just want to vent a little, but the venting will (hopefully) show you the good side of what's going on in our market.  So today it's short and sweet!!!
I'm getting tired of all of the whining.
Yeah, life's tough, business is tough, and by golly, the market has been REALLY tough! Got it! Now what? Is it time to give up and go work at Taco Bell?
Here's the real scoop:
~Home sales are up!
~Rates are down!
~Depending on the area, 25-50% of Realtors have left the business!
~Same goes for Mortgage Brokers and Title Companies!
~Buyers … (8 comments)

real estate market: America's Top 100 Growth Markets - 11/24/08 09:30 AM
America's Top 100 Growth Markets According to
Florida has 4 in the Top 20!
I just finished reading an article about the top 100 growth markets in the USA, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Orlando as #14!
When McCain was running for President, he said "The fundamentals of our economy are good" and he got torn apart for that comment, however, I agree with him. Our house prices are TOO LOW, our umemployment is TOO HIGH, and our consumer confidence SUCKS! These are not based on reality and they are NOT right! Our market fundamentals support much better, … (2 comments)

real estate market: You think YOU have your head stuck in the sand... - 11/18/08 05:21 AM
This morning when Tim & I left the house, there was a cat in our street with a Dorito's bag stuck on it's head.
Now there's a sight you don't see every day! I don't know how long he (or she?) had been there, but she was motionless in the middle of the road and I'm sure we can come up with some curiosity killed the cat or something about 8 lives left... anyways, Tim yanked the bag off and she ran off into the woods.
Now you would think that he could have gotten the bag off (Tim said … (1 comments)

real estate market: Andy's 10 Commandments of Closing the Sale...Part II - 10/22/08 08:11 AM
Andy's 10 Commandments of Closing the Sale
Last Installment: (you can read them in full HERE if you missed them)
#10: Thou Shalt Find Out Thy Customer's Needs and Fulfill Them
#9: Thou Shalt Ask A Lot Of Questions And Explain Why That's Important to Them
This Week's Installment:
#8: Thou Shalt Become A Master Communicator
Clients are getting more and more savvy to the old fashioned "salesy" conversation and they don't like it. They want to do business with people that they know: are experts in their field care about more than just the commission are honest and up front … (1 comments)

real estate market: McCain V Obama...what about real estate? - 10/22/08 01:58 AM
We're almost to election time...and I'm about to share a very dear secret about who gets elected and how that affects the housing market and the rest of the economy in general...
I don't think it matters!
Yep, you've heard me correctly. I've been in the real estate market for many years now, and in both 2000 and 2004 I got stuck with some investment properties that I couldn't sell.
My mom said "don't buy houses in election years...the economy is always worse because people don't buy things until they know who's elected" and I said..."Phooey!" and bought houses anyways, and … (1 comments)

real estate market: FHA and MI and Disclosures, Oh My! - 10/05/08 02:20 PM
Lots of changes in the industry take place this month…here’s a summary:
First let’s discuss FHA, since it is pretty much going to be the #1 way to finance deals in this market (you’ll see why a little further down).
FHA has increased their MIP factors just a little bit, from 1.5% up front to 1.75 and from .5 monthly to .5 or .55 depending on LTV.
The Seller Funded down payment assistance is gone as of today (Oct 1, 2008). Please note, there are some actions in Washington to bring it back, so stay tuned, and the county/state downpayment programs … (1 comments)

real estate market: "Kiss"ing Tips for Realtors - 07/22/08 03:19 PM
Did I get your attention with my Subject Line today?  "Kiss"ing Tips"Well first of all, get your mind out of the gutter!  What I was talking about is a quote from KISS Guitarist, Paul Stanley on an interview by Donny Deutsch on "The Big Idea" on MSNBC last night.  The whole show was about overcoming obstacles and how people have overcome hardship to be wildly successful.  Here's the quote:"Obstacles are what you see when you lose sight of your goals"Pretty deep from a rock star, eh?
Just thought you'd like a different perspective!
P.S. … (9 comments)

real estate market: New Laws all Over the Place: Federal Mortgage Changes and FL Foreclosure - 07/17/08 01:53 AM
New Laws All Over the Place!
This week I have an update on the HB 643 Foreclosure Rescue Law AND an update on some BIG changes in the mortgage market that were passed Monday. Both of these may have a HUGE impact on your business and it's important that you become familiar with both.
Monday the Federal Reserve approved a measure to change some of the guidelines about what types of loans can and can't be made. Here's some of the highlights (or lowlights, depending on how you look at it!):
Prepayment Penalties will be restricted and can't exceed 2 years. … (1 comments)

real estate market: Yet Another Wrinkle in the new Florida Foreclosure Law.... UGGHHHHH! - 07/17/08 01:43 AM
I know that Rob Arnold over at has been talking a lot about this new law, and both he and I have been diligently researching not only how this law will change the way Realtors do business, but also title companies, investors, attorneys, etc.
Well, on Monday I attended a lecture from attorney Barry Miller about this very same topic and he brought up a few MORE points (one I don't think Rob OR I had thought of!  Thanks Barry!)
First let me say that Barry's suggestion was even if we MAY be exempted, you will never get in trouble … (1 comments)

real estate market: President Calvin Coolidge's 80 Year Old Message to Realtors in 2008 - 07/04/08 01:04 AM
First off...HAPPY 4TH!
The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays, in fact, that's why Tim & I got married on the 1st of July, it was actually where the "4th" weekend fell and we had a big bash at the beach at Siesta Key in Sarasota (now come on, who else's wedding do you know of had volleyball, bathing suits, a cake fight, and a keg of beer? It really was a wedding and reception right on the was awesome!
Anyways, one of my friends, Dustin Matthews, sent me this quote from Calvin Coolidge, our … (1 comments)

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