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I'll keep you up to date on the latest happenings in Central Florida Real Estate and share success ideas.
Considering a Short Sale in Florida? Don't Move Out of Your House! Today marks the first day of HAFA (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives) which is the new program that is supposed to make short sales easier, faster, smoother, and may even PAY you to cooperate with your lender, but in review...
Investor Property: 3 units in Orlando, Great Location, Short Sale, $59,900
BofA... an approval in 31 days! but on the other hand... what are they thinking? As is a common topic here on AR, I've got some more Bank of America stories to share. FIRST... I just got an approval through the Equator system in 31 days.  SERIOUSLY!!! Do you believe it? I'm so excited!  Yes, an a...
Are YOU using all of the tools you've invested in?  Part 2!   My last article on this subject got GREAT feedback, so I thought that I'd readdress the topic and discuss it some more! (If you missed the last one, CLICK HERE)   As agents, we face many changes in our business... the migration to the ...
Amazing Home in Bentley Woods in Oviedo... walk to the high school from your luxurious 4 bedroom pool home with wood floors, tray ceilings, columns... even an organic veggie garden! Man, will your friends be jealous!
Are YOU using all of the tools you've invested in? Recently while teaching a class I was discussing how I had just gotten a new listing which had been on the market for quite a while with a different agent.  I told the class that when I Googled the address only ONE listing came up... Homes&Land.....
Is 99% Satisfaction Good Enough? One day I had a listing appointment with a client that was referred to me because of my skills in “Alternative Financing” and moving properties that nobody else has been able to sell. Anyway, as I printed the Mapquest to his house, there was an ad at the top of th...
HUD Lifts the 90 day ban on reselling homes. So What? There are quite a few buyers who do not want to or cannot wait for a short sale or don't want to mess with all the red tape involved in an REO. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a NORMAL seller with a NICE house that can close in 30-45 days? G...
What happens when you list a short sale too low?   Anyone that’s been in the field at all over the last year has seen it:  a home that is in a $120,000 neighborhood is all of a sudden listed as a short sale for $75,000.  I just saw that very situation first hand in a neighborhood that I own a ren...
HUGE Price Reduction, Short Sale now only $49,900 for a HOUSE in Casselberry Florida. We're already in contact with the bank and they're responding very quickly! Andy Tolbert | HD Realty Inc | 407-842-7700 221 Lincoln, Casselberry, FL Price Reduced! Buy a home for W-A-A-A-Y-Y-Y less than rent! 3B...

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