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Where do we go from here?   Mortgage rates are still at all time lows, but there seems to be some question if buyers are willing to act at the present time. They may be choosing to wait to make their move since prices are still dropping in many areas.  The April 30 deadline expiring for buyers to...
Some Real Estate experts experts are predicting a reduction in sales and a further down turn in home prices due to fewer buyers being able or willing to act in making a purchase.  This is somewhat being attributed to the ending of the Federal tax credit mainly for first time home buyers and but e...
So why is it that almost every seller thinks their property is worth more than it actually is, and every buyer almost always thinks that real estate properties are wiorth something less than what they are listed at?  Are realtors doing that poor of a job in getting their sellers to understand the...
It's a great day to buy or sell a house!  More so than ever, especially with mortgage rates at an all time low! Rich Salla, GRI
This is a tremendous time for Buyers to be looking at purchasing a home.  There is a large inventory of homes in most areas. It is a a "Buyers' market and a great time to find that home that you've been dreaming about.  Prices are at an all time low along with interest rates.  There may never be ...
Things certainly seem to have picked up for the Spring Market.  However, it's looking like the Feds will not extend the First Time Home Buyer Credit and requirements remain to be under contract by this Friday, April 30 and settle by June 30.   Also, we are well into the Spring market calendar, so...
Apparently,  we are going to see alot more of these since the time delays caused by the new rules now run start to out, and the back-up of foreclosures start to actually foreclose.  This will probably cause a further decrease in real estate prices due to the substantial number of these that are n...
Even though Real Estate prices are down this may still be a great time to list and sell your home.  WHY! Mortgage rates are still at an all time low and will probably be going up in the near future. At the present time, Real Estate prices in many areas still seem to be dropping even though the me...
On this beautiful sunday why not get out and see, buy and get moving on the dream house you've always wanted. It's a great time to ACT.  There's a hughe inventory of houses in most areas, low prices and mortgage inrerst rates. It's a Buyer's market., As long as your reasonable in any offer you ma...


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