sales skills: HELP! I need 5 listings by the end of the month! - 09/10/10 06:49 AM
HELP!  I need 5 listings by the end of the month!  
That's what one of the newer agents here in the office said to me the other day.  He's set himself a goal of 5 new listings this month and asked me for some ideas on how to get them.  Sometimes the strangest things get me going on a tangent, and I've really been thinking about this a lot... not only because as his broker I feel it's MY job to help him be successful, but also because I love seeing people succeed and I really want to be a part of helping him reach … (24 comments)

sales skills: "Positive Thinking" and "Law of Attraction" are Malarky! Here's why... - 06/30/10 02:31 AM
"Positive Thinking" and "Law of Attraction" are Malarky! Here's why...
I think some of the "Positive Thinking" and "law of attraction" ideas have been taken a little too far.  Don't get me wrong...  I completely understand AND  implement the concepts, but IT DOESN'T WORK if you're sitting on the sofa watching TV at the time!
"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"  Seneca
Some people have said that I'm "just lucky".  I don't agree with that statement.  My "luck" would not exist if I didn't spend so much time at networking groups, learning new skills, and implementing new ideas in … (8 comments)

sales skills: How "Bad Andy" has made me a better agent - 06/22/10 09:45 AM
How "Bad Andy" has made me a better agent
When you play the Nintendo Wii video game, you start by setting up a "Mii" which is your character you'll use to play many of the games.  I first set mine up as a cute blonde with blue eyes... "Andy".  The problem with "Andy" was she kept losing to "Tim" at all the sports games!  So I went back in and set up a new Mii... "Bad Andy".  Black hair, black clothes and cat's eye glasses-she's a gothic alter ego to "Andy" and she's waaayyy better at sports!  Something about stepping into … (3 comments)

sales skills: How's YOUR follow up system? Mine Sucks compared to THIS guy! - 05/04/10 05:07 AM
How's YOUR follow up system?
We've all heard it for years, the key is in the follow up... most sales are made after the umpteenth follow up... follow up is critical... got the picture?
Well, I agree 110%.  But I practice only about 50%.  I know that is the weakest part of my business and I am working on improving that part. We get busy and all of a sudden that post-it note on our desk is 2 weeks old and we wonder whether it's too late to even bother calling...
Yesterday I saw first hand an EXCELLENT example of great follow … (2 comments)

sales skills: Are YOU using all of the tools you've invested in? Part 2! - 03/16/10 06:50 AM
Are YOU using all of the tools you've invested in?  Part 2!  
My last article on this subject got GREAT feedback, so I thought that I'd readdress the topic and discuss it some more! (If you missed the last one, CLICK HERE)   As agents, we face many changes in our business... the migration to the Internet, texting, declining prices, lower commissions, and sometimes working with the same client for a year before getting a paycheck!  While it is frustrating (I often say we now work 3 times as hard for 1/2 of the pay!) it is also a great opportunity!   … (1 comments)

sales skills: What happens when you list a short sale too low? - 01/05/10 08:17 AM
What happens when you list a short sale too low?
Anyone that’s been in the field at all over the last year has seen it:  a home that is in a $120,000 neighborhood is all of a sudden listed as a short sale for $75,000.  I just saw that very situation first hand in a neighborhood that I own a rental property, in fact it’s the first home I ever bought and Tim & I lived there for 3 years before turning it into a rental, so over the years I’ve tracked the values in there VERY closely, it’s kind … (35 comments)

sales skills: What can an FBI Profiler Teach You About Real Estate? - 12/22/09 06:58 AM
What can an FBI Profiler Teach You About Real Estate?
While Tim & I were in France we had a lot of time to relax and do NOTHING at all. This wasn't a glamorous sight-seeing trip, it was Thanksgiving with the side of the family that just happens to live very far away!
Anyway, just like everyone's Thanksgiving there's a certain point where the TV gets turned on, only there nothing's in English! So Tim's Mom had the DVD's of the CBS show "Criminal Minds" about a team of FBI agents that help catch criminals by profiling them. I had never … (0 comments)

