smithtown: Truly a "Real Housewife" - 08/17/14 02:10 PM
It's Sunday night and i'm in my social media frenzy updating my various sites..I'm in my normal listening mode glancing at the TV every now and then.. because The Real Housewives is on...  "Jersey" that is....
Honestly I wish i had the time to really watch..but obvoiously I've got other things to do !  Aw, such is the life of a Keller Williams Housewife and soon to be Top Agent !  I have "Real Dominance" and I know it.. ....And 
To be perfectly honest i'm starting to get quite board with these housewife chicks.  I use to be addicted just like … (0 comments)

smithtown: Market STATs,Oakdale,Ronkonkoma,Bohemia,Islandia- 7/15/2014 -8/15/2014 - 08/15/14 01:45 AM
Market STATs for Ronkonkoma,Oakdale,Bohemia & Islandia
Period 7/15/2014 - 8/14/2014
Note: All Information deemed reliable made available through LIBOR, Multiple Listing Service of Long Island, Inc.

Stay Tuned !
 & Remember Happy = ) is Contagious !! 
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smithtown: FYI,....Just Joined Keller Williams Realty Homes and Estates. Hauppauge NY - 08/22/13 03:00 PM

Just Joined Keller Williams Realty Homes and Estates, Hauppauge NY
My commitment to all my Customers and clients is to bring them the personal service they deserve !  Each client has different needs, I do this by only working with one client at a time.  If your looking for a Realtor who Commits to "you", from "start to finish"....Call me anytime @ 631 827-0815 or EMail

B.B. A.  Marketing  2009 Dowling College,Oakdale NY 
Licensed Sales Agent C.B.R. - Certified Buyer Representative Designation C.H.M.S. - Certified Home Marketing Specialist/ Home Stager RSSP - Realtor Short Sale Professional Designation  

smithtown: Where have all the Good Homes Gone ? - 03/14/12 01:02 PM
"Where have all the Good Homes Gone ?"
Have you ever gone to check out a home for a listing and thought to yourself this Homeowner can't be serious ? Why is it that the homeowner would call a Realtor without bothering to clean or at least straighten up before I came calling.
Now, honestly I don't get too crazy about these things because we all know how to get a home ready for an open house. I'm talking about a house that is just plain old not ready for ""company" and that's putting it nicely. I'm just looking … (9 comments)

smithtown: CLOSED Week ending 3/11/2012,in Setauket,Hauppauge,Bohemia,Ronkonkoma,Nesconset,Smithtown,St James - 03/12/12 01:30 PM
CLOSED Week ending 3/11/2012, in Setauket,Hauppauge,Bohemia,Ronkonkom,Nesconset,Smithtown,St James
8 Chereb Ct Setauket 11733 (LP) $989,000  Sold  $970,000 Colonial 10 Rms   CL 3/6/2012
64 S Friedner Ln Bohemia 11716 (LP)  $499,000 Sold  $485,000 Hi Ranch 9 Rms  CL 3/7/2012
5 Bridge Rd Setauket 11733 (LP)  $539,000  Sold $505,000 2 Story 9Rms   CL 3/6/2012
5 Maybeck Dr Setauket 11733 (LP)  $182,500 Sold  $202,500 Ranch 5Rms   CL 3/5/2012
42 Sunflower Dr Hauppauge 11788    (LP ) $419,000 Sold $382,000 Ranch 7Rms CL 3/8/2012
40 Tulip St Nesconset 11767 (LP) $379,990  Sold  $360,000 Hi Ranch 10Rms   … (0 comments)

smithtown: Know what "Flavor" your buyers are... - 02/28/11 04:01 PM
Knowing your buyers and what they want is very important!  Know what thier "flavor is".   This is very important.   I'm the type of Realtor who definately will try to bend over backwards to do what it takes to ensure my buyers are happy and that I am showing them properties that fit thier lives personal taste. (Hense flavors)
It may seem funny,.. but I really cannot show a property unless I truely believe the space fits the "flavor".  I also do not ever overwhelm them with houses that are meaningless to them. 
For me when working with buyers is so much more fun when you … (8 comments)

