cryeleike: Bristol Caverns: Tennessee Caves - 12/15/07 01:52 AM
If you haven't seen it yet, there is an excellent TV/dvd program out on Discovery called Planet Earth. They have amazing footage of caves, ice worlds, oceans, mountains, deserts... all over the world.
They inspired me to do a little research into caves. As it turns out Tennessee has more caves than any other state in the nation with about 8,000+.  I had no idea. I started trying to find out where all these caves are. A lot are in the eastern areas of Tennessee. In my blogs about certain areas of the South, I plan to include some information about Tennessee cave attractions. … (10 comments)

cryeleike: Why are Crye-Leike listings the easiest to show? Our Appointment Center - 06/26/07 09:41 AM
Some companies call it the new Centralized Showing Service (CSS) Program - We've called it the Crye-Leike Appointment Center for the last 12 years. You don't have to play phone tag scheduling appointments. A fully automated and staffed center makes it easy to show a Crye-Leike property.
Our appointment center is not an outsourced call-center. Appointment center staff and our agents see each other every day.Operators coordinate showings 13 hours a day, seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.Service even answers calls after-hours.Appointments set based on customized instructions.Showing agent convenience of scheduling multiple appointments at once.Online Activity Reports for … (1 comments)

cryeleike: Crye-Leike Agent Tech Tips: Free Open House Advertisements - 06/26/07 04:42 AM
Technology & Marketing Tips for Crye-Leike Real Estate AgentsWould you like free advertising for your upcoming Open Houses?
Crye-Leike associates can advertise upcoming open houses on Crye-Leike's web site. It's free! Open House information displays on the property detail and summary pages of a property search. Visitors also search specifically for upcoming open houses (See example of criteria selection for a Memphis Open House Property Search).
"I hosted an open house and had a few people stop by who said they saw it advertised online. Our office also puts out a group page each week to remind everyone to let our office manager know … (2 comments)

cryeleike: Northwest Arkansas Real Estate Career Event - 06/23/07 07:21 AM
Have you been considering a career in real estate? Or do you have an established real estate career in Northwest Arkansas and are curious on what other companies offer agents? We welcome you to stop by on Tuesday night and talk with us about it.
Real Estate Career Night in Springdale, Arkansas
If you are interested in attending this event, please register here for the real estate career event.
Date is Tuesday, June 26th, at 6:00 PMLocation is at the Crye-Leike Springdale Office - Mapquest link to Sprindale officeContact for this event is Brandi DittrichNew to Real Estate?
Think You've Got What it … (0 comments)

cryeleike: Memphis: Take a Mississippi River Boat Cruise - 06/23/07 06:52 AM
I've lived in Memphis for quite a while now. I had never taken one of the Mississippi River Boat Rides, until last week. We had some out-of-town guests and decided to go on one of the sightseeing cruises.
I highly recommend the ride. I learned new things about Memphis. Actually some very interesting history is shared on the tour. You wouldn't believe how much stuff is hidden in the mud of the Mississippi! I got to see the river in a way you can only see on a boat. Also it was surprisingly cool on a June afternoon ride. The breezes keep the … (5 comments)

cryeleike: Craving Barbeque? Take a Peak into the Memphis Barbeque Debate - 06/19/07 09:10 AM
What is Barbeque? Why Memphis?
I essentially grew up in New England. To most Southerner's I am most certainly a Yankee. My "ya'll" is coming along though. When I was a kid, the word ‘barbeque' to me meant food cooked on a grill. Let me be the first to tell you that this would shock most Memphis BBQ fans.
So, what have I learned about true barbeque?
Barbeque food and Grilled food are two completely separate things. Barbeque is pork. Some people may allow that to stretch to beef, but really it is pork.Barbeque is cooked forever. It is lovingly smoked and checked … (6 comments)

cryeleike: 8 Steps of the Home Buying Process - 06/12/07 05:44 AM
8 Basic Steps in Buying Your Home
So you've decided to buy a home. Congratulations! Here are some of the steps.
Find a Realtor -  Selecting an expert to advise you through the home buying process is very important. You want a realtor with the expertise, experience and education to help you make good, sound home purchasing decisions. You will work together to find the right home. Your realtor will schedule showings, show you property of interest, advise you on the steps of the process, provide expert comparable evaluations when selecting properties and making offers, negotiate terms and coordinate inspections. Find a Crye-Leike Realtor in … (0 comments)

