sellers: Buy or Sell Real Estate Now! - 05/12/11 10:58 PM
RIGHT NOW! Right now is the best time to buy or sell real estate.  There are many factiors contributing to this such as low home prices, the contininuing decline of home prices (in many or most areas), low mortgage rates, mortgage lenders continuing to increase their requirements to qualify for a mortgage, government loan programs such as FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc. also continuing to increase their costs and requirements for these types of loans, the strong possibility that mortgage rates will be significantly higher in the future, especially beyond the present period of time, the fact that surely home values and prices … (0 comments)

sellers: Where are all the buyers? - 06/24/10 12:37 AM
Anyone else agree that there seems to be a real shortgage of qualified buyers at this point?  Especially buyers that are not contingent on selling their existing home, or who have not been able to sell their home to date.  Apparently interest rates will stay low for awhile, but without a substantial increase in consumer confidence and an improvement in the job situation things don't look that good for housing or otherwise.  Rich Salla, GRI 

sellers: Where did all tthe buyers go? - 06/07/10 01:37 AM
So, since the Federal Tax Credit has ended it seems that there's been a dramatic drop in the number of buyers actively seeking and purchasing Real Estate.  The obvious question is why?  Is it mainly because of the loss of the Federal tax Credit or has it also been signifinantly impacted by other factors like the overall lack of jobs, state of the economy, lack of consumer confidence and or the crazy oil spill and lack of control of it in the Gulf of Mexico?  I guess we'll figure this out fairly soon as the Spring Market ends.  Rich Salla, GRI  

sellers: What's next in real estate? - 05/20/10 01:21 AM
Where do we go from here?   Mortgage rates are still at all time lows, but there seems to be some question if buyers are willing to act at the present time. They may be choosing to wait to make their move since prices are still dropping in many areas.  The April 30 deadline expiring for buyers to qualify for the Federal Tax Credit certainly has an impact.  The Spring market is quickly drawing to a close and seems to be better than last year, but maybe not as productive as many Realtors would like it to have been. Sure we have some time left, but … (5 comments)

sellers: sellers/buyers - 05/14/10 01:46 AM
So why is it that almost every seller thinks their property is worth more than it actually is, and every buyer almost always thinks that real estate properties are wiorth something less than what they are listed at?  Are realtors doing that poor of a job in getting their sellers to understand the real market value of their property, or are many sellers just totally unrealistic with whta their property is really worth and what they think they can get for it?  There is a tremendous amount of real estate  data available to sellers,buyers,the general public, realtors and other professionals in … (0 comments)

sellers: Spring Market - 04/28/10 12:14 AM
Things certainly seem to have picked up for the Spring Market.  However, it's looking like the Feds will not extend the First Time Home Buyer Credit and requirements remain to be under contract by this Friday, April 30 and settle by June 30.   Also, we are well into the Spring market calendar, so hopefully sellers are taking advantage of this best time of year to sell their house.  There's some time left, but the Spring market will start drawing to a close in the coming weeks.  Rich Salla, GRI 

sellers: Sellers-List your property NOW! - 04/20/10 12:11 AM
Even though Real Estate prices are down this may still be a great time to list and sell your home.  WHY! Mortgage rates are still at an all time low and will probably be going up in the near future. At the present time, Real Estate prices in many areas still seem to be dropping even though the media may report some increases in home prices. This may be a better time to sell your home unless you are absolutely not in any hurry and willing to wait for some extended period of time for home values to rise again.  Ther are some … (0 comments)

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