smithtown: ..Snookie and JWow...Coming to a Shore Near Us ? ?? - 01/31/11 02:34 PM
Recently,...TMZ reported that Jerseys' girls "Snookie" and Jenny "JWOW" are buying a home together in East Setauket.  The word out on the street today is that they are looking for a house together as part of a pilot.
Snooks and "J",...may be stirring up some new waves on our own shore in East Setauket.   For all the details on thier house hunting read Valerie Kellogg's blog (a writer for "Newsday")
BTW: One of the homes the pair is looking at a  "COACH" Listing !!!
Stay Tuned ...and we'll "shorely" see what happens !!

smithtown: You too can be Truly Amazing.. - 11/29/10 05:23 PM
Now that the last dish is dried and the turkey leftovers have left, it's time to talk turkey.  This conversation has nothing to do with the art of cooking.  It has all to do with what your cooking with.  I bring this very important point up because every year just around this time I have the urge for new  and amazing kitchen appliances. 
...Yes, appliances. This is not just a passing fancy. I really feel the need to have serious "cooking hardware" in my home. Its this time of year that I am crazy busy cooking and baking and I could really use that beautiful Stainles Steel "Hybrid Induction … (6 comments)

smithtown: Making the Grade,...with "School Pride" - 10/22/10 06:02 PM
Once again someone or something touches me.  Tonite I stumbled across another show that kind of touches my heart.  This show is a type of make-over show, but it's not your typical "house makeover"  It's a makeover of another kind.
This show is about giving a makeover to old schools that are extremely in need of a makeover.  The name of the show is "School Pride", where the team has 7 days to give this old dilapidated elementary school new life.  I honestly could not believe the condition of this school.  (Sometimes, when things are so far from us, just because it's "not in our own backyard" we are so … (12 comments)

smithtown: An Open Plea to You,.. My FSB.. & O Down The Street - 08/02/10 05:10 PM

This is an open plea to you, ...You FSB... & O, The For Sale By Owner that lives down the street. We've met there on your lawn more times then I care to remember.  As much as I've tried, you've tried too. 
I thought for sure, some of my great "Marketing Tools" would have blown you away. ( Especially my last Package of "Branded Perfection".)   Instead I was turned away.
You, on the other hand are still out there with your sign every weekend with it "Open".  You certainly have some great stamina to keep trying and so do I.
I Honestly think your doing … (12 comments)

smithtown: Suffolk County Home Sellers,..It's time to Shine those Brass Address Numbers and Letters.. - 05/19/10 04:39 PM
To all Suffolk County Home Sellers.  Did you know that inventory is being replenished every day as homes sell and new ones come on the market.??   Yes,.... that's right homes are even selling in this market in Suffolk County.
It's not all that tough really, why wouldn't your home sell in this market?  Honestly, I can't stress enough that it is no better time then now to "LIST".  I know,.. I do sound like a broken record, blah,blah, blah...but "you" the owner of record must get moving to welcome in the masses.
Rates, still at all time lows! (As if … (2 comments)

smithtown: I Want to Introduce You to Your New Home,...Online - 05/04/10 05:25 PM
As you may already know many of today's home buyers are very tech savy and do much of thier virtual real estate  shopping beforehand, most of these "Gen Xers and now  Gen Yers" know exactly what they are looking for and just where to go.  Most of these tech savy buyers also seem to want to do everything themselves without the help of a Realtor.
This type of buyer is very capable at doing this "leg work",  that is...  The research of finding a home, i.e. in NY, when you are actually in another part of the country.  This is … (9 comments)

smithtown: Constant Communication is Key - 04/27/10 03:32 PM
In this business it's so important to work with a Real Estate Professional who strives to serve their client with the most reliable service they can possibly offer.
Communication is probably the single most important part of working with a client, whether on the listing side or buyer side. 
It's all about Listening to what your client wants.  Remember "people are people" and clients are people too... who just want to be heard. 
Granted, I know this is business and "business is business", ( ...we're all here trying to achieve the same common goal and that is to sell … (10 comments)