cryeleike: Memphis Real Estate - Choosing a Web Site to Search - 06/12/07 05:19 AM
Memphis Real Estate - Looking online for information? You have probably looked through countless search results. How do you find a real estate site to search on?Crye-Leike, Realtors is a leader in the real estate industry. We rank #4 among the nation's top 500 largest residential real estate brokerage firms. Crye-Leike has the experience and expertise to help you through the entire real estate process from searching for your Memphis home for sale to closing the deal on your new house.
So why search Crye-Leike's site for Memphis Real Estate?Search all the Memphis properties for sale from the MLS! We show you all of the … (0 comments)

cryeleike: Renting vs Buying - 05/17/07 08:45 AM
What to consider when comtemplating renting or buying your next place?
This decision has many factors involved. Some people continue renting because of the perceived flexibility of moving quickly. Although moving before a lease is up can cost you money. Some continue renting because they don't want to keep up with a yard and don't have time for other home ownership responsibilities.
Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 
Do you want to spend several years in a house and in a neighborhood? Do you enjoy lawn and garden work or do you want to look for a small yard? Do you need flexibility … (1 comments)

cryeleike: 10 Home Buying Mistakes - 05/17/07 05:50 AM
Some mistakes made by home buyers can happen easily and unknowingly. If you are buying a home, keep these points in mind. This should help increase your success and help you feel more confident about your big purchase.
Typically people who transfer a lot for their work need to pay even more attention because some purchase mistakes cannot always be overcome by appreciation over time.
So here are the 10 situations to avoid....
Working with a real estate agent who does not have adequate knowledge of the area, does not have experience seeing & analyzing comparative properties and values.  Working with a real estate agent … (0 comments)

cryeleike: Quick Quiz: Do you know how to pronounce Crye-Leike? - 05/09/07 06:20 AM
Ever wondered how to pronounce Crye-Leike?
Here are a few attempts I've heard of people pronouncing it incorrectly.
I've heard people say this... You'll be so happy working with us that you will Cry-Like a baby when the deal is done. If you are curious how Crye-Leike got its name check out this article - The Telephone Company Story that Named the Firm
How many of you got it right the first time?

cryeleike: Auction Real Estate? Reasons to consider a real estate auction. - 05/08/07 02:41 AM
Crye-Leike Auction's goal is your goal: to attain the most market value for your real estate. Many people are curious about real estate auctions.
Why would someone want to auction real estate?Real Estate Auctions Reduce Time on the Market
Once the promotion begins, the auction sale usually takes place in a couple weeks.Sellers know the date their property will sell.Avoids lengthy negotiations and contingencies, since conditions and terms are preset at the auction.Real Estate Auctions Create True Buyer Competition
Causes multiple buyers to compete at the same time over the same real estate purchaseMany buyers shop at real estate auction because they like the … (4 comments)

cryeleike: Collierville TN Real Estate Trends - 05/05/07 09:12 AM
See the charts below for Collierville TN real estate Trends for the last three years.  If you are buying or selling a home in Collierville, Tennessee you may be interested in these market statistics. Charts below show average home sale prices in Collierville, while comparing active, new and sold property volumes.
If you are moving to the area.... Crye-Leike, Realtors has many services to assist with your Collierville, TN Real Estate needs.
Memphis Area InformationFind a real estate office in Collierville, TennesseeSearch Collierville, TN Homes for SaleSearch Memphis Homes for Sale and Memphis Real Estate for Sale
Statistics and Reports Complied from the Memphis Area … (0 comments)

cryeleike: 10 Ideas for Localism Posts Using Google's New "My Maps" Feature - 05/04/07 06:19 AM
ok - ok, first things first. I technically only have 8 items listed in the idea section... My brain gave out at eight. But I thought, hey who wants to read the "8 ideas...". --- 10 --- just seems to be the 'official' number for things like this. So please comment below and include ideas that this helps you generate. Then maybe the title could become 100 Ideas for Localism Posts Using Google's New 'My Maps' Feature. :)  
Why I like this idea?
Google Maps is a free new tool. I wanted to try it out. It has a lot of … (97 comments)