sales skills: Want Your Offers To Be Accepted The First Time? Just Follow Instructions! - 09/02/09 02:25 PM
Want Your Offers To Be Accepted The First Time?  Just Follow Instructions!  
In today's wacky market, many listings are asking for very specific things to be included with an offer to purchase a property. This may be things such as a certain contract form, or a set amound of escrow deposit, or a certain type of loan pre-approval.
Whether you like it or hate it, the seller gets to set the parameters under which they will accept an offer and sell their house.  We especially see this in bank-owned or "REO" properties as well as pre-foreclosures where the lender will … (3 comments)

sales skills: What Advice Would You Give A College Senior? - 03/13/09 08:47 AM
What Advice Would You Give…
I’ve been asked to speak at a conference next week for about 100 college juniors and seniors that hold leadership roles in their sorority. They’ve asked me to speak about what they can do to succeed in today’s tough job market besides just getting their degree.
I’ve really been thinking about this a lot. What a big difference I might be able to make in these young ladies’ futures! It’s an awesome responsibility that I’ve agreed to bear.
I think I’ve come up with a few things to focus on…see if you agree with me and … (11 comments)

sales skills: Did You MAKE Your House Un-Buyable? - 02/25/09 03:04 AM
5 Crazy Things That May Be Making Your House "Un-Buyable"
In my recent adventures working with several buyers looking for homes, I have seen a few things that have been a little offensive, disturbing (to both me and my buyers) and even a little scary!
Whether you are a listing agent or a seller, there are several little things you can do to make your house look better than the thousands of others that are undoubtedly for sale in your city.
#1 Excorcise the "Pet Cemetary" in the back yard. Yep, seriously. I showed a foreclosure the other day and in … (5 comments)

sales skills: Top 7 Million $ Ideas to Turn Your Blog into an ATM Machine! - 01/20/09 01:30 PM
If you're not already writing a community blog, it may be time to consider it... if you already are, you may be running out of topics and ideas right about now, so here's some tips to kick around. Remember, you are aiming your blog at CONSUMERS, so think about what a consumer considering buying or selling a home in your farm area would be interested in.
1. Write compelling headlines, or they'll never read any further. Did my headline for this article get your attention? I hope so! Think of how you read the newspaper (if you do!) or how you … (7 comments)

sales skills: Andy's 10 Commandments of Closing the Sale...part IV - 11/24/08 09:36 AM
Super-Duper Tips from Andy…Part IV
If you’ve missed the first 3 installments, go to my blog, they're all there!
#4: Thou Shalt be Truthful, Even When It Hurts.
Ok, we’ve all done it. You messed up. Maybe you missed a deadline, overestimated a value, or just forgot to call a customer back when you promised. Many people try to make up some elaborate story so they don’t look so bad, but usually that story gets unraveled and you end up looking even worse.
Even though it is painful, tell the customer the truth. They may be a little upset with you … (2 comments)

sales skills: Andy's 10 Commandments of Closing the Sale...Part III - 11/18/08 05:33 AM
If you've missed the first 2 installments, Click Here
#6: Thou Shalt Be a Shining Beacon For Our Industry
The general public is a little leary about the real estate market right now, and it is up to us to reassure them that it is STILL a great time to buy a house. One of the ways we can do that is by staying on top of REAL market statistics, trends, and variances. Today I went to a women's networking group here in Orlando. It is not a real estate group, just a general topic group. One of the ladies saw … (1 comments)