smithtown: Why Isn't My Home Selling?.....Create some "New Interest Right to Your Frontdoor" - 04/10/10 05:13 AM
There are many possible reasons "why",...and probably the one most obvious is that there is so many different choices out there. It's no secret that the market is flooded with homes.
Now, the question is " what are you going to do about it?" You need to start dedicating some time into spiking up your game plan in "selling your home." Look, "right now", there's no better time to do just that !
(Spring has sprung,...the birds are singing and you are...'whistling while you work!.
All kidding aside, "you" must use this time to re-fresh your home for the "Spring … (14 comments)

smithtown: April Fools,I told you So... - 04/01/10 02:12 PM
For those of you who have been on the fence, it is now time to make a move. 
Everyone at one time or another in thier life have been in a situation where they had been the bud of a bad "April Fools joke". 
I for one was told I was having twins on April Fools Day. (Which BTW turned out to be, no joke that was seventeen years ago today and today I am happy to say my girls are the greatest young women I know and I'm so happy and proud to be their mom.)
Okay,...Back to topic...Let me … (2 comments)

smithtown: Today a Very Special Day... - 03/28/10 03:00 PM
As you may or may not know....My Blog, "As My Sphere of Influence Turns" is a Real Estate blog. (Obviously)  It's blog that I try to give a "real and humanistic" look into not only Real Estate.. but life also.
I feel most people out there like to listen to others that have similar situations and can relate.  ( Of course in by doing so along the way, I do hope to make some great connections for my business.)
...So, I felt I wanted to tell you all about something that happened to me today.  Especially since it was Sunday, and … (4 comments)

smithtown: Dine Out this Week During "Smithtown Restaurant Week" March 21st-March 28th - 03/24/10 04:34 AM
 For all the Smithtown Locals and the ( not so Locals too =) )
The  2nd Annual "Smithtown Restaurant Week".... is underway !  Enjoy $25.00 Prix fix Meals.
 Sunday, March 21st through Sunday, March 28th, 2010.
It's a great time to Dine in Lovely Downtown Smithtown !!
.....Just to name a few : Check out thier Menu's Below:
Bon Appetit !
Stay Tuned...


smithtown: Mr. and Mrs. Seller a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words... - 03/18/10 10:12 AM
When selling your home in today's market or any market it is crucial to have outstanding pictures and virtual tours on your property listing.
Do not settle for the run of the Mill photos...It's important for your home to be viewed on-line in the best possible light necessary to create great interest and excitement surrounding your most cherished investment.  ( Your home) 
It's my joband any Realtor's job for that matter to ensure that, first your home is properly shot, in doing this it would be in the homeowners best interest to allow their Realtor to set a special time to … (26 comments)

smithtown: Getting Involved, Creates Your Own Luck - 03/11/10 05:20 AM
On any given day or even a Sunday, around town I will hear a conversation between two people talking "real estate" in my local area.  As I observe a little more I can assess that at least one of the conversationalists is in the Market to either "Buy or Sell".
....So, my question to you is:  "Is it okay to get involved and identify myself as a local expert a "Realtor".  A Realtor who specializes in the same particular area this unassuming conversationalist is talking about.
Sometimes, finding my way into the conversation pans out, where I'm able to make a valid connection … (2 comments)

smithtown: Eat,Drink and be Merry during "Hampton's Resturant Week" - 02/28/10 04:21 PM
Hampton's Restaurant Week, March 21st -March 28th 2010

It's that time of year once again when Long Island's "East End" restaurants roll out the red carpet to some great prix fixe dinner deals.
Winter is a great time of year to test out these great restaurants on the east end.  There's quite a lineup of participating restaurants to please just about any palate and flavor.
... If your a food junkie like me head east on the LIE to some great plates of pleasure. 
Remember to mark your calendars March 21-28th and you'll be sure to enjoy these great deals … (2 comments)

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