cryeleike: Collierville: Isn't that too far of a drive? Not Anymore. - 05/04/07 06:18 AM
If you live around this area, you have heard people say, "Oh, you live in Collierville, how long does it take you to get here? Seems like a lot of driving". And if people don't actually say that, many are thinking it.So what kind of drive time should you expect when you live in Collierville? I estimate about 30 minutes for most places around Memphis. Of course Collierville has several grocery stores, many restaurants, tons of shopping and its own mall - but 30 minutes is about how long it will take you to get to most other places around the … (0 comments)

cryeleike: Fair on the Square - May 5th and 6th - 05/04/07 03:39 AM
32nd Annual Fair on the Square in Collierville's Historic Town Square is Saturday May 5th and Sunday May 6th. Arts and Crafts FestivalOver 180 booths set up with vendors selling everything from clothes to books and art.Lots of food.Activities for kids, petting zoo animals, face painting...This event is held every year in the spring. The wonderful is usually quite wonderful. May seems to be one of the best months for good weather in Collierville. Not too hot yet, but warm enough to want to spend time outside. 
More Info on the Event you are moving to the area... Crye-Leike, Realtors has many … (4 comments)

cryeleike: Memphis Real Estate - Who's Selling Greater Memphis Area Real Estate? - 05/02/07 06:46 AM
Crye-Leike is #1 with $2.49 Billion in Sales
The #2 Firm closed $254 Million, #3 $230 Million, #4 $201 Million and #5 had $189 Million.
This information includes sales reported to MLS. Figures represent total dollar volume of closed sales per MLS statistics Jan 1, 2006 - Dec 31, 2006. Does not include all companies having sales in the area, only shows top 7.
Bar Chart of Greater Memphis Area Real Estate Sales Click Here for PDF file. 
Are you moving in Memphis, Tennessee and need help buying or selling your home?
We specialize in helping families move throughout Tennessee and the South. Crye-Leike offers real … (0 comments)

cryeleike: Alpharetta Homes For Sale - 05/02/07 06:00 AM
Crye-Leike, Realtors offers many services to help you find Alpharetta real estate for sale.
Search Crye-Leike's web site at for a current listing of Alpharetta, Georgia real estate. We understand that everyone has different expectations and likes when it comes to buying a home. Usually buying a home is your biggest expense. We realize that and want to help you find a place that you will be proud of and enjoy for years to come. Whatever door you are looking for... let Crye-Leike, Realtors help you find it.
Why Search Alpharetta Homes for Sale on We show you all of the … (0 comments)

cryeleike: Your Real Estate Career in Memphis - 05/02/07 01:37 AM
Are you interested in starting a real estate career and need to find a company to work with? Or are you already working in real estate and interested in learning why so many agents choose Crye-Leike? Compare a Real Estate Career with Crye-Leike to Other BrokeragesAdd It Up! Compare common costs of a real estate career.Crye-Leike's Unique Advantage Crye-Leike is 4th in the Nation and has real estate offices throughout the Memphis area open serving buyers and sellers of Memphis, Tennessee Real Estate. We started in Memphis in 1977 and have since been building a reputation as a leading real estate company in the … (0 comments)

cryeleike: Your Real Estate Career in Chattanooga - 05/02/07 01:32 AM
Are you interested in starting a real estate career and need to find a company to work with? Or are you already working in real estate and interested in learning why so many agents choose Crye-Leike?
Compare a Real Estate Career with Crye-Leike to Other BrokeragesAdd It Up! Compare common costs of a real estate career.Crye-Leike's Unique Advantage Crye-Leike is 4th in the Nation and Crye-Leike has offices throughout the Chattanooga area open serving buyers and sellers of Chattanooga Real Estate. We started in Memphis, Tennessee Real Estate in 1977 and have since been building a reputation as a leading real estate company in the South. Crye-Leike … (1 comments)


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