sales skills: Andy's 10 Commandments of Closing the Sale...Part II - 10/22/08 08:11 AM
Andy's 10 Commandments of Closing the Sale
Last Installment: (you can read them in full HERE if you missed them)
#10: Thou Shalt Find Out Thy Customer's Needs and Fulfill Them
#9: Thou Shalt Ask A Lot Of Questions And Explain Why That's Important to Them
This Week's Installment:
#8: Thou Shalt Become A Master Communicator
Clients are getting more and more savvy to the old fashioned "salesy" conversation and they don't like it. They want to do business with people that they know: are experts in their field care about more than just the commission are honest and up front … (1 comments)

sales skills: Andy's 10 Commandments of Closing the Sale - 10/22/08 02:05 AM
I’m always talking about low-cost and even free marketing techniques to get people beating down your door wanting to do business with you. We call them “prospects”. But that’s ALL they are until you convert them to paying customers. Then we’ll call them “clients” (and we’ll put some money in the bank!).
As of today, there are tens of thousands of Licensed Real Estate Agents in Florida, and even more Licensed Mortgage Brokers. What makes YOU better then the other 99,999? As a consumer, if you can’t convince me of why I should work with you, I won’t.
For the next … (5 comments)

sales skills: Weekend Update (Rentals, Olympics, and Richard Flint) - 08/09/08 08:33 AM
I couldn't wait to tell you, because I am SOOO EXCITED and I wanted you to help me celebrate!  Ready?Wait for it!As of Today, I am at 100% occupancy on all of my rentals!Yep, I filled my last vacancy today!  I haven't been at 100% since OCTOBER! (Yes, Florida has been a little tough!)Yayyyyy!How did I do it?  A whole lot of dedication and tenacity!  It was a whole lot of attitude of "I'm going to get them filled no matter what!"Here's the thing...there are other vacancies on the same street? Why is mine now full when other units aren't?Why are … (2 comments)

sales skills: Webinar: Selling Homes in a Market Where Nothing's Selling - 07/29/08 09:28 AM
This Week's I am holding a webinar on a highly requested topic:
Selling Homes in a Market where Nothing's Selling!
Andy will share with you some of her secrets to:
-Marketing on a Shoe-String Budget
-The 3 types of buyers and which one you REALLY want
-Getting buyers qualified in the current mortgage market upheaval
-Understanding things like lease options, seller funding, etc. AND how to explain them to the seller
-How to protect your seller in these transactions
-3 secret words to make your phone ring with buyers
-And much more!
Click Here to Register for this Event Right Now!

sales skills: Is 99.9% Good Enough in your real estate business? - 07/29/08 09:23 AM
Is 99.9% Good Enough?
Today I had a listing appointment with a client that was referred to me because of my skills in "Alternative Financing" and moving properties that nobody else has been able to sell.
Anyway, as I printed the Mapquest to his house, there was an ad at the top of the printout that was for Genuine Hewlett-Packard Ink for your printer. It said: "1 out of every 4 refilled inkjet cartridges will fail. Trust HP inks for 99% quality" or something along those lines. Their point was the they only have a 1% failure rate as compared to … (3 comments)

sales skills: Do you know where 70% of your business comes from? And how to grow it? - 07/18/08 09:10 AM
According to a 2004 report from the Federal Bureau of Labor, 70% of our new business comes from some sort of networking, and yet many real estate professionals just aren't very good at it.  Right here on AR there are examples of people that have taken their networking skills online and EXPLODED with it, and others that struggle and wonder what all the fuss is about.
As I travel all over Florida and meet with Agents, one of the biggest things I hear is they want more business!  I'm also shocked when I find out that only a handful of them … (0 comments)

sales skills: Have You Read "Sales Dogs" Yet? - 06/10/08 01:23 AM
Most of you have heard of Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad (a bestseller!). Well, on a recent drive to the Florida Keys for a seminar, I listened to a program on sales by one of his team members named Blair Singer.
The program (there's also a book) is called Sales Dogs.
The gist of it is that back in his days in the corporate sales game, he noticed a trend and similarity in "styles" of selling that reminded him of different breeds of dogs in their actions (if you are a dog lover, you'll get a kick out … (4 comments)

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