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Today in the news it was reported that persons were trying to access homes by acting like alarm sales people.  It is going on in the Burleson area.  If someone comes to your door to talk about alarm systems for your home, make sure they have an ID that the city has provided.  Door to door sales p...
In the news today, it was reported that a cat, one like my Marci, was found all duct taped.  This happened in Philadelphia.  Some people are so cruel and it just brought tears to my eyes to see the cat all taped up.  They are looking for the culprit and the owner of the cat.  The cat is doing fin...
The calls have been coming in now that I placed an ad on Craigslist for free kittens. I received two today.  One caller was from White Settlement and the other from Garland.  The caller from Garland wanted to take two of the kittens.  I only let one go with them. They already have two cats as it ...
What more could a kitten want?  Food, water, nice home, lots of attention and toys to play with.   They are keeping busy by batting around a little rattle on a string.  Each one takes turns.  Every now and then I have to untangle it and then the fun starts all over again. I did get one email from...
As you all well know, the public has a perception of us that is not so nice.  They see us as used car salesmen.  I believe it has to do with a little pushiness that they receive from some of us, not all of us, but some of us. Yesterday I get a call off one of my signs.  The home is available for ...
Dog is on the back porch looking in.  Kittens are inside the kitchen door looking out.  Dog teases kittens by laughing and sticking its tongue out.          I know the kittens can't wait to get older so they can terrorize the dogs in the backyard.    Angelia Garcia Francesca Realty LLC 214-912-93...
Come join us on Sept 10-12 for fun and entertainment. View the website at for additional details. I was on the steering committee for this event.  It takes up alot of your free time but I enjoyed it.  I made new friends and learned more about the wonderful city of Glenn Heigh...
I can't even remember our first meeting.  Been awhile indeed.  We are in the lasts weeks of making sure everything is in place for the celebration. The event takes place on September 10,11 and 12.  Times vary.  Sept. 10 Family Night Out 6p-9pm Sept.11 Patriot Day 6p-10pm Sept. 12 Founder's Day 10